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Can Traxxas RC Cars Get Wet? (Work In Snow?)

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RC cars are not only fun to use, but can also be a great way to spend time with your family and friends. Because there are many different RC car brands available you may be a little overwhelmed when you go to purchase one. 

Obviously you want an RC car that is durable and going to last as well as one that can handle the elements. You do not have to do much research to find out the Traxxas RC cars are the top of the line RC cars. 

Since you know that Traxxas RC cars are the best you probably want to know more specifically about what they can handle. Will a Traxxas RC car be able to race in the snow, mud or rain and get wet?

These are very good questions as Traxxas RC cars are run by a battery. Because batteries do not work when they get wet, is it even possible for a Traxxas RC car to get wet? 

Although Traxxas RC cars do operate with a battery, it is a sealed unit and they are able to get wet. This means that you can race your Traxxas RC car in the snow or rain or even through puddles and not worry about damaging the car. However, you should never submerge your RC car entirely. 

Being able to drive your Traxxas RC cars without having to worry about them getting damaged, is something most RC car owners do not have. This is because not every RC car that you purchase can go through the water without being damaged. 

Traxxas wanted its customers to not worry about damaging their RC cars when they were racing which is why they made them extremely durable including water resistance. This is just one of the many ways that Traxxas goes above and beyond when they create their RC cars. 

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Can RC cars run in the snow?

Racing an RC car is so much fun, and can also be a big responsibility. While some people only think about the good side of owning an RC car like racing them and using them, there is also the downside to owning them as well. 

The upside of owning an RC car is being able to race and have fun with your friends as well as being able to do all sorts of different tracks and races with them. Some people prefer racing through the trees while others prefer to race an obstacle course. 

No matter where you love to race, or even if you just like to drive around your yard, you know that these toys bring joy to anyone who owns them. The problem is that there is also a downside to owning RC cars.

The downside of owning an RC car is the fact that sometimes you will not be able to use it as it can be damaged. When it gets damaged, you will have to spend money to replace the parts, and fix it yourself, or you will have to pay a shop to do the repairs. 

Another downside to owning an RC car is that if not taken care of, they can be dangerous since the battery needs to be taken care of. When you own an RC car, you should never overcharge the battery, or let it get all the way dead. 

If you own an RC car and you live where there is snow during the winter months, you have probably wondered if you can use your RC car in the snow to go down hills or just fling the snow. After all, if you have an RC car, but you cannot use it for a whole season why would you spend the money on one. 

Sadly, not all RC cars can operate in the snow as the cheaper models are not designed to get wet and get the snow up in the electronics part of the car. If you own an RC car that is water resistant though, you will be able to race it in the snow and drive it around showing off its control and your skill as you slide around every corner. 

After you do use your RC car in the snow, you will probably want to rinse it off in a sink though as you do not want the salt to get onto the electronics and begin to corrode them. The salt that will be mixed in the snow if you drive it on the street can easily get in and corrode any metal that is on your RC car if it is not rinsed off. 

How do I clean my Traxxas RC car?

If you own any Traxxas RC car then you have probably gotten them pretty dirty from either racing in the mud, or just everyday wear and tear. Basically unless you only use your Traxxas RC car inside, it is going to get dirty and will need to be cleaned. 

While some people may just use a hose to spray off the dirt and dust, other people want to be more thorough when cleaning it. So how do you clean your RC car more thoroughly? 

To clean your Traxxas RC car you will want to rinse off the vehicle. Next you will spray the RC car with an all purpose cleaner, and scrub the car down. You will then want to remove and clean the wheels, and then rinse the entire car off. You will then need to put back on the wheels and use an air compressor to dry the car making sure there is no water on the car before it is stored. 

Having a clean RC car is not only going to make you feel like a better driver, but it will also make your RC car last longer as the parts will not corrode or damage because of dirt. Everyone wants their RC cars to last longer, but sadly most people do not want to take the time to clean them properly after they get dirty. 

You can clean your car after every use if you want to, but most people will only deep clean their car when it is dirty, or after every major race. You know what your schedule is, and it will never hurt to have your RC car cleaned after every use if you have the time for it. 


Now that you know about Traxxas RC cars and their ability to get wet, you can race your car without ever worrying about damaging it. You can race on the beach, or in the snow, or through mud puddles, or even in the rain. You won’t ever again have to worry about damaging your Traxxas RC car by getting it wet. 

Even though Traxxas RC cars can get wet and operate in every type of weather, not all RC cars are made with the same craftsmanship and durability. The cheaper RC cars may not be water resistant and will not work in the snow or in the rain. This is why you should always check your manual before getting your RC car wet. 

Cleaning your RC car may seem boring and unnecessary, but it will actually make it last longer and operate better if it is cleaned regularly and taken care of. Just like you should clean and wash your own car that you drive, you should clean and take care of your RC car as well. 

With a clean RC car you will feel better when you go racing, and it will help you race better as you will take pride in what you have. If nothing else, it will make your car look better than everyone else’s around you.