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Are Brushless RC Cars Good?

What are brushless RC cars? Are brushless cars good? What makes a brushless RC car different? Those are some of the questions most RC fans struggle with! When it comes to finding out which RC car is the best or even which RC car is good to buy it is important to learn as much as you can about the different types of cars and what the differences are. 

A brushless RC car is an excellent choice. A brushless motor will have much faster speeds as well as last much longer than a brushed motor will. The increases in power and reliability make the brushless RC car a much better choice than the cheaper brushed model. 

Typically, an electric RC car fitted with a brushless motor has a lot more to offer: good power usage and higher speeds. A brushless RC car can almost match the speed of Nitro RCs, but take much less time to fix and maintain. With an electric RC car you won’t have to spend a bunch of time tinkering with your car like you will with a nitro model but you will still have amazing top speeds and power available to you.

There are plenty of brushless RTR (ready to race) RC cars to choose from that will allow you to have tons of fun for a reasonable price. 

The only shortcoming with a brushless RC car is that they will often run the batteries down faster because you will be going much faster than you would with a brushed RC car. 

Brushed vs. Brushless RC Motors

Among the different types of RC cars, brushed and brushless motors are the two main types of electric RCs cars that you will find.  There is a good chance you have tried both vehicles at one point or another (whether you knew it or not) If you have no idea what the differences are or if you should choose one over the other then keep reading. 

This article will focus on finding out if a brushless motor is good and whether choosing a different motor would be better. 

How does an electric motor work, and what is the difference?

As described above, when comparing brushed vs brushless motors one is much more powerful  than the other and will also run better over a longer period of time. That motor is the brushless one. 

One of the simple differences between these two types of motors would be, the former uses brushes, and the latter does not. But, the differences are a little bit more complicated than that. 

Brushed and brushless motors apply similar engine principles.

When the winding of the motor receives the electrical supply, the electromagnetic field is created. The winding then pushes and repels against a permanent magnet causing the shaft to turn. Energy is generated then transferred from one winding to another. Eventually, this results in causing the motor shaft to spin quickly and continuously generating the power. 

Brushless DC Motors Explained

A brushless DC motor, also known as BLDC motors, BL motors, or ECMs, are designed differently. The winding is located on the stator instead of the rotor, and the magnets are placed on the rotor. This is a unique design that eliminates the need for brushes on the motor. 

Another great thing about the brushless motor uses the three phases of the driving coil is it is fitted with a sensor device to sense the position of the rotor and the drive the electronics. The design also includes an amplifier that is triggered by an electronic device.

You will also find an optical encoder to create a magnetic field inside the motor. The electronic commutation with brushless motors is created based on position sensors instead. 

The good side of brushless motors

Brushed electric RCs car motors tend to deteriorate fast; they simply don’t last as long as their brushless counterparts.A brushless motor has a longer life span since there are no brushes inside the motors to wear out. Users also report less maintenance as an added advantage. 

Another great thing with owning a brushless RC car is there will be less durability issues that might  arise when you are driving your car. 

To save some money in the long run, it is a good idea to invest in a brushless RC car in the first place. Brushless RC cars will cost a little more upfront but over the long term you will save money as there are no brushes to clean and replace in the motor.

Running cost for a brushless motor is lower and it will require minimal maintenance. 

The best thing about a brushless RC car is that they can typically run for five years or more without any significant problems at all. The motor is also smaller and lighter compared to other electric motors. This lowers the center of gravity and helps remove some of the weight so that the car can move even faster. It also helps with the handling of the car since it has more power and less weight to carry. 

Additionally, a brushless motor generates more power and longer run time than a brushed motor. This is because there are no complicated mechanical brush limitations on the motor. The motor has higher torque at variable speeds as well. 

Brushless motors have low electrical noise which will help boost their electrical efficiency overall. Since the heat loss is very low that translates to a higher speed for the same amount of power a brushed motor uses.  On your next buy, consider a brushless motor to enjoy better performance and a better racing experience.

Should you avoid brushless RC cars?

Despite the many praises, there are a few cons associated with brushless motors.

First is the price, brushless motors are quite simply more expensive than their brushed motor counterparts. The high cost is attributed to complex control and the use of an electric speed controller.

If you are buying an RC car for the first time and aren’t sure if this hobby is for you then spending the extra money for a brushless motor might not be worthwhile for you. However if you are wanting to get into the hobby for a least a little while and if you can manage the extra cost, the return for a brushless motor is much greater in the long run. 

The initial price is quite high as they require minimal repairs and replacements over the years but if you only use your RC car for a few weeks before you get tired of it, then the extra expense will be wasted. 

Another downside to the brushless motor is they can be more difficult for a beginner to control. Since the brushless motor will provide higher speeds then it can make your RC car hander to handle. 

To some people this isn’t much of a con but if you are giving the car to a younger person or a young person will be the main user then it is something to consider. If they lose control because of the extra speed and drive the car into a lake or crash it into a wall then the extra power certainly wasn’t a good thing for them. 

Can you upgrade your brushless motor?

An already functional RC car can be upgraded to a brushless motor with ease. This is an alternative to purchasing an entirely new car and a brushless motor can often be purchased much cheaper than a brand new car could be purchased for.  

When you upgrade the motor in your car you will often have to upgrade other components as well. Some items that you might have to upgrade could be: 

  • Batteries
  • ESC
  • Wiring

And many others as well. If your RC car is a beginner model then upgrading the motor probably is not worthwhile and buying an entirely new car would be better. However if you have spent several hundred dollars on the car then upgrading the motor and related items will save you a significant amount. 

If you are wanting to upgrade your motor then you should check out the video below that has more information about that upgrading process. 

What will you get when you upgrade to a brushless motor?

When you go from a brushed to a brushless motor you will experience enhanced performance in your RC car  in a few different ways. Some of those ways are: 

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Power
  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness

 Overall you will generally just be able to enjoy your car more in almost every single case. 

Brushless motors are an excellent pick for experienced RC racers who need more speed from their bashing or for anyone who wants to take their RC car experience to the next level. 


Brushless motors for an RC car are the best option when you are buying an electric RC car. For most people spending the extra money on the car is worth it since you will have less maintenance long term and you will also have more power, speed, and acceleration for the entire time that you own the car as well. 

If you want to learn more about brushed VS brushless motors then you can check out the video below.