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Are Traxxas Batteries Worth It?

If you have recently purchased a Traxxas hobby RC car you may have noticed that not all of them come with a battery. This allows you to choose the battery that you prefer over being forced to use the one that comes with the car. 

Because your Traxxas RC car may not come with a battery you will need to purchase one for your RC car. When you look at purchasing an RC car battery you will soon find out that you have many options to choose from.

Even though Traxxas LiPos batteries are more expensive than other brands, they make up for it with their build quality. When it comes to batteries, you get what you pay for, which is why Traxxas batteries are worth the extra money. 

A Traxxas LiPo battery pack will give you a longer run time no matter which RC vehicle you have when compared to generic batteries. The charge rates for a Traxxas lithium-polymer battery will also often be faster as well.

Some people prefer to change their battery after every race. If you change out your RC car or truck battery after every race, you may be interested in purchasing a cheaper new battery instead of going with a Traxxas battery. It will not be better quality or last you as long, but since you will be changing it out after every race you will not need a battery pack that can last you multiple races. 

Most people do not always change their RC car battery after every race which is why most people prefer to get Traxxas’ LiPo batteries rather than multiple off-brand batteries.

Another thing that you should consider is the battery type. If you have a generic NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) battery in your monster trucks and upgrade to a LiPo Traxxas battery you will find that your RC car (whether a Traxxas X-Maxx, Stampede, or Slash) will run for far longer on the upgraded battery.

A Traxxas LiPo battery will last for many more charge cycles, have a higher c rating, and have more amps than most generic batteries. So although these Traxxas batteries are more expensive in my mind they are well worth the price.

While some people choose to purchase a Traxxas battery for their Traxxas RC car, others think that they are too expensive. No matter what RC car battery you are in the market to buy, you can find them all by clicking here. 

Can You Overcharge A Traxxas Battery?

No matter what battery you have for your RC car, one of the things you will want to be careful of is not to overcharge it. This is because overcharging a battery can cause damage to the battery or even completely ruin it. 

Although with some great luck you might not damage your battery when overcharging it you should always use the right battery charger so the amount of amperage that you charge your battery with won’t allow it to overcharge.

One of the things many people wonder is if the Traxxas battery is the same. Can you overcharge a Traxxas battery? 

If you are using an official Traxxas battery charger (like the EZ-Peak Plus) with your Traxxas battery there are safety systems built-in that will not allow it to be overcharged. This means that you cannot overcharge a Traxxas LiPo cell battery when charging it properly.

The Traxxas EZ-Peak dual battery charger will also have a setting for storage mode (that you can change using the Traxxas EZ-Peak live app) so when you won’t be using your Traxxas battery for a while then you can make sure to store the battery for your device properly.

Not overcharging your Traxxas battery is the main reason that many people will only use a Traxxas battery charger with their Traxxas batteries. No one wants to risk damaging their battery in order to save a few dollars. 

Traxxas always goes above and beyond when it comes to taking care of their customers and making sure that they cannot overcharge their batteries with their chargers is one of the ways they prove it. Many people do not want to worry about overcharging their batteries which is why they will purchase a Traxxas battery charger. 

Even though there are many different battery chargers available the Traxxas battery charger is the best one. You can purchase the best Traxxas battery charger by clicking here. 

How Long Does A Fully Charged Traxxas Battery Last?

When looking at different batteries to purchase for your RC car, you will probably want to know exactly how big of a battery you need. The bigger size battery you have in your RC car and the longer you will be able to use it between charges. 

There is one thing that every RC car driver hates, and that is downtime. After all, why would you spend a good amount of money on an RC car and then not be able to use it for very long because you are waiting on the battery to charge? 

If you have a 3000 MaH battery, you should be able to use your RC car for 15 to 20 minutes before needing to charge it. If you have a 5000 MaH battery, you will easily be able to go 25 minutes or more depending on how you drive. 

One thing you should always remember is that if you have a NiMh battery, you will not want to run it completely dead as this can cause damage to the battery. Instead, when the RC car starts to slow down you will immediately want to stop and recharge the battery. 

Some people prefer to have more than one battery for their Traxxas RC car. This allows them to not have to wait for a battery to charge as they can simply change out the battery for the new one and use that while the other Traxxas battery is charging. 

If you have multiple RC cars with multiple batteries you may want to consider getting a Traxxas charger that can charge more than one battery at a time. The best Traxxas battery charger that can charge multiple batteries is available by clicking here

Can A LiPo Battery Kill You?

When it comes to owning batteries, many people say that they are unstable and easy to blow up. This can be caused by overcharging your battery or even simply using the wrong charger. 

The problem with this thinking is that it makes many people think that any battery for an RC car is able to harm them, or even worse kill them. So can a Lipo battery kill you?

Although Lipo batteries do have high currents running through them when they are charging, they are not enough to kill someone. If you overcharge the battery and it explodes, the worst that would happen is some minor burns on your skin. They are definitely not going to be bad enough to kill anyone. This means that Lipo batteries cannot kill you. 

Even though they can harm you if they are not taken care of, they are not deadly enough to actually harm you and kill you. Most of the time they will not even hurt you as you have plenty of warning when you are charging a battery before it would actually blows up. 

Most battery chargers also have built-in safety sensors that do not allow you to overcharge your RC car battery. This is great for new users and those that are younger so they do not hurt themselves. 


Now that you know about Traxxas batteries, you can see exactly why they are so popular. They are built extremely well, and even though they may cost a little extra, the batteries will last longer than cheaper batteries. 

When it comes to choosing a battery for your RC car, it is important to know that you get what you pay for. This is why many people will not go cheap when it comes to choosing a battery for their RC car. 

The last thing anyone wants is to damage their battery, or even their RC car because they were trying to save a few dollars. If you are going to spend money on a Traxxas RC car, you should spend the extra and buy the Traxxas batteries and the battery charger. 

Every single Traxxas item is well-built and designed to last. This is good to know when it comes to choosing a battery for your RC car as you do not want something that is going to damage the car, or not last very long. 

No matter what brand of battery you get though if you get a Lipo battery all the rumors you heard about it being able to kill you are not true. They are actually safe and will not have any issues if they are taken care of properly.