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Are All RC Servos Compatible?

Owning an RC car is extremely fun! It doesn’t even matter if you use them to race, or bash, or just play with your friends with them. 

RC cars are always a blast to use, and because most of them come ready to use out of the box you do not need to know much about them to start off. If you are not a beginner though, you have probably done some updates on your RC car to make it faster. 

Obviously everyone who owns an RC car wants it to be faster than their friends. This is why many people will update their RC cars when they get them. 

One of the ways to make your RC car faster is by upgrading the servo. Before you make that upgrade though, you will need to know if you need a specific servo, or if they are all compatible. 

Any RC car servo that you purchase is compatible with your RC car, as long as it has the same three pin plug that is standard on them. This means when you go to upgrade your servo, you can easily purchase the best one and install it on your car for a quick upgrade. 

Just because you can upgrade your servo to a better one does not mean that you are purchasing the beat one for your RC car. This is because there are many different servos that you can choose from. 

What are the different types of RC car servos available?

Having a servo that is better than the one that originally came in your RC car is a quick upgrade that many people like to do. This is because they are fairly cheap, and easy to replace. 

When you go to purchase a new servo for your RC car, you may be overwhelmed by all the different types you can choose from. So what are the different types of servos for your RC car? 

RC car servos come in either digital or analog form. Each one of these servos also have many different options when it comes to the power and torque that they produce. 

All of the RC car servos have the same connection and even the same physical appearance, which is why they are all interchangeable. If you are looking to buy a new servo for your RC car, you can find it by clicking here

What are the differences between analog and digital servos?

Now that you know you are going to replace your servo on your RC car, and you know there are two different types, you probably want to know what the differences are between them. Even though they look the same, there has to be a difference, right? 

The only difference between analog and digital servos are the way and speeds at which the signal is processed. An analog servo can send about 50 pulses per second while a digital servo can send over 300! 

The speed is the main reason many people choose to use a digital servo instead of an analog one. The downside to using a digital one though, is that it uses more battery power to operate. 

Because most RC cars have bigger batteries today, it does not really affect the RC car at all. Even the cheaper digital servo produces more torque and speed than an expensive digital servo. 

How do I choose an RC car servo?

When you go to replace your servo you may just want to close your eyes and pick one. There are actually better ways to choose your RC car servo though than just randomly picking one. 

Depending upon how big your RC car is, will determine how much torque your servo should have. If you have too much torque your RC car will have a twitchy feel. If you do not have enough torque, your RC car will feel sluggish and slow. 

Obviously no one wants a slow RC car, and having a twitchy one can feel just as bad. This is why it is important to find one that can give you more power, but also not make your RC car feel twitchy. 

What does kg mean on a servo?

If you have been looking at servos, then you probably know that they are rated in kg/cm. You may be like me and wondering what that even means. Thankfully I was able to do some research and find out for you. 

The kg/cm on a servo is how the servos are rated. The kg stands for kilograms while the cm stands for centimeters. The rating is how much torque the motor has based upon where the servo arm is placed. 

The servo arm allows you to choose exactly how much torque you want your RC car to have. This is because when your servo is 1cm in distance, your 20kg servo produces 20kg of torque. 

But if you do not want 20kg of torque, all you need to do is change the servos arm. If the arm is 1.4cm away from the center, your torque will only be around 12kg. 

What are the three wires on a servo?

Once you purchase your new servo, you may be wondering exactly what those three wires that are attached to your servo are for. Do they serve some type of special purpose? 

The three wires on your servo are the power wire, the ground wire, and a pulse wire. The pulse wire carries the commands and the power wire gives you power from the battery. 

Because the standard for RC car servos are the three wires, it makes changing out your servo fairly easy. All you need to do is unplug the old one, and plug the new one back in. 

The fact that they are all interchangeable is something that makes changing your RC car servo so easy to do yourself. 


Now that you know a little bit more about servos for your RC car, you can see why so many people change them out to upgrade their car. It is an easy way to upgrade your RC car, and since they are all compatible it makes it easy to choose whichever one works for you. 

You do not need to worry about finding the right brand, or be limited by what some companies offer. You can simply go and purchase whatever RC car servo you want and add it to your car. 

Because there are different types of RC car servos available, you will want to choose which kind you want. While originally everything was analog servos, today most people want digital. 

Even though they take more power, they work so much better and can operate at considerably faster speeds than analog servos. Most people are willing to sacrifice some battery life to have a faster RC car. 

No matter what servo you purchase for your RC car, if you make sure that it has the standard three wire connection on it, you will not have to worry about it not working with your RC car. 

Hopefully the guide above has helped you choose the best servo for your RC car. Now that your RC car is faster, you can get back to racing and winning again.