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Are HSP And Redcat The Same?

If you have been on the market for RC cars or simply looking around at the different models available you have probably noticed quite a few similarities between HSP and Redcat RC cars. Of course that will likely make you wonder if they are actually the same or just look similar. 

Well in this article we will try to answer that question as well as give you additional information about Redcat and HSP. 

Redcat and HSP RC cars look similar because Redcat vehicles are actually made by HSP. You will find that not only Redcat but also Exceed and Himoto are all made identically. 

There might be some parts on a Redcat RC car that are upgraded and a little better quality than Exceed or Himoto but in general they are all really low quality RC cars. 

Now, you might also be wondering if any of these car brands are actually worth buying and truthfully the answer is yes. If you are a beginner and don’t know if the RC hobby is for you then buying cheap plastic RC cars that will break quickly might not be the end of the world. However if RC racing is something you want to do long term then you are better off getting a better quality RC car to begin with. 

Are Redcat RC Cars Worth it? 

With so many different RC cars on the market and so many different brands it can be difficult to know whether one brand is any good or not. That is why we decided to take a little better look at Redcat and whether their RC cars are any good or are actually worth buying. 

Unless you are buying your first RC or are purchasing one as a gift most people would recommend not getting Redcat as there are much better alternatives on the market but they will cost you more. 

For example the Redcat Blackout is about 20% cheaper than the Traxxas Slash currently so many people are drawn to Redcat to try and save a bit of money. However one thing that many beginners don’t realize is that there is a huge quality drop between Traxxas and Redcat so you are much better off getting the better quality RC car for not much more money. 

That isn’t to say that Redcat doesn’t have its place, it certainly does, but if you are in this hobby for the long haul you likely won’t want to be using Redcat RCs for your everyday racing. 

Redcat models available


This is Redcat’s first inhouse developed and designed RC vehicle and was made in the United States. Being a very competitive professional crawler, Gen8 features a lockable slipper clutch, a low center of gravity battery tray, MOD-1 gears, and threaded aluminum shocks, among other incredible features. 

With very ample ground clearance, this Redcat RC is surely one of the best the RC market has seen. You can learn more about this model on Amazon here.


This 1/18 scale hobby grade RC car comes with a plastic body chassis and a powerful electric brushed motor. It also includes powerful tires to navigate through just any kind of terrain easily. Its adjustable steering trim, adjustable ride height, and adjustable steering dual rate are some of its best and most impressive features. 

Its waterproof 2-in-1 ESC/receiver and waterproof steering servo are two absolutely amazing features of this car, plus, if you do not have a lot of space, this works perfectly. You can read the reviews of this model as well as see the current price on Amazon here


Here’s a 1/5 scale rock crawler designed to survive even the most difficult terrains. Its enormous size makes sure it can go through terrains that a lot of other RC cars could only dream of. It includes a 4-Mode 4-wheel steering that makes navigating tight areas easy. In addition, Clawback features huge tires that provide even more support when navigating through rough roads. 

This car is the biggest Redcat RC on the market, and it can crawl through any obstacles on the way however it has received quite a number of poor reviews. You can see additional features and specs of this model by clicking here

Volcano EPX 

This fast and powerful RC car comes with 19T brushed 550 electric motors, a waterproof electronic speed controller (ESC), and very big tires to make sure the car gets just the traction it needs. It also includes a durable lightweight molded plastic chassis and offers a low center of gravity to enable high speeds even when off roading.

In addition, there’s a 4WD shaft driven drivetrain with steel dogbone axles as well as eight aluminum capped shocks filled with oil. You can read the reviews about this Redcat model on Amazon here

Everest Gen7 PRO

Everest comes with a 3mm low slung forward mounted battery tray to go with a steel electronics bridge that ensures a very tunable platform. This RC vehicle claims to offer performance just as good as customized crawlers that are twice the price of this model. 

The hinged body mount system makes it very easy to access the ESC, battery, and chassis very easily. This 550 brushed motor RC car also includes other essential features like inner fenders, a molded snorkel, threaded aluminum shocks, LED mounts, folding mirrors as well as a roof rack loaded with scale accessories.

You can see additional information about this model by clicking here. 


This comes with an all-new clearance chassis giving the car a while softer feel while making sure of perfect handling and easy maneuvering as the driver easily conquers obstacles. Its 3300KV RC540 Brushless Electric Motor gives you all the maximum speed you need. 

Its high ground clearance chassis makes sure you don’t have to worry about difficult terrains because the Dukono Pro will rise above any obstacles with such ease. It also includes an adjustable ride, tunable suspension, differentials, height, tunable gear, tunable shocks, adjustable camber as well as adjustable toe angle. 

You can find this model for sale as well as read the many reviews about it on Amazon here

Are HSP RC Cars Worth it? 

Whether a particular RC car brand is good or not is often up for debate. While every person in the RC community will have an opinion on whether HSP cars are good or worth it ultimately it is a decision you have to make. 

In my opinion HSP RC cars aren’t that good and will end up with you regretting the decision in the future. If you are looking for a cheap RC car you are normally better off buying a used model of a better brand rather than buying a poor quality model. 

HSP does have some people that like their RC cars but the general consensus in the RC community is that they are cheap quality cars that won’t last very long. 

If you are brand new to the hobby and want something cheap to drive into the ground then you can try HSP but beyond that you are better spending the money for a higher quality vehicle. 

HSP RC car models

HSP Brushed 2WD Range (Storm, Crusher, Viper, Mongoose)

These RC cars share very identical features even though there are slight differences in handling characteristics and visual appearance. You can just pick your preferred model from these similar product ranges.

The HSP 2WD brushed range is a perfect option if you are looking to start racing with the full hobby grade remote control cars. Designed with durable 2WD tub chassis, massive XL 550 brushed motor, waterproof electronics, large capacity 3000mAh 7.2v battery as well as 2A fast chargers, these cars also come with ranges of standard and optional parts. 

They offer a top speed of 30kph.

HSP Brushless 2WD Range

The models in this range also share identical features, with very slight differences in handling characteristics and visual appearance as well but the brushless motors in these models are far better than those with brushed motors. 

The HSP 2WD range of RC cars offers such awesome value at impressively affordable prices. The cars in this range come with the 540 sized 3300kv brushless motor, 2.4Ghz radio, 7.4v LiPo battery, ball bearings, waterproof electronics, steel driveshafts, and a lot of other amazing features. 

They also offer a top speed of a whopping 55kph.


I hope this article has been helpful to you in deciding what kind of RC car you want as well as answering some questions about Redcat and HSP. Ultimately you have to decide whether a higher quality RC car is worth the money to you or not.

If it’s not then choosing from Redcat, Exceed, or HSP models will save you money albeit at a reduction in quality and longevity.