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Are Traxxas Motors Good? (How Long Will They Last?)

If you were looking to purchase an RC car then you have probably noticed that a lot of people use the Traxxas brand. Because Traxxas is the most popular brand available many people wonder if it is just because they are popular or if their parts are actually good.

One of the most important parts of an RC car is the motor, which is why many people want to know if the Traxxas motors are good.

The Traxxas RC motors are extremely good motors and are built with great quality parts which ensures a long lasting RC car. Often you will find that your Traxxas motor will last as long or longer than the body of the RC car will. 

However, if you do end up having any issues with your Traxxas motor because of defects or other issues you can simply contact Traxxas and they will be happy to help you. 

Not only are the Traxxas motors good, but the Traxxas RC cars in general are well rounded cars that can be used if you are a beginner or an expert driver. This is because the cars are fully customizable and are also easy to use straight out of the box while also being able to be customized and upgraded in the future if you want to. 

There are many different Traxxas RC cars that you can purchase that range in price from cheap (relatively) to pretty expensive. This is because Traxxas appeals to every RC car enthusiast, and not just the professionals or the beginners. 

Depending upon which Traxxas RC car you buy will depend upon which Traxxas motor you get in your RC car. As you will learn in this article Traxxas motors are different from other RC companies’ motors. Every RC car is different and Traxxas has built a motor for each individual RC car’s purpose. 

To see the most popular Traxxas RC cars currently on the market you can click here. 

How long do Traxxas brushless motors last? 

When you’re talking about Traxxas motors you will probably realize that Traxxas uses a brushless motor for their RC cars. This is because they know that a brushless motor will last for longer than a brushed motor. 

Just because brushless motors last longer though does not always mean that it is built with a better quality than a brushed motor. Traxxas RC cars though are built with top of the line parts, and are made to last. 

A Traxxas brushless motor can last anywhere from 2000 to 4000 hours of use. This means if you use the Traxxas RC car every weekend for four hours it will last you well over five years!

Because these cars are so customizable though you will probably want to upgrade to a bigger motor as you gain driving skill in those five years. This is why Traxxas motors hold their value really well when you go to resell them. If you’re looking for a Traxxas brushless motor you can find one by clicking here

What is the fastest Traxxas RC car motor?

If you’re looking for the fastest Traxxas RC car motor and then you need to look no further than the XO-1. This car is the fastest car ever produced by Traxxas and holds the record for being one of the fastest RC cars in the world. 

This car can do 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds and 0 to 100 miles an hour in 4.92 seconds! This RC car comes ready to race out of the box and is definitely not designed to be raced off road. 

The sleek design of this car in conjunction with its low profile makes it very aerodynamic as well as extremely fast. This means that the Traxxas XO-1 is faster on a race track than an actual Lamborghini Huracán. That is not only impressive for any car, but a battery powered RC is even more impressive. 

Are brushless motors better than brushed? 

If you’re looking for a good RC car motor then you have probably noticed that there are two different types of motors. These are brushed and brushless motors. All the brush motors have been eating for a long time brushless motors are quickly taking over.

This is because many people believe brushless motors to be better than brushed. Is this just their opinion though or do facts back this up?

There are actually many facts that back up that brushless motors are indeed better than brushed motors. This is because brushless motors are more efficient than brushed. Because they have no brushes running against them I do not lose energy as fast due to friction.

This can make the batteries last up to 50% longer and can allow you to have more power with the same size motor. 

Are Traxxas motors worth the money? 

Many people when they go to purchase an RC car have their reservations about Traxxas due to the amount of money that they charge for their cars. Even though the cars are expensive, they make up for it due to their demand and the quality of the parts. 

Not only do these RC cars have great quality parts but they also have a lot more performance and durability and power and speed than any other RC car brand. That’s 100% makes the Traxxas motors worth the money. 

Traxxas is very well-rounded and makes amazing RC cars no matter if you want to race bash or just take your RC car in the backyard or to the park and play with friends or family. They have a different RC car for every single need and they range in price from beginners all the way up to experts with high end parts.

No matter which RC car you are looking to buy from Traxxas you can find them by clicking here. 

Is Traxxas going out of business? 

Although there have been many different reports that Traxxas may be going out of business they are not anywhere near going out of business as they are actually the number one selling brand of RC cars. 

Traxxas has been around for a while and even though their RC cars are more expensive they are built with quality parts and everybody who has one understands that. That is why they are the number one brand when it comes to RC cars.

Not only are their cars made with quality parts but they actually have a customer service support system that backs up and stands behind the quality of their products.

Traxxas is not anywhere near going out of business as it makes an estimated $25-$50 million a year. 


Now that you know about the different Traxxas motors and the different Traxxas RC cars and more about tracks in general you can understand why so many people want to purchase a Traxxas motor. 

Not only are they good motors in general but they are built with quality parts and are built to last. Traxxas does a great job keeping track of their products and making sure that they are built with a standard above other companies. 

This is why if you were looking to purchase a motor for your RC car even if it is not a Traxxas RC car you may want to consider purchasing a Traxxas motor as it is built to last. Even though it may be a little more expensive Traxxas will stand behind its motor and help you if you have any issues at all with it. 

Traxxas is a great company that loves its customers and stands behind every single one of their products as other companies should. Traxxas makes many different motors but the best motor that they make is the brushless motor for their RC cars. These will last a lot longer than a brushed motor and also have better power and durability.

No matter if you are looking for a Traxxas RC car or just a Traxxas motor any Traxxas product that you buy will have the same great quality.