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Can You Bring Your Drone On A Cruise Ship?

As time progresses, drones are not only becoming popular but additionally quite affordable. This has resulted in more purchases of drones by people and thus highly increased fliers. While some people may think of drones as just simple toys they can play around with, they have proven to be of great vitality. For example, drones have made it much easier for one to inspect their roof without necessarily having to climb up. 

Drones come in different shapes, sizes, and uses. Largely, for most people, it is the ability of drones to get them the remarkable aerial photographs that encourage the purchase of drones. This is also the major reason why you might want to bring your drone along on vacations. 

In this article we will go over everything you need to know about drones and if you can bring them on a cruise ship.

So can you bring your drone on a cruise ship?

Although you can bring your drone onto most cruise ships, you will need to talk with the cruise line you are with to find out if you can fly the drone while you are on the ship, or if you are only allowed to use it when you are at a port. 

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Policies around drones in the area you are visiting

It is really important to do your research well on the policies governing the use of drones in the place you are going. You may be going to a different country, island or city. Policies on the use of drones fluctuate from place to place. In cases where they prohibit drones, it’s best to leave it at home. The last thing you want to do is to lose it, or break any laws. 

For instance, in some cases, you might be allowed to bring it on board. However, you are restricted from using it on private islands. There are also different countries that outlaw drones. For example, countries such as Saudi Arabia, India, and Argentina have laws implemented that ban drones. In contrast, you can take your drone with you if you are going to the United States, or many other countries. Nevertheless, the regulations of drones may vary from state to state.

Policies of drones on the cruise line you are using

Even if the area you plan to visit may allow you to bring and use your drone under specific regulations, the cruise line policies may be a limiting factor for you. A cruise line may entirely not allow you from bringing your drone along. If the cruise line is the one restraining you from bringing your drone with you, you might want to consider other flexible lines. It’s encouraged to always check the policies of your cruise line as this is the most accurate source. Cruise lines’ policies differ and they are also susceptible to change from time to time.

In particular, cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Carnival are quite flexible on the rules governing the legality of drones on their lines. In most instances, you are allowed to bring your drone on board given the fact that you don’t take it out. This might involve them keeping it for you until you get to the port. In some situations, some cruise lines forbid you from bringing your drone entirely. You might have to seek special permission first before considering doing so. This is why you should always contact the cruise ship to learn what their policies are and if you can bring your drone on board. 

Can you use your drone on a cruise ship?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with your cruise line concerning your drone even before you bring it along. You need to understand what you can and can’t do with your drone on board. Usually, if a cruise line permits drones, they will, in turn, allow you to use it on land or outside the port area. Normally, you can never use it on the ship as this could cause safety issues. Violation of this policy may lead you to be in trouble with the cruise line, and possibly as bad as going to jail. 

Some cruise lines have very good reasons for not authorizing drones on their ships. This is highly due to security reasons concerning both the ship and the guests. Since drone batteries are usually made from lithium, they are highly explosive and flammable. It is therefore to your advantage to contact your cruise line to be more aware of the issue.

Can I use my drone in the area I am going to?

It is of no use to bring your drone along successfully and afterward lose it due to violations of a simple rule. For example, your area of the visit may tolerate the bringing in and use of drones under certain regulations. 

This includes how high above you can fly your drone. It also involves the distancing you need to maintain from places such as the airport or any port. You might also need to get prior approval before violating someone’s privacy by flying your drone over private property. In some cases, you need to possess a drone license to be able to use it freely. In some places, they don’t have a drone ban law in place but it may be difficult for you to operate your drone freely. Thus, it is crucial to ensure you are comfortable with some of these rules. This is why before you even consider bringing your drone along, you should know all of the important information to know what you can and cannot do. You will also want to know where you can and cannot fly as well as if you need any special license.


Now that you know that you can bring your drone on most cruise ships, you may be interested in purchasing a great drone to get some great photography shots of your vacation. You should always know what determines the flexibility of laws around drones. They are highly due to security reasons. As mentioned earlier, it may be due to the highly unstable lithium batteries if disturbed. It may also be because drones can be used as good carriers of bomb material in criminal activities. It may also simply be the issue of guests onboard feeling that their privacy is violated, or better still their peaceful voyage is disturbed.

In a world where almost everyone is well aware of drones, it is also just as important to know how to not lose your drone during travel. Research is always the key to knowledge. This is why you need to always have enough information before considering taking your drone with you. This will, in turn, spare you the unnecessary hustles or the painful experience of having your drone confiscated. The last thing that you want is to have your drone taken away from you on your cruise, or for it to be taken and ever given back. 

You want to have a peaceful trip, and so does everyone else on the trip. This is why it is always best to contact the cruise line to find out what they allow and any rules and regulations you need to follow when bringing your drone.