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Are Redcat RC Cars Good?

Redcat is an RC car company that was founded in 2005. It is one of the main RC car manufacturers in the USA and is well known for the cars it has released. Over the years, Redcat has released a wide range of RC cars offering different features and has produced a good number of satisfied customers.

But, are Redcat RC cars any good? 

Redcat is a good middle of the road RC car manufacturer. Most of their cars are rated 3.5/4 out of 5 stars among most RC enthusiasts. Their price points reflect the quality of the cars as they are not as cheap as the poorly made models but they also don’t charge a premium price like the best RC car manufacturers do. 

If you purchase an RC car from Redcat Racing it should last you a decent amount of time and should stand up well to reasonable wear and tear. 

Redcat has become a household name for fast, affordable, and fun remote control cars. With a wide range of cars, including gas, electric and nitro powered remote controlled vehicles, Redcat can certainly boast of producing some great quality cars. 

All Redcat Racing vehicles come already assembled for you and ready for you to race with (RTR). So, if you are new to RC racing, you will find purchasing a Redcat RC car an enjoyable experience. 

Redcat has RC cars in a variety of different sizes ranging from 1/24 scale to 1/5 scale to make sure that everyone can find something that works for them. In addition, Redcat Racing provides a complete line of parts as well as accessories to pick from to upgrade or repair your RC car. 

Why Choose Redcat?

Many people choose to purchase an RC car made by Redcat Racing because they are looking to buy a quality car without breaking the bank. You can of course buy cheaper models than Redcat but when you wreck them or try to use them at your local park, you will quickly realize that they are cheap for a reason. 

Redcat is a great middle of the road type manufacturer that won’t charge you an arm and a leg but you will be able to use the car in a variety of terrains and situations. 

Redcat’s truck models normally receive better reviews than the cars that they sell. This might be because of the price point of the cars is a bit higher or could just be that the trucks are built slightly better for how they are used. 

Redcat is a great option for a first car but doesn’t offer tons of customizations like more expensive brands. Ultimately you will have to decide if the cost savings when buying the car is worth not getting the top of the line models. 

Popular Models

There are a variety of different models from Redcat that would be considered “good”. These cars normally won’t match up with the more expensive ones on the market but they are good quality cars that will last a long time when well taken care of. 

Gen 8 Scout II

Being Redcat’s first inhouse developed and designed RC vehicle, this car was designed in the United States and certainly took the RC market by storm. This incredibly competitive professional crawler comes with a lockable slipper clutch, a low center of gravity battery tray, MOD-1 gears and threaded aluminum shocks, among other features that make it top-notch. Providing ample ground clearance, this Redcat RC is surely one RC car on high demand.

You can read some of the reviews for this car on Amazon here. 

You can also watch a full review of this model below. 

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This 1/10 scale vehicle is designed with a plastic body chassis and a strong electric brushed motor. This hobby grade RC car also comes with powerful tires to deal with just any terrain. It also comes with adjustable steering trim, an adjustable ride height, and an adjustable steering dual rate. Nothing beats its waterproof 2-in-1 ESC/receiver and its waterproof steering servo.

You can check out this car in more detail by clicking here

You can also view it in action in the video below. 

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This is a 1/5 scale rock crawler that can survive even the toughest terrains. With its enormous size, the Clawback can go through terrains that a lot of other RC cars could never even attempt to. It comes with 4-Mode 4-wheel steering to make navigating tight areas easy. This RC car also comes with huge tires, which are an added advantage when navigating through rough terrain or muddy/snowy conditions. Currently, this car is the biggest Redcat RC, and it can crawl through any obstacles on its way.

You can learn more about this model on Amazon

See how well it handles some difficult terrain in the video below. 

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Volcano EPX Pro

Don’t get this model confused with the Volcano EPX mentioned earlier. 

This model has a brushless motor instead of the brushed one that comes on the normal Volcano EPX. That means this model is much faster and has a top speed of over 50mph! 

This monster RC truck comes with 4WD and a waterproof ESC and steering servo. The LIPO batteries are also a nice upgrade over the regular Volcano EPX. 

You can learn more about this model here

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Everest Gen7 PRO

This one includes a 3mm steel frame plus a low slung forward mounted battery tray as well as steel electronics bridge, which makes for a highly tunable platform that offers performance just as good as customized crawlers, which cost twice the price of this model. Its hinged body mount system makes access to the ESC, battery, and chassis very easy. This 550 brushed motor RC car also comes with other essential features such as a molded snorkel, inner fenders, threaded aluminum shocks, folding mirrors, LED mounts as well as a roof rack packed with scale accessories.

You can check out the reviews for this model here

You can also see it in action in the video below. 

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Tornado EPX PRO

One thing racers love about this model is that it comes with an adjustable suspension that ensures great performance on any terrain. With its quick-release dual-stage rear wing, stability and high-speed traction are taken care of. Plus, the 3300KV brushless 540 motors, 60A LiPO ready brushless ESC, and 3500mAh 15c LIPO battery included will help you get the best speed ever while providing all the precision and power you need to conquer even rough terrains. 

The Tornado EPX PRO is also designed to offer many tuning options; the adjustable toe angle, adjustable ride height, adjustable camber, tunable suspension, adjustable rear wing, and multiple shock locations to make it easy for the driver to tweak the buggy so as to get the best possible performance for the way they are using it. 

You can learn more about this specific model on Amazon here

You can see it in action in the video below. 

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On a general note, the Redcat RC company produces some of the best RC cars available on the market, especially for beginners. They also provide really cheap options that almost anyone can afford, so if you’re a beginner looking to get something with a friendly price, Redcat is perfect for you. 

Depending on what you want, however, Redcat may or may not be the best option for you. If you are an intermediate or an advanced RC racer, you might want to consider a brand that offers higher-level RC cars. Even though Redcat also offers premium cars, they are more focused on the mid-range models. 

Not everyone who has used a Redcat RC car has good things to say about it. As is quite normal, some of the features they offer may not be completely satisfactory, especially when considering individual preferences.

However, the Redcat RC company is a top brand that has produced some of the best RC cars available on the RC market since 2005.