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About The Company

Race N RCs is a website that was started in January of 2020 by Matt and Hannah Robbs. As the parents of three kids who love playing with drones, RC cars, and RC trucks, they found that there wasn’t a lot of reliable information available when it came to finding the right vehicles for their kids’ different ages.

Each RC brand recommended their own products, and there wasn’t a lot of information answering real questions about remote-controlled vehicles. So, they decided to start Race N RCs to provide helpful information and reviews for other parents and RC enthusiasts.

One of the things that sets Race N RCs apart from other RC websites is the personal touch.

Matt and Hannah are not only parents, but they are also avid RC enthusiasts themselves. They have a lot of hands-on experience with different types of RC vehicles and can provide first-hand knowledge and insights. They also make sure to test and review each vehicle thoroughly before publishing a review on their website.

One of the most popular sections on Race N RCs is their “Best RC Cars for Kids” guide. This guide is aimed at helping parents find the perfect RC car for their child, based on their age and skill level. They also provide a detailed comparison of the top RC cars on the market, highlighting the pros and cons of each one.

Parents can also find helpful information on how to get started with RC cars, including safety tips and basic troubleshooting.

Another popular section on Race N RCs is their “RC Car Racing” guide. This guide is aimed at providing helpful tips and advice for those who are interested in getting into RC car racing.

They cover everything from choosing the right RC car and equipment, to racing techniques and strategies. They also provide a list of local RC car racing clubs and events, making it easy for enthusiasts to find racing opportunities in their area.

In addition to reviews and guides, Race N RCs also has a blog where Matt and Hannah share their personal experiences with different RC vehicles, as well as their thoughts on the latest RC news and trends.

They also answer frequently asked questions from readers, and provide helpful tutorials and videos on how to use and maintain different RC vehicles.

One of the things that Matt and Hannah enjoy most about running Race N RCs is hearing from readers who have found their website helpful. They received an email from a mother who was looking for an RC car for her 8-year-old son and was overwhelmed by the options available.

She found their “Best RC Cars for Kids” guide and was able to find the perfect car for her son. The boy was very happy and enjoyed playing with his new RC car, and the mother was grateful for the help they provided.

Overall, Race N RCs is a valuable resource for anyone interested in remote-controlled vehicles. Whether you’re a parent looking for the perfect RC car for your child, or an enthusiast looking to get into RC car racing, you’ll find helpful information and reviews on their website.

Matt and Hannah’s personal touch and hands-on experience with different RC vehicles make their website stand out from the rest.

In conclusion, Race N RCs is a website that provides a great service for RC enthusiasts and parents who want to buy the perfect remote-controlled vehicles for their kids. Matt and Hannah’s personal touch, hands-on experience and real-life examples make the website stand out from the rest.

They provide helpful information, reviews, guides, and events for the people who want to take the first step in the world of remote controlled vehicles and for the ones who want to take it to the next level.