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Can You Drive an RC Car in The Snow?

RC cars are one of the most popular toys during the holiday season. Since many children (and adults!) receive one during the colder months, the question arises if they can be used in snowy conditions.

Can You Still Play with Your RC Car in the Snow?

The basic answer is yes, but there are limitations. Not all RC cars are created equal, and if you use one that is not meant for those kinds of conditions, not only will you not get as much entertainment out of it, but you could also cause serious damage to your RC Car. 

RC cars are a great toy that you can enjoy almost all year long. Here are some things to consider before you take your RC car out in extreme winter conditions, and which models you can use no matter where you are!

Will an RC Car Drive in the Snow?

No matter if you use RC cars as a toy or a hobby, you do not have to put them away during the cooler months. Most RC cars and vehicles not only work great in different weather conditions, but some also have add-on options that make them compatible with any weather you run into. In general, with a bit of knowledge about your RC car, you will be able to use it even in the snow!

Knowing the limits of your RC car is important to keep it in the best possible condition. Some RC cars are more sensitive to snow and ice. The plastic can become brittle or even break off because of low temperatures. The fluids that are in some RC cars can freeze or become similar to the texture of molasses, which makes the RC cars not work as well as they should.

Want to see some cars in the snow and how well they do? Check out the video below.

The moisture that comes along with snow is one of the worst enemies for your RC car. Any excess moisture that may be living in your car can cause serious damage, and the worst part is that you may not even know about it! The good news is that with just a little bit of maintenance, you can actually make your car as waterproof as possible.

Let’s talk about ways you can keep your car in the best shape possible, as well as a few of the most popular RC car options for those who want to continue to use them when the weather gets cold!

How to Prep Your RC Vehicle for Winter Weather

Many RC cars can have trouble with the wet conditions that come with cold weather. Not only can it damage the exterior of the vehicle, but it also can ruin electronic parts if you are not careful enough. Some cars are made with waterproof parts, but if your car does not have that, you can use products such as WD-40 that will not let the moisture build up inside your car. If you have a hobby-grade RC vehicle, then you are most likely good to go!

If you do not have waterproof parts or access to spray, then some people use items such as freezer bags or balloons to protect the equipment inside. Some of the most popular electronics for this are from the brand Traxxas. Even if you take the necessary precautions, if the snow is too deep, you should not be running your RC vehicle.

Cold weather can easily make the plastic on your vehicle extremely brittle. This can result in pieces breaking off just from regular use, or even serious damage if you end up crashing your vehicle into something. This can be resolved by forming a stronger exterior with added parts. You could also heat your vehicle before taking it out for a run, or just keeping the amount of time you are outside a little on the shorter side. Another note is that frozen ground is not as forgiving, so try to avoid any serious crashes if at all possible.

If your car uses oils, grease, shocks, or nitro fluid, then the cold weather can cause the fluids to thicken up or not work at all. For those who have RC cars that run on batteries, it is important to know that most batteries are going to drain much faster in cold weather than they would during the summertime. This can cut down on the amount of time you are able to play with it, so you may want to pick up some extra batteries to use in the cooler months.

Additional Tips for Maintaining Your RC Vehicle in Winter

• Do not push your RC vehicle to the extremes in the winter. Be mindful of the condition of your vehicle, as well as the risks involved in using your vehicle in extreme weather.

• Do not intentionally drive into deep snow or deep water of any kind. Even with proper waterproofing, you do not want to run the risk of ruining your vehicle.

• Try to keep your vehicle at room temperature if possible, and make sure you warm up your vehicle before you take it outside.

• You should keep the actual body of the car on it at all times, and you can even use tape or different materials to keep out as much cold air and moisture as you can.

• If you are set on using your vehicle during winter but worried about damaging your vehicle, see if there are any indoor RC tracks that you can use!

What Are the Best RC Vehicles for Snowy Conditions?

Sometimes you cannot avoid the snow or simply don’t want to! If you live in conditions where you get a lot of snow, it may be time to invest in a new RC car that comes ready to go. Here are a few that you should consider!

Traxxas Summit

This is one of the most popular RC options for those who are looking for an all-terrain vehicle. It is a larger truck with a big frame and even bigger wheels. It also has ten different LED lights and a strong body frame. It has a high-low transmission that is waterproof and works great in snow and rain as well. It is quick to charge, has decent speed, and is easy for beginners to work on and add items as well.

Kyosho Blizzard RC Truck

This is not a traditional RC vehicle, and it resembles more of a plow or tank to most people. It has been around since 1981 and offers a wide variety of features such as Wi-Fi capabilities and even a camera to record your adventures. It is not the fastest, but it has a lot of abilities especially if you remove the plow that is located on the front of the vehicle, which almost acts like a bulldozer.

Traxxas Spartan

This is an ideal vehicle if you experience a lot of deep, soft snow. This is actually a boat but offers up incredible speed as well as a lot of waterproof options, which make it easy to maintain and operate in snowy conditions. Although the actual hull of the boat is not waterproof, regular maintenance can keep any potential damage down to an absolute minimum. The only negative to this RC vehicle is that you are limited to where you are able to use it.

Traxxas E-Maxx Monster Truck

This is another large monster truck that many hobbyists enjoy. It is a waterproof vehicle, which means that no matter the depth of your snow, you will still be able to enjoy your RC in inclement weather. This vehicle comes with a lot of extra options including snow plows and different wheels which allows you to enjoy even more time with your RC vehicle.

Armed with the above information you can now find the perfect RC car to use in the snow or to make the decision on whether you want to use your current RC car in the snow or not. 

Whatever you choose warming your vehicle up before and after you use it in the cold is always a good plan of action.