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Are Drones Dangerous?

When you think about drones, you do not think about them possibly being dangerous. Most of the time you simply think about how much fun they are to fly and all the cool things you can see by flying a drone . The problem is though that drones can be extremely dangerous if they are not used properly or taken care of.

Not only that, but they have some restrictions to fly near aircrafts. With all of these restrictions, many people want to know if drones are actually dangerous.

Drones can be extremely dangerous if they are not taken care of, or if they are used in an inappropriate manner and flown where they are not allowed. There are restrictions around drones to keep everyone safe, and if they are not followed, then a drone can be so dangerous that someone may even use it as a weapon. 

Another risk is for radio-frequency interference between the drones and an actual aircraft. Although this is not something that many people think about, it is a major threat as interference with an airplane or helicopter that is flying can end up with someone dead. 

There are also the physical collision risks that are possible between drones and any manned aircraft. This is why the drone’s users have limitations to fly the drones above a certain altitude, as well as around any airports or hospitals. 

Evren though drones may be dangerous, if they are used properly, they are extremely fun and many people love flying them. If you are looking for a drone to fly, you can find one by clicking here.

Why are drones problems for planes?

  • Any object flying close to an aircraft occurs a hazard risk. The various sizes and weight measurements are available to the drones, and they are dangerous if they are close to any plane.
  • According to the new law of July 30, 2018, the drones cannot  fly above 400ft and within 0.6 miles of airport boundaries. If the drone users break the rules of height and boundaries based on the law, they will receive a ticket and need to pay a huge amount of money as well as possibly even face jail time.
  • Another risk is that the physical collision of the drones radio-frequencies may cause interference. If this happens, the pilots may lose control of the plane, resulting in a crash.

If you are flying a drone, you will need to fly away from any plane that you see. The drone’s user will also need to follow the rules for safety. If they break the rules, they need to pay the penalty for it.

Why do airports close down if there is a drone nearby?

  • An airport will close down if they see a drone within the .6 mile range for safety reasons. If this happens, there will be many flights that are delayed or cancelled by theFAA. According to the law, the drone’s users will be forced to pay a large fine, and possibly even jail time depending upon the drone, what it is carrying and what your intentions are.
  • In the UK in 2018, there were two flights that were delayed or canceled because of the visibility of drones close to the airport. At this moment, the airport’s security always checks for the presence of drones near the airport.  If they notice any drones, they must cancel the flight or delay it to prevent any possible harm to the passengers.

Why are drones risky to airplanes?

  • If the aircraft wing is hit by the drone, it may create damage. If the engine is hit by the drones, it may cause a lot of damage to the aircraft. Similarly, if the engine is injured by the drone’s metallic object containing lithium batteries, that may cause the pilot to lose control resulting in a plane crash. This is why the pilots are worried about the drones hitting their aircraft or being near it.
  • Sometimes, a drone can even be fitted with explosives for destroying the targeting airplanes by terrorists.

Why else are drones dangerous?

Undoubtedly, the drones are dangerous for airplanes, but are they risky for other reasons? Below we will go over other things that make drones dangerous. 

  • The drones can be used for high-tech corporate spying:

Sometimes, a spy team will use the drones out of the board room to take a picture of what they want to know. There have also been some reports of drones that have been used with a transmitter to relay data directly to a firm as it is recording a private meeting. This causes major security problems for many organizations.

  • The drones can be used for hacking:

Today, drones can be used as a source of hacking. The drones can catch the sensitive information from the public and provide it to the hackers or hijackers. The drones can catch the sensitive information from a public place by using the WiFi and internet connection. This is how drones are risky for our society. 

  • Collisions:

The drone damage from a collision may depend on two things. One is the size of the plane that it crashes into, and the other one is the weight of the drone. The heavier drones may cause considerable damage from its forces, shrapnel, etc. If the drone weight is less than ten pounds though, it will not be able to fly as high as a plane. This type of drones is a little bit safer for airplanes as it can’t reach the high height. Because it can’t get up that high, it doesn’t cause any damage to any aircrafts.

If the drone size is large though and its weight is more than ten pounds, it can cause a severe collision with an airplane. If the drone hits the aircraft, it may severely impact the plane and its pilots control. As a result, it can cause a severe collision. 

Please, don’t think that only the heavy drones can create damage to an airplane though. Even the small and light-weight designed drone can result in a severe problem. A small drone can impact the engine severely and lead to a plane crash the same way a bird flying in the air can. A drone can cause the failure of the engine control and cause millions of dollars of damage.

  • Wildfires

Drones may also be dangerous when flown around in the woods. This is because you may lose control of your drone and it may crash into the trees. If you crash your drone into a tree and it comes crashing to the ground, it is possible that it may catch fire to the leaves that are around it. Noone wants their drone to cause a wildfire, which is why if you live in a dry area, you should always make sure that you do not fly your drone when there is an elevated fire risk. 

There are also rules from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), that if any unauthorized drones are found near a wildfire, the firefighting aircraft should land due to security matters. The drones that fly below 200 feet decrease the usefulness of the wildfire suspensions operations. The wind from the drone can allow a wildfire to grow massively.

What types of rules need to be followed by authorized drones?

Although authorized drones have the permission to fly the drones for useful purposes, they need to follow the following rules, even though they are authorized.

  • Make sure the authorized drones are visible by the user all the time. They are not allowed to fly drones more than 400ft high.
  • Never allow the drone to be flown anywhere near an airport.
  • Try to use your typical sense to fly the drones.
  • The drones attached with cameras may not be flown within 50 meters of areas of people, vehicles, buildings, and structures.
  • Don’t fly the drones in public gathering places such as live concerts, sports events, and social places.