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Are Tamiya RC Cars Any Good?

When you are in the market for remote control cars, you may find yourself wondering if Tamiya RC Cars are any good. With so many different brands of remote control cars, it can be difficult to tell which brands are reputable.

Are Tamiya RC cars any good? Tamiya RC cars are quality race cars. Tamiya race cars are model car kits that are assembled by the end user. Some come with a remote control kit while others can be transformed into a remote control race car with an additional kit.

When shopping for a quality remote control race car, you may find yourself wondering if Tamiya RC cars are up to par in quality as well as price. There are several factors that should be taken into consideration when shopping for a good RC car. While the price of a car may be the most enticing feature, it is important to pay attention to other factors that come into play when shopping for a quality RC Car.

Are Tamiya RC Cars Any Good?

From the Volkswagen Beetle to the Ford Mustang, Tamiya RC cars come in various models. Most Tamiya cars are model kits that allow the car to be custom-built and personalized.

Tamiya cars are a model kit that must be assembled. For the car to be operated with a remote, a separate kit must be purchased and added to the car. Once the car has a remote kit, it is driveable and can travel at high speeds.

Rated 15 & up, Tamiya RC cars are for the big kid at heart and are steps above the poor quality race cars sold in stores that are targeted to young children. While other race cars may struggle to keep up and can be difficult to use, Tamiya RC cars offer a solid suspension and handling which can take tight turns and rough roads. Most Tamiya RC cars come with off-road tires that can handle the rough terrain of an outdoor race track.

Tamiya RC cars are quality race cars that suit the adult hobbyist with interest in race cars. While other models may be more readily available and less expensive, they will not live up to the standard of Tamiya.

The high speeds of race cars make it fun to drive and are often the feature most people care about the most. Here are some of the top speeds of Tamiya RC cars:

Model # Speed (Miles Per Hour)
TRF418 94.8 MPH
FF03 82 MPH
TA03R 67.7 MPH
DF-02 60.8 MPH
DF-03 57.8 MPH
TT02 B 57.2 MPH
DT-03 55.3 MPH
TA-03F 54.7 MPH

Source: Tamiya RC Cars Speed

Cheap plastic cars travel at speeds that can vary but are typically very slow. The range of the remote can also impact the speed as the car can only work while within the vicinity of the remote, which can make it harder to reach high speeds.

What Makes An RC Car Good?

Remote control race cars that are targeted to children are often of poor quality. They often have a very short battery life, travel at slow speeds, have a short-range and are difficult to handle.

When shopping for a quality remote control car, it is important to keep in mind that most race cars on store shelves are cheap models targeted to children. The quality is very poor and forgets trying to find a model kit that you can assemble on your own.

A good remote control race car will have a solid metal frame and quality suspension that is capable of handling the bumps and turns. A long remote range is also ideal as it allows the car to travel further and at higher speeds.

What Is The Difference Between A Toy RC Car And A Model Kit Car?

A toy remote control car is usually targeted to children. They are mass-produced, have a short battery life, a short remote range, and a very slow speed, which makes them acceptable for a young child but quickly outgrown by anyone older. A toy car typically comes completely assembled and allows no room for repair. The car is typically primarily made of plastic which is thin and easily destroyed. One bad turn could ruin the car.

A model car kit comes unassembled and allows the customer to build the car. It is also typically of higher quality with a metal frame and built-in suspension. A model car kit allows room for repair but also for growth as a model car kit can be transformed into a remote control car with the simple installation on a remote control kit which can be purchased separately if the kit doesn’t already include one.

Is The Price Of An RC Car An Indication Of Quality?

Just like with most things in life, the price of a product often coincides with the quality of the product as items that are better made tend to be more expensive.

This fact is true for remote control race cars. While you can technically get a race car off a store shelf for very little money, it’s often not worth the price. They break easily, they are slow, the signal is poor and many other factors make the price of a cheap RC car not worth it.

In order to get a good quality car with a metal frame, suspension, high speeds, and better control, you will have to spend more than you would for a plain RC car at a children’s toy store. However, this extra cost is worth it because you may be putting more money upfront, you are actually saving money as the cheaper models would need to be replaced more often.

Also, when a model kit has a problem, it is typically simple to fix. In a cheap plastic model, it is expected that you would just throw it away and buy a new one which costs more in the end. But with a model, you can often buy the broken piece, use glue, paint or even weld if necessary. Having the freedom to repair the car as needed saves a lot of time and money.

Are Tamiya RC Cars Top Of The Line?

Tamiya RC Cars are more expensive than other race cars. However, they are of much greater quality than the competition. These top of the line race cars may be more pricey, but they are built to last and offer more speed and a higher quality product.

A young child will enjoy an inexpensive remote control car but as they and their hobby grows, they may find a need to buy a higher quality remote control car. Tamiya RC Cars suit that needs as they offer a high-quality product to take the place of a beginner’s cheap plastic race car.

Tamiya RC Cars are of much better quality than the competition, and they offer more freedom of use and style.

If someone is inspired to please their inner child with a remote control race car, the quality of the car should be taken into consideration as the cheap plastic models are bound to be easily destroyed and in need of replacement in no time. Tamiya RC Cars are the most expensive but they are worth every penny.

Want to see some reviews for specific models? Check out the videos below.

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