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Are RC Cars Still Popular? (Which Are The Best?)

If you are looking for a new hobby or just something fun to do you have probably come across purchasing an RC car. This is because RC cars are extremely fun and are not super expensive. 

Although some RC cars can be expensive, there are also cheaper models that are available for everyone. Before you purchase your RC car though you probably want to know if you were getting into a hobby that is no longer popular.

You’ll be happy to know that RC cars are still extremely popular, and their popularity is actually growing. RC cars are a great way for people to have fun and hang out with their friends and not break the bank. No one wants to start out doing something that is supposed to be fun, and ends up being nothing but problems. 

Because there are different types of RC cars you can easily find one that fits what you were looking for. This is very important as they range in size, price, top speed, handling, and so much more. 

The most popular of all RC car brands though is the Traxxas brand. Their cars are built with the highest quality parts and are made to last. 

What type of RC cars are available?

When you go to purchase an RC car for your first time you may be a little overwhelmed by how many options you have. Although this can seem overwhelming this is definitely a good thing as it will help you find something that fits your individual needs. 

The last thing you want to do is to purchase an RC car that does not fit your needs or is not what you are looking for. Every RC car has its own unique design as well as its own negatives and positives. 

There are many different RC cars that are available today, but the most common are electric RC cars and nitro RC cars. Electric RC cars run on an electric motor and take a battery to operate, while the nitro RC cars run on nitro fuel and use an actual engine. 

Although some people think that nitro RC cars are not very popular anymore that is not true. They are still used very often but most of the time they are only used when racing and not for everyday fun. 

If you are looking for an RC car that you can use every day or on the weekends to have fun with and play with your friends you will probably want to purchase an electric RC car. This is because their top speed will be plenty high enough for you and they are considerably easier to operate than a nitro RC car. 

What is the best RC car brand?

When you go to purchase an RC car, you may notice there are different brands that you can choose from. Although there are pros and cons to each brand there are some brands that are just better than others. 

This is why the Traxxas RC car brand is one that is known around the world. The Traxxas RC cars are the best RC car brand and overall, they build the best RC cars. 

When you go to purchase an RC car if you are looking for the best of the best you will want to purchase a Traxxas RC car. One of the main reasons that Traxxas is the best is simply their quality of their RC cars. 

Traxxas goes above and beyond when they build their RC cars to give you the best quality and the best product. Once you purchase your RC car they are ready to operate right out of the box and if you have any issues Traxxas stands behind their products and will help you with their support anytime you need it. 

Are Traxxas RC cars super expensive?

When you go to purchase an RC car and you find out the Traxxas is the best you may be thinking that their RC cars are expensive. This is based solely on personal opinion though as other brands can be as expensive as Traxxas RC cars. 

When you look at what you are getting though for the amount of money you are paying, you will realize that although Traxxas RC cars are more expensive than other brands, you get what you pay for. Traxxas also offers different versions of their vehicles which can help lower the cost if you are not a professional racer or in need of a high speed car. 

If you’re looking for a cheap RC car that you can simply drive around for fun on the weekends and not care if it gets torn up or ruined then you probably will not want to purchase a Traxxas RC car. If you were looking for an RC car that will last you a long time and will work no matter how you drive it then you may want to spend the extra money and get a Traxxas RC car. 

Even though Traxxas RC cars can be more expensive than other brands in the long run because you will not have to replace your RC car or replace parts it will come out to about the same price. This is why many people find themselves purchasing a Traxxas RC car instead of another cheap RC car when they go to buy a second one. 

Once you own a Traxxas RC car it is hard to go back to driving anything else because they are simply built with the best quality parts and are extremely user friendly. Even though they are more expensive you will understand that they last a lot longer and run a lot better once you own one. 

Can I become a professional RC car driver?

If you have been looking up RC car racing then you have probably come across places that are advertising that they need an RC car driver. This is probably made you wonder how much a professional RC car driver can make, or if you can be one. 

Although anyone can become a professional RC car driver it is extremely hard as you would first have to have your own RC car and be an extremely good racer. You would have to work your way up through the races and prove that you are an excellent RC car driver before anyone would consider you a professional. 

Once you are considered a professional by other people in the RC car world you may begin to get calls from sponsors. The sponsors will offer to pay for your RC car or give you some money, for putting their logo on your car. 

Most professional RC car drivers don’t make very much money. This is because RC car racing is not as popular as other sports such as football, basketball, or nascar. 

Most RC car drivers that do make money do not make a livable wage and only do it as a side job. There are a few professional RC car drivers that make$50,000- $100,000 but they are the beat in the world. 


Now that you know RC cars are popular and you know a little bit about the top brands you can see exactly why people love to own them. Not only are they fun to race and play with but they also can make a great hobby or a way to make some extra money. 

Although everyone wants to make money from RC car racing most of the time you will not make anything and you will just be doing it for fun. This is why most people prefer to just purchase an RC car that they can play with and not even worry about going pro. 

RC cars are extremely fun and a great way to pass time with friends and family. If you are looking to purchase the best brand of RC cars you can find them by clicking here