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Are There Any Traxxas RC Cars Under $100? (How Much Are They?)

If you love RC cars then you know that the best of the best are the Traxxas RC cars. If you have done any shopping around to purchase an RC car then you probably know that they range in price from extremely cheap to very expensive. 

If you are just starting out you probably do not want to spend a bunch of money on an RC car, but you also want a good brand. Because Traxxas RC cars are the best you may be wondering if there are any cars that are priced under $100. 

Because Traxxas RC cars are made with the highest quality parts and are made to last, unfortunately there are no new Traxxas RC cars for sale under $100. You may be able to find some used Traxxas RC cars though that people no longer use for under $100 if you do some searching. 

If you are able to increase your budget a little though you can get a Traxxas RC car for only a bit more by clicking here! 

Since you have been doing your research, you probably know by now that Traxxas RC cars are the best of the best when it comes to owning one for yourself. This is why they are more expensive. Even though some people claim they are not worth the price, they really are! 

Traxxas does such a good job when they build their RC cars and they do not cut corners unlike other cheaper RC car manufacturers. Each RC car goes through a rigorous test to make sure that it works properly and that there are no issues with the car. 

Traxxas also has a one year manufacturer warranty which will cover any part that breaks in the first year due to defects. If you have an issue after 1 year, you can simply contact Traxxas and they will allow you to send the car in to them for them to replace the part and all you have to do is pay for shipping. 

Traxxas has the best customer service of any RC car company. They go above and beyond to make sure that their cars are made to perfection and that they last long as well as take care of you if you have any issues. 

How much are Traxxas RC cars?

Because Traxxas RC cars are expensive to some people most people wonder exactly how expensive they are. Traxxas has many different RC cars and depending upon which one you purchase will depend upon the price you pay. 

Traxxas RC cars range in price based upon how they are built and how big they are. The cheapest new Traxxas RC car is just over $150, while the most expensive Traxxas RC car is just over $1,000! They offer everything from simple RC cars to the most complex cars on the market. 

If money is no option and you were looking for the best of the best then you’ll want to purchase the Traxxas X Maxx RC car. This top of the line RC car is the most expensive Traxxas RC car but it will cost you a pretty penny to purchase. 

If you are on a budget though and you want to get the cheapest RC car then you will want to purchase the Traxxas Bandit RC car. This car is the cheapest that Traxxas was made for offroading and having fun with your friends. 

There are many Traxxas RC cars that range in price between these two that most people end up purchasing. This is because most people do not want the cheapest RC car and they cannot afford the most expensive. 

Getting a new Traxxas RC car that falls in the middle of the road is normally a good idea as they are built extremely well but also will not cost you your entire savings. The most popular middle of the road Traxxas RC car is the 4×4 Traxxas Slash. 

Do Traxxas RC cars come with batteries?

If you are thinking about purchasing a Traxxas RC car you have probably heard some rumors that they do not come with batteries. Traxxas is the top RC car brand and they make some of the best RC car batteries for every type of Rc car. 

Although most Traxxas RC cars that you purchased do not come with batteries, there are also some that do. If your Traxxas RC car does not come with a battery, you can normally add a kit that includes the correct size battery and battery charger. Because most Traxxas RC cars use a different size battery, you will want to make sure that you purchase the correct size battery for your specific RC car. 

There are many different options when it comes to purchasing a Traxxas battery for your RC car. If you are unsure what size battery your RC car takes you can either look at the packaging or you can contact Traxxas and they will help you. 

Traxxas is extremely good at helping its customers and they want you to have the best experience. You will not get the runaround when you contact them for help as you might with other RC car companies. 

Some Traxxas RC cars come ready to use out of the box with the exception of a couple AA batteries that will need inserted into the remote. These RC cars are extremely popular as you do not have the additional cost of a brand new battery. 

There are also many options for aftermarket batteries for your Traxxas RC car; although Traxxas recommends only using their specific battery in their machines. This is because their RC cars were tested with their specific batteries and they know that they are built to last. 

Where can I buy a Traxxas battery and charger?

Most Traxxas RC cars do not come with a battery and charger in the package, you will need to purchase one yourself. Although this may seem hard it is actually not as you can simply see exactly what size Traxxas battery your RC car needs. 

Because your Traxxas RC car does not come with a battery you get the option to choose exactly what size battery and what power source you would like to use for the battery in your RC car. This allows you to customize your Traxxas RC car exactly how you want it. 

Traxxas RC car batteries last extremely long and there are many that you can purchase that will last you longer than the life of the car. This means that when you go to purchase your next Traxxas RC car you will still be able to use the same battery and charger without any issues. 

The best place to purchase a Traxxas RC car battery is by clicking here.  Here you will find every different type of battery that you would want as well as many specific Traxxas battery chargers. 


Now that you know that there are not any Traxxas RC cars that are for sale under $100 you can decide how much you are willing to spend on one. The cheapest Traxxas RC car is not much over $100 though which is why many people will just spend the extra money and purchase this one. 

There are so many different Traxxas RC cars that you can buy. You may begin to feel a little overwhelmed when you go to purchase one as it may seem overwhelming. If you simply take a minute to read the details about the RC cars, you will clearly be able to tell the difference and which one will work the best for you.

Traxxas wants you to have the best user experience and although their RC cars do not come with a battery most of the time, you can simply purchase one on their website by emailing them, chatting with them, or by calling them.