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Are Redcat RC Cars Good? (Which Ones Are Better?)

If you’ve been looking to purchase a new RC car then you have definitely come across the title Redcat. Redcat RC cars are extremely popular in the RC car world and are a top brand.

Because there are other top brands such as Traxxas though many people want to know if Redcat rc cars are good. 

Redcat RC cars are not considered to be as good as Traxxas however, for the price they are still a well built RC car. Redcat RC cars are built a little cheaper than the more expensive brands but if you aren’t willing to shell out a small fortune then a Redcat RC is a great choice. 

Overall Redcat RC cars are great for beginners and intermediate users although more advanced RC car users will likely want a more high end vehicle. 

How do you know if you were advanced enough to not want to purchase a Redcat RC car? Just because you may not consider yourself an expert does not mean that you should buy a Redcat RC car. This is because some Redcat RC cars are not built with high quality parts making them simply not last as long. 

This means even if you are not an expert you may want to purchase a different vehicle besides a Redcat RC car as you want it to last a long time, or be built out of higher quality parts. Although these RC cars are not bad, they are simply not built with the same quality as other RC cars such as Traxxas. 

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What is the most durable Redcat RC car? 

When it comes to durability there are many different Redcat RC cars that are very popular. This is because Redcat does a great job making their RC cars, and even though they are fairly inexpensive they are made with quality parts.

The last thing anyone wants to do is to purchase an RC car and for it to break within the first few days or weeks of owning it. 

This is why many people look for durability when they are deciding which RC car they want to purchase. If you’re looking for a good RC car to go bashing with and you’re looking at the Redcat brand, then you are going to want to know what the most durable Redcat RC car is. 

The most durable and best Redcat RC car is the Everest-10 rock crawler. Comes ready to use out of the box and has an aluminum chassis for link suspension is 100% waterproof and can go 30 miles an hour. 

There are many other positives to the Redcat Everest-10 such as it is shaft driven, it has locked differentials, and ball bearings throughout that keep it running smooth. The RC car has large aggressive tires, a 1/10 scale body, and has a brushed motor.

It comes with a 2000 mAh NiMH battery, and the controller is a 2.4 GHz radio controller that uses four AA batteries to operate. 

Overall this car has insane torque, is extremely fun to use, and is extremely durable and built to last. if you were looking for a fun RC car that is not going to break the bank this is definitely something you want to heavily consider.

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What is the fastest Redcat RC car?

If you have an RC car or you’re looking to buy them then you probably want to go fast or like to have your RC car super fast so you can win races. This leads many people to wonder what the top speed of an RC car is out of the box.

After all if you were dropping a few hundred dollars on an RC car you don’t want to have to make improvements the moment you take it out of the box for it to reach its top speed. 

This has made many people wonder when they go to purchase a Redcat RC car, which one is the fastest. 

The fastest Redcat RC car is the Redcat Racing Shredder XTE. This beast of an RC car is a 1/10 scale RC car built of heavy duty parts and materials that looks lean and mean while also going between 30-60mph (depending on the customizations.

The Redcat Shredder RC car is designed to jump big and go fast all while looking great. The RC car has a low center of gravity with excellent weight distribution which helps keep the car on the ground at high speeds as well as strong lightweight plastic that provides for a lightweight body which keeps the car going fast. 

It also has great shocks which help it stay on the ground no matter what terrain you are on. 

This RC car has a high torque 1300 KV brushless motor. This delivers in sane power for the RC car as well as a great balance of speed and torque. This car is specifically designed with a metal servo in order to help it navigate even the hardest off-road train.

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Are Redcat RC cars good for beginners?


If you were just starting out with RC cars and you want to know the best RC car, you have probably come across Redcat RC cars. Because they’re inexpensive you may have heard that they are cheap cars or you may have heard that they are great for beginners. With these conflicting reviews you may not be sure what the truth is when it comes to purchasing Redcat RC cars.

So are Redcat RC cars good for beginners? 

Although Redcat does have some RC cars that can seem expensive they also have some cheaper versions that are great for beginners. Redcat makes a wide variety of RC cars that are good for anyone who enjoys using RC cars no matter if they are just starting out or if you have been racing for years. 

If you were a beginner or an intermediate driver the best Redcat RC car for you is definitely the Redcat Piranha. This RC car comes at around ⅓ or ¼ of the price of other more expensive rc cars. Because it is still a decent car you will get a good top speed as well as good handling all while not breaking the bank. 

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Now that you know Redcat has a wide variety of RC cars that are good for many different people you can see why they are so popular. Because of their different RC cars that they have and the different price points they are made with there is an RC car for everyone no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert. 

Because these cars are made with good quality parts but are also not super expensive they make amazing RC cars for beginners. They are built to last as well as they will not break the bank if you are just starting out. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on their first RC car only for it to break a few days later because it is cheap.

You also do not want to be forced to buy a super expensive RC car for your first one as you may not have a bunch of money to invest in a RC car that will last you forever. 

This is why Redcat is so popular as they have different RC cars that are good for whatever level you are at when it comes to racing RC cars. Their cars are built to last but also are made with cheaper parts so they are not super expensive. Redcat does a great job of having good customer service and good cars that many people all over the world love. 

If you are a beginner then you know you have many options when it comes to purchasing an RC car. Now that you know that Redcat is a great option for you you can then decide which Redcat RC car you would like to purchase.