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Are RC LiPo Batteries Dangerous?

If you have recently purchased an RC car with a LiPo battery or are looking at RC cars and noticed that some have LiPo batteries and some have other ones you may have wondered if this type of battery might be dangerous or cause issues. 

In general LiPo batteries are not very dangerous and do not cause many mishaps at all. However, grossly mishandling LiPo batteries could cause them to have issues and even explode! These cases are rare and only happen if you do not follow the proper care and safety procedures. 

Since LiPo batteries are normally harmless then they are often used in many RC cars as they are much better batteries than the alternatives are and help the RC cars perform better. 

To learn more about LiPo batteries check out the video below. 

When could LiPo batteries be dangerous?

Now that we know that these batteries are usually harmless, when is it that they ARE indeed possibly dangerous? 

Here are a few reasons why many people are sceptical about the use of LiPo batteries.

Some LiPo batteries may become dangerous because of the following reasons:

  • They are susceptible to overheating.
  • They are advised to not be left unattended when charging which creates a certain fear in the minds of some people.
  • A few unpleasant instances with LiPo batteries made people very sceptical about the use of these batteries.

However against the popular belief, LiPo batteries are barely dangerous and it is nothing but a psychological fear that often keeps people from using LiPo batteries.

According to most experts, LiPo batteries have sufficient safety measures to contain any kind of mishaps. The warning of not to leave these batteries unattended is just a general safety precaution and does not mean that the batteries are in danger of exploding if you don’t watch them every second. 

Why are LiPo batteries safe to use?

When we are discussing Lipo batteries it is important to know what could go wrong as well as the safe things about LiPo batteries. 

Here is why LiPo batteries are generally safe to use:

  • It disconnects the output if it is charged at a current which is too high that may damage the batteries.
  • Similarly, if the battery is getting discharged just as quick, the output is disconnected.
  • The output is also disconnected if any of the cells are going bad or have become defective.
  • If any of the cells are overcharged, the output is immediately disconnected to avoid overheating.

All devices which use LiPo batteries usually come with a protection circuit that makes sure that these batteries are safe to use. This is the reason why many of our devices use LiPo batteries today. However, it is to be remembered that LiPo batteries are safe only with a protective circuit and might be dangerous if used without it. 

LiPo batteries are powerful sources of electricity and hence are manufactured along with a circuit that will lessen or completely eliminate any kind of risk associated with it. Using LiPo batteries remotely without protective circuits might have its own consequences and should be done only by professionals who know their way around LiPo batteries. 

You should always avoid playing around with remote LiPo batteries and always call in for professional help if your battery is having issues or simply buy a new one on Amazon here

Important LiPo information

Now that we have talked about whether LiPo batteries are safe for you, let us get to know some more facts about LiPo batteries.

Never Use A Puffed Up Lipo Battery

One of the most important things to remember while using any kind of batteries is to never use a puffed up battery. A battery that has started to puff up is the sure sign of it being damaged. 

Charging, discharging or using this battery in any of your devices may cause great damage to not only the batteries but also to your device. A puffed up battery means that it needs to be replaced immediately. Make sure you check whether your batteries are puffed up at the time of making your purchase and before putting the battery in your RC car.

Avoid Using Used Lipo Batteries For Your Devices

It may be cost effective, however, always purchase new LiPo batteries for all of your RC vehicles separately. New LiPo batteries are not that terribly expensive so if you have a damaged one or need a battery it is always better to spring for a brand new one.  Not only is using a used battery harmful for your devices but it also prevents your device from functioning at the highest level.

Always Use A Proper Charger For Your Lipo Batteries

The safety of LiPo batteries does not only depend on the batteries but also on the charger. The charger determines how the battery is charged or discharged which again is a huge factor in determining the safety of the LiPo batteries. 

When purchasing a charger make sure that the charger is compatible with the batteries that you have for your RC car. Always test your chargers extensively before you ever leave them alone to charge.

Use Proper Protective Cases

It is essential to store LIPO batteries in proper cases. While Lipo fires are not really a common thing that happens, it is always safer for you to charge, discharge and store your LiPo batteries in protective cases. Doing this not only substantially decreases the chances of any kind of mishap but also ensures longevity and optimum performance of your LIPO batteries in your RC vehicle.

Don’t Charge Your Lipo Batteries For Too Long

It is essential to charge your LiPo batteries only as long as needed rather than charging them continuously for long periods of time. Charging your batteries for a long  time not only decreases its performance but also increases the battery’s susceptibility to damage due to overheating.

Every LIPO battery comes with a user manual which specifically mentions the time that is required to charge the battery optimally. Make sure you follow these instructions and avoid over charging at all costs.

Never Charge Unless Required

One common mistake that LiPo battery users make is that they charge their LiPo batteries too frequently. Doing this adversely affects the functioning of the LiPo battery and may have serious consequences. Try and not charge your LiPo batteries again till 2-3 days after they were fully charged previously. This will avoid over charging and hence increase the life and power of your LIPO batteries.

If you run your batteries all of the way down quickly then you can certainly recharge the battery but if you only use some of the battery life you will want to wait to recharge it.

Keep Away From Children

Last but certainly not least make sure you charge your LiPo batteries in a clean, dry place away from sunlight and in a place that is far from the reach of children. The batteries are not necessarily dangerous while being charged but a child could mess up the fragile plugs and that could cause issues.


In this article we have talked about whether the LiPo batteries we use for our RC vehicles are dangerous or not. We have also discussed a few of the most important things you should remember if you use LiPO batteries. At the end of the day batteries, like all electrical appliances need proper care and maintenance to make sure they function properly without any mishaps. 

LiPo batteries are used everywhere whether it be in our laptops, in our mobile phones or any other battery operated equipment. We often overlook the importance of its maintenance due to its common presence. However, if you indeed want your device to last longer and avoid any battery related mishaps, always check and maintain your batteries.