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Can You Charge Traxxas Batteries In The RC Car? (Do You Have To Take Them Out?)

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If you know anything at all about Traxxas RC cars, you probably know that they are extremely popular. Traxxas RC cars are loved by RC car enthusiasts around the world and anyone who wants to purchase a fun way to race or spend time with family and friends.

Traxxas RC cars are extremely user friendly and also built with the highest quality parts available. When you purchase a Traxxas RC car you know that you are getting the top of the line and not something that they cut corners when they were making. 

Although there are different types of RC cars that you can purchase most people prefer the battery operated ones. This is because they are cheaper to own as well as they are a lot easier to maintain and have fun with. 

Battery operated RC cars are the go to RC cars if you are a beginner and just starting off. Not only that but if you are an expert and have been racing RC cars for a while you probably know that you want to purchase a battery RC car as well. 

Many people worry about the batteries on the RC cars going bad or being hard to charge. If you own a Traxxas RC car though that is not something you have to worry about as their batteries are extremely durable, and easy to charge. 

There are two clips that hold in the RC car battery that some people do not want to remove. This is why many people wonder if they can simply unplug the battery from the RC car and plug it directly into the charger without removing the battery. This does sound like a good idea and if you have a Traxxas RC car you may be wondering this exact thing. 

Technically you can charge a Traxxas RC car battery while it is in the RC car although it is not recommended. The reason that the battery should be pulled out for charging every time is so you can inspect the battery and make sure that there is not swelling and that it does not have any physical issues that could ruin your RC car. The last thing anyone wants is to try and save a couple minutes and not remove the battery and end up ruining their RC car. 

Traxxas has made it extremely easy to remove the battery for charging so you can do it very quickly. All you need to do is flip out the two little clips and unplug the battery from the RC car and remove it. 

While some RC cars require you to have a screwdriver on hand to remove the clips, Traxxas does not. When Traxxas designed their vehicles they made them extremely user friendly including the removal of the battery for charging. 

Can I charge Traxxas batteries without a Traxxas charger?

Once you own a Traxxas RC car you may be wondering if you can just use any charger that you have laying around to charge the battery. If RC cars have the same battery plug in, why can you not just use a different charger for your Traxxas RC car? 

It would be very convenient if every RC car used the same charging port so you could simply just buy one battery charger for all of your RC cars. Although that sounds good in theory there are many issues with this starting with the fact that most RC cars have different types of batteries. 

Although you may be able to find a battery charger that will fit the Traxxas battery, it is never a good idea to actually charge your Traxxas battery with any other battery charger besides a Traxxas one. This is because Traxxas RC car batteries use different types of batteries and if you use the wrong charger for the battery you can ruin the battery forever. 

Because no one wants to ruin their battery you should make sure you always have your RC car battery charger that comes in your package with you. The other option is to purchase a Traxxas RC car universal charger that can charge any Traxxas RC car battery. 

These universal Traxxas RC car chargers are great products and are guaranteed to work with every Traxxas RC car battery produced. If you want to purchase one of these battery chargers you can find it by clicking here. 

If you purchase this Traxxas battery charger you will find out that it can do more than just charge one Traxxas battery. Not only can this charge the batteries extremely fast but when you first plug in any battery to the device it will identify what type of battery it is and how it needs to be charged. 

Owning one of these battery chargers literally takes the guesswork out of charging your RC car battery. It is extremely easy to use and if you want to know how you will want to check out this video. 

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How long does a Traxxas battery last?

When you have a Traxxas RC car, one thing that you worry about is the battery. You may be wondering how many years the battery will last overall, or how long it will take to charge between uses. 

Although different size batteries last for different amounts of time, the average is 20 to 25 minutes of usage before the battery will need to be recharged. The average Traxxas battery can be recharged 800 to 1000 times before it will not hold its charge and will need to be replaced. 

Because 800 to 1000 times does not seem like that long I will break it down for you. If you use your RC car two days a week for 50% of the year, you will need to charge it 52 times a year. This means that you will be able to use the same battery for 16 years.

Even if you use the battery every single weekend for both days every year, The battery will still last you for approximately eight years. That is far longer than most people will own their RC car which is why the Traxxas batteries are so good. 


Now that you know about your Traxxas RC car, and the batteries that they have in them, you can see why you should remove them every time before you charge them. You do not want to charge the batteries in the RC car in case the battery has been damaged as this will ruin your RC car. 

Because RC car batteries are so complex and they come with different sizes, you may want to purchase the Traxxas smart battery charger. This charger will automatically know what battery was plugged in as well as how big the battery is so it can charge the battery for the proper amount of time with the proper voltage. 

Because Traxxas batteries can last so long something you may want to invest in is a good battery charger, and not just the one that comes with it in the package. The free battery charger will work for your one RC car, but if you own more than one car you will probably want to purchase the Traxxas smart battery charger. 

Traxxas always does a good job taking care of their customers and the batteries that they put in their RC cars are no different. If you do happen to have any issues with the battery in your RC car within the first year you can simply contact Traxxas and they will replace it for free. This is just one way that Traxxas goes above and beyond for their customers.