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Are RC Cars A Waste Of Money?

RC cars can be a great way to have some fun but of course they aren’t free. Depending on the quality and size of the RC car you can get one for as cheap as $20-$30 or you can spend up to $1,000! No matter how much you are spending on an RC car knowing that you aren’t wasting your money is important. 

So, are RC cars a waste of money? RC cars aren’t necessarily a waste of money but it can be an expensive hobby if you buy the most expensive models and upgrade and customize your car. Anything that you enjoy spending time doing would not be considered a waste of money to most people. 

There are quite a few things that make racing RC cars a lot of fun but who you get to do it with is by far the best reason why it isn’t a waste of money. If you have kids or grandkids there is no better way to spend a weekend then racing RC cars or even using an RC helicopter or drone! 

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Benefits For Children

There are a lot of benefits to using RC cars or other RC vehicles with children. Of course spending time with them and building a nice bond is a great reason but it is far from the only reason that using RC vehicles with kids is a good idea. 

It helps a child to have better coordination. 

An RC vehicle requires a lot of coordination to drive or fly from a distance. There has to be perfect coordination between what the eyes can see and the hand’s activity of pressing the buttons to maneuver the car, plane, helicopter, or drone without crashing it into something. 

This is all the work of the brain which processes the visual input it receives from the eyes, converting all the information into motor nerve impulses. It is these activities of the brain that let the hand know which group of muscles need to contract for the RC car to run faster, stop, or make any sudden moves to avoid obstacles. All of these things which have to happen in just a second have a way of promoting efficiency in the connection of the brain, eyes, and muscles and enabling a seamless connection between the hand and the eyes.

Having good hand eye coordination will help your children in the future with a variety of things so letting them have some fun while driving an RC vehicle is a great way to encourage learning as well. 

It enhances intelligence and spatial awareness

We already know the role which the brain plays in hand-eye coordination. Trying to maneuver an RC vehicle from a distance will have the eyes sending electrical signals to the brain. The brain will, in turn, estimate the car’s position in space. The brain will make estimations of the car’s distance in relation to any other object that is within the same environment as the car. After the brain processes all the signals, it will send motor impulses to the muscles of the hand. These activities help to sharpen a child’s intelligence, spatial awareness, and the ability to solve problems.

Now this might seem a little bit over the top for just driving an RC car but it is much better for a child then simply sitting on the couch watching some TV or watching an iPad!

It enhances creativity and imagination 

Some remote control cars come as kits so your kids or grandkids would have to assemble them. There are also remote control cars whose original accessories and parts you can purchase to create your own unique design. 

Letting your kids assemble these parts to create a design comes with benefits. Being able to create the vehicles they play with can help to improve a kid’s imaginative abilities. They would also be encouraged to put their creative abilities to work hence, enhancing these abilities. Children will have to decide for themselves, whether putting a particular accessory on a specific side of the car will achieve a particular result. Being able to use their imaginative and creative abilities is also such a great way to enhance their thinking and logical capacities as well as enhance their problem-solving skills.

Another way that having RC cars can help creativity is how children can build a variety of things to jump the car or jump over as well. I know my children have made walls with Legos and Duplos that they then drove their RC car into and destroyed! 

These sorts of things are good to not only give children something to do but also will help them be more creative. 

It encourages responsibility 

Just like most toys, a remote control car can help to encourage responsibility in your child. Having a toy such as an RC car will teach your children at an early age, the importance of taking care of things they value.

Most children value their toys and would do anything to protect them. When they learn to take proper care of their toys, they will grow up knowing how to care for other valuable things as well. This will do them good as they get older as that responsibility translates well into a job and family in the future. 

It encourages kids to play outside

A remote control car is especially a good option if you have a child who spends too much time playing inside. Rather than watch TV or play video games, a remote control car is a fun way to get your kids to play outside. An RC car is hard to resist playing with, so you can easily get your children to spend some time outside.

When they are outside they might even make some new friends or learn something as well (as mentioned above). 

Benefits For Everyone

There are many benefits for everyone on top of the benefits to the children that are playing with the RC vehicle. Some of these benefits include:

It encourages family bonding

When the demands of work, school, or anything else that keeps you busy set in, they can make it difficult to spend time with family. However, if you make RC car racing a family thing, it’s a lot easier to relax, do something fun and make sure that you’re still spending time with your family. It’s definitely a lot better when a fun time is family time.

Plus, this also comes with benefits for your children. Spending more time with family when they’re young will instill a sense of togetherness and teach them the importance of family.

It’s an excellent way to relieve stress

Daily routines such as work, school, or business can put you under a lot of pressure. The anxiety to meet specific targets, to get good grades, or to close a deal can be so overwhelming. Spending an evening racing your RC car or doing other fun things with it can help relieve some of that stress that we find ourselves dealing with on a regular basis. 

If for nothing else, this a great reason that RC cars are not a waste of money. 


Generally, RC cars may or may not be a waste of money, depending on who’s involved. We do not all like the same thing, so it’s definitely normal and okay to think it’s a waste of money. People who do not find RC cars fun will normally consider it a waste of money. 

However, for RC car enthusiasts, there’s no way investing in an RC car isn’t worth it. Plus, it comes with a lot of benefits anyway, so there are many good reasons to buy one and have some fun with friends or family members. 

If you want to learn more about which RC cars are worth the cost then you can check out the video below. 

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