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Are Traxxas Screws Metric? Sizes & How To Measure Them

If you just recently bought a Traxxas car or are trying to help a friend out with theirs then you might be wondering whether a Traxxas RC car has metric screws or if they are standard. That is what this article is all about. 

Traxxas screws are metric as are most of the aftermarket replacement hardware. You will find that most RC manufacturers use metric although there are some exceptions such as Losi. So a good set of metric tools will work on many other vehicles as well should the need arise.

The US is the only industrialized nation in the world who does not use the metric system, so all the other manufacturers use it including HPI, Yokomo, Tamya, Schumacher etc.

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Metric versus standard

All the listed companies except HPI and Traxxas that use metric are foreign. Why Losi has chosen to use standard when everyone else uses metric is anyone’s guess but most people believe it is to save some money as well as to put a difference between them and the competition. 

Traxxas cars are made overseas, that’s why it is in metric even though they are an American company. Most of  the USA companies use metric screws just like the rest of the world. Many people believe that metric is much better and simpler to understand but we in the USA love memorizing weird fractions! 

Of course if you are looking to work on your RC car then you will want to get a tool set that fits the type of screws and other parts of your RC car. That is where the tool sets below come into play. 

Traxxas screw sizes

If you have a Traxxas RC car then you should have one of the following sizes for your RC screws. The sizes that Traxxas uses on their models are:

  • 2mm x 6mm
  • 3mm x 8mm
  • 3mm x 15mm
  • 3mm x 18mm
  • 3mm x 21mm
  • 3mm x 23mm
  • 3mm x 28mm
  • 3mm x 32mm
  • 3mm x 40mm
  • 4mm x 4mm
  • 4mm x 10mm
  • 4mm x 12mm
  • 4mm x 14mm
  • 4mm x 16mm

Of course now that you know the different screw sizes that they have how do you know which ones that you need? The easiest way is to check your specific model’s manual and see if it gives you the sizes. You can also look for a parts list for your model online and it should give you the needed screw sizes. 

You can find all of the above screw sizes in packs of 6 on Amazon by clicking here

How to measure Traxxas screws? 

If you have some Traxxas screws that you need to buy replacements for you can do so at the link above, but what do you do if you don’t have your manual or can’t find the screw sizes for your specific model? 

How do you measure your screws? 

Assuming that you have at least one of the same size screws left over you can measure them using any ruler or tape measure that has MM on it. Since Traxxas screws are metric then when measuring them you need to use MM and not inches. 

The first thing that you will want to do is measure the screw longways. Just lay your screw down on top of the ruler/tape measure and see how long it is. It should be one of the lengths mentioned above. 

The next thing you will need to do is measure the width of the screw. You can place the screw on top of the ruler or next to it and look at the entire length of the bottom of the screw (where the threads are). You should come up with either 2,3, or 4mm which will be the width of the screw that you need. 

If you don’t have any of the same size screws or you aren’t sure then the easiest thing to do is take your RC car to your local hardware store that sells individual screws. Because of the list above you should already have a general idea what size screws you need and you can simply try the 3 different widths and then the lengths to see which ones fit properly.

Of course this can be time consuming but it is the best way to make sure that you get the exact right sized screw. 

Traxxas Toolkit

The Traxxas toolkit is designed to help you work specifically on your Traxxas RC car. Since this toolset is made by Traxxas then you can be sure that it is high quality and will fit your RC car perfectly. 

This 13 piece set has a variety of sizes to fit all of your Traxxas models and is in a nice pouch which zips up to make it easier to carry whether inside of your car or toolbox or by itself. Since Traxxas uses metric for all of their screws then this set is of course in metric as well. 

This toolset can be found on Amazon here. 

Do you need the special Traxxas tool set?

Just because Traxxas has a special tool set designed for their cars doesn’t mean that you need to buy that toolset to work on your Traxxas RC. You can simply look at the sizes of the screwdrivers, nut drivers, and hex drivers that come in the set and replace them with cheaper items. 

Traxxas sells the set for convenience but also to make some money so buying the same things that aren’t the Traxxas brand will save your wallet while also allowing you to have some extras if one size gets lost. 

It is important to make sure that all of the items that you get fit your Traxxas car properly so be sure and check that before you get stuck with the wrong sized tools. 

Can I use standard instead of metric?

If you find yourself with the wrong tools or if you forgot your tools at home and people near you only have a standard tool set then using them MIGHT be ok. I say might because often when you use standard or metric when it is supposed to be the other you will often round off the corners of your nuts, bolts, or screws. 

If you are careful you can often use the wrong type of wrenches or nut drivers and make it work but you are likely to damage your vehicle’s screws, nuts, or bolts. 

If you find yourself in a pinch you can also use the hack in this video below to try and get the wrench to fit. 

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Traxxas RC cars use metric screws and their tool kit is specifically designed to help you work on your Traxxas car without needing to buy a bunch of other tools. Since the set is designed specifically by Traxxas for working on their vehicles then you will find that their toolset is all that you need to work on your Traxxas RC car. 

In most cases you can use a different tool set to work on their car as well as long as it is a metric set but when you are spending so much on an RC car from Traxxas it is probably a good idea to spend a little bit more and buy the tool kit that is specifically designed for their cars too.