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Are Drones Expensive? (Why Are They Expensive?)

Drones can be an enjoyable way to capture the stunning scenery of the world from a sky-high viewpoint. Their aerial sights can video what cannot be seen from a ground point of view. 

With all the technology that drones have, are they expensive to purchase?

In general, the most powerful drones capable of long flights that come with amazing cameras will be quite expensive. There are many cheaper drones are the market as well but they will only be able to do a small fraction of what the more expensive drones will be and those cheap drones will also be harder to control.

Because of everything a drone is capable of, they can get really pricey if you get ones with good cameras and technology. Cheaper drones (such as toy drones) can be found but they can’t do what the more expensive drones can. 

Drones use advanced technology to fly well and to get better photos. 

On average a drone will cost anywhere from twenty dollars to thousands of dollars depending on what you need and what you are using it for. Professionals use drones for all kinds of things such as photography, farming, delivering packages, and security. 

You must have a license to operate a commercial drone. So if you are making money with your drone you must have a license in order to fly and pilot it. 

Flying a drone can be a fun and educational experience but it can also be a challenge. So if you are just starting out it’s a good idea to start with a cheaper drone before you move on to the ones that cost many hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

To see the most popular drones that won’t break the bank just click here. 

Are Drones Expensive? (Why Are They Expensive?)

Why Are Drones Expensive?

Remote control quadcopters are a blast to use. I personally have used the DJI Phantom and love how easy it is to use. But the price tag will seriously destroy your wallet. DJI drones (and other expensive brands) seem to cost a small fortune but why are some drones so expensive?

Many drones are expensive because of the expensive parts that are used on them. Just a few of these expensive drone parts and features are:

  • Sensors
  • Gimbals
  • Camera Lens
  • Propellers
  • Thermal Imaging
  • HD Camera

All of these and many more features and parts combine to make drones really expensive. Now you can get cheaper drones (as I mentioned earlier) but those cheaper drones are harder to control which will likely make crashes a more common occurrence.

These cheap drones won’t have anywhere close to the specs that the more expensive drones will as well.

One of the major things that you will notice when looking at an expensive type of drone is how good the images that it captures are. Video recordings from an expensive drone are so good that you can take screenshots of the frames and it will look like it you just took photos.

If you are a photographer who is trying to capture the perfect image from a photo shoot or large event then you will want an expensive drone.

Another reason why drones are so expensive is because of all of the use cases that they have. Large commercial drones can be used to carry payloads, used for search and rescue missions, and even be used to carry out an inspection of a house or piece of property.

Good luck trying to do that with a cheap mini drone.

Ultimately, many high-powered drones are expensive because of all of the expensive tech that is packed into them. That tech has to be small enough to fit inside a drone, lightweight enough that it won’t affect the drone’s performance and has to be able to withstand being crashed into the ground when an inexperienced drone pilot has the controller.

That is why good drones are always really expensive.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Drone?

Professional drones can get really expensive but beginner drones without all the fancy technology can be purchased for a decent price.

Smaller or cheaper drones can cost anywhere from $20-$250 depending on what the drone is capable of. Camera drones start at $300 and go up from there. 

Professionals will spend tens of thousands of dollars on their drones that offer advanced technology with super-powerful cameras. 

One advanced drone, the DJI Mavic Pro, costs around $1,000. The sleek modern design and speed that can reach about 40 mph in the right conditions make it one of the best drones out there. 

If you are a beginner pilot, this is probably not the best drone for you as it’s so expensive but if you have used cheap drones for a while then it’s a great choice. 

This portable and powerful drone can take great photos and its 30-minute flight time exceeds a normal drone’s aerial time.

The most expensive drone costs approximately $17,000! 

Named the Freefly Alta 8, this drone can be used to record the best possible video footage on the market with its quality camera and stable flight. 

Along with its camera, this drone can weigh about 20 pounds and can capture images from virtually any angle.

Why Do Drones Cost So Much?

Have you ever wondered why drones cost what they do? After all, they are just flying robots with attached cameras. 

But the technology behind these amazing devices is more than just that. While some may not be so costly, the best drones will cost more because of what they can do.

Drones can be quite expensive because of the advanced technology that they have that allows them to fly longer and safer while also avoiding obstacles and taking better photos.

Software, hardware, and safety features are all continually improving making high-end drones cost more. If it costs more to make the drone, it will cost more to buy it. 

The more advanced the technology in the world becomes, the more consumers want it integrated into their purchases, such as drones. When you are adding all this fancy stuff to the drone it is going to get more and more expensive.

So the reason drones cost so much is because of all the things you can do with them. Some drones are designed as racing drones, others excel in photography. 

Drones are a way to enjoy a good time while experiencing new perspectives.

What Is The Best Low-Cost Drone?

Cheaper drones won’t have as much to offer in terms of quality and flight experience. If you are a beginner there are some great options for drones that won’t entirely break the bank. 

Cheaper drones are typically going to cost you anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars. It all depends on what you need your flying device for and how good the quality needs to be.

If you are willing to spend a few hundred dollars, the best drone in that “cheaper” price range is the Mavic Mini. It will typically run $300-$400. 

If you want a more affordable option most of the drones made by Deerc and Holy Stone can be purchased on Amazon for under $100. 

Not all good drones have to be incredibly expensive. If you are starting a new hobby by flying a drone it is a good idea to purchase one that is known to still produce great results but for a cheaper price. 

Some of the best low-cost drones include these top ten:

  • THE DJI MAVIC MINI is decently affordable and small. Its battery life is 30 minutes and it is able to shoot a 2.7K video.
  • THE RYZE TELLO is programmable and lightweight. Its mini design is made to carry and is good for a learning drone.
  • THE HOLY STONE HS100 GPS FPV features an adjustable camera. It has a 15-minute battery life and is available at a good price.
  • THE DJI SPARK is great at taking selfies with its camera but it’s more on the expensive side. It can shoot a 1080p video and flies really well.
  •  THE POTENSIC D80 has a 20-minute flight time. It is good for beginners learning photography and has a decent transmitter range.
  •  THE EACHINE E511S is foldable and designed for traveling. It features a 1080p camera and can perform stunts.
  • THE SNAPTAIN S5C DRONE is affordable and requires multiple batteries. It is great for flight practice but struggles in wind and can have unreliable phone connections. Its camera is 720p and the flight only lasts about 8-10 minutes.
  • THE ALTAIR 818 HORNET is easy to fly. It is also durable and stable during its air time.


Flying a drone is a fun experience. Although they may cost some money, if you are serious about drone piloting, it is worth it. 

The more expensive a drone is, the better the quality and the technology it has. 

There are some beginner drones that offer a great flight for a cheaper price but they definitely won’t be as nice as those that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Depending on what you are using your drone for, choose the best option for you. You will soon reach new heights with unique perspectives as you fly one of these hovering drones.