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Can You Drive RC Cars In Sand?

If you have sand near you or you are planning on visiting a beach you may be wondering if you can take your RC car on the beach and in the sand. In this article we will do our best to answer that question to help you decide whether using your RC car in sand is a good idea or not. 

Racing your RC car in sand can cause sand to get into your motor and engine, and if you’re not careful, this can ruin them. Sand in your bearings isn’t good for your RC car either. While it is actually possible to successfully run your RC car in the sand and have a lot of fun, there’s definitely a price to pay afterwards in maintenance time and cost. 

 Checking and cleaning your bearings from time to time is always a good idea and the truth is, running your RC car in the sand means paying attention to maintenance. Honestly, it can be quite a pain to get all of the sand out from those places where you don’t want them to be.

How to perform maintenance after using your RC car in the sand

The first thing that you need to ensure is that you begin with a clean and well-oiled air filter that won’t fall off.

With electric RC cars, make sure that you use a motor spray or even compressed air to give your motor a good blow-out on a regular basis. This should be done after every use when using your car in the sand. 

 As we have already noted, sand will wear down your bearings very quickly, and if they develop slop in the shaft of the motor, you might have to be ready to kiss your motor goodbye very soon.

In addition, make sure to keep things like the hinge pins and drive shaft couplers clean all the time. This is because if one part rubs or spins against another part, that part will literally get a sand-paper effect if some sand gets wedged in there.

Below is a video of someone using their rc car in the sand so as you can see it is certainly possible to use your RC car in it. 

Regardless of how much maintenance and careful attention you take for your RC car when you race in the sand, the safest thing to do still remains to keep your RC car off the sand and use better RC racing tracks and locations.

So where are some other places you can race your RC car? 

Where to Race Your RC Car 

Here are some places to either race your RC car or find helpful information about local places where you can use it at. 

Local Hobby Shops

Your local RC hobby shop is the first place you should consider when you’re trying to find a different spot to race your RC vehicle. Your local hobby shop will either have an RC track you can use on their premises, or they can easily recommend local RC tracks to you or even clubs that regularly organize track races on tracks that they specifically set up for weekly or monthly events. 

Also, your local hobby shop can help you gain insights into which tracks and races would require you to actually be a member before you can race there. Additionally, your local hobby shop is a place where you can meet and connect with fellow hobbyists and try to pick their brains a little to see where they like to race and use their RC cars. 

Quarter Scale Auto Club (QSAC)

The Quarter Scale Auto Club is a national organization that typically sets the rules for quarter scale RC oval track racing in the US. Every year, the club organizes a national championship race that typically takes place in the fall of each year. 

When you’re a member, you gain access to an interesting forum that provides you with information on how to prepare yourself for the championship as well as individual races. In addition, only the QSAC’s membership is allowed to run at the races and sanctioned facilities of the organization. With up to 400 members on the books as of now, the QSAC website is a place you can trust for a lot of information, guidance, and companionship no matter your level of RC racing.

Apart from visiting your local hobby store or joining the QSAC, there are many online sites that can provide you with good information. If you’re looking for where you can race your RC car, here are online sites that can provide you with good and detailed information:

RC Car Action Track Directory

RC Car Action Track Directory is an online site for Radio Control Car Action and is definitely one place you can trust to get information for RC racers whether you’re a hobbyist or a serious enthusiast competing. 

RC Car Action Track Directory provides you with a detailed catalog of the best places you can go to race your RC vehicle for just about anywhere in the entire United States. 

In addition, if you’re looking to get advice on buying your first RC vehicle, the best vehicle to buy, where to actually buy it one, as well as even how you can build your own, RC Car Action Directory is a really good place to visit. Plus, you can get access to a good number of how-to videos, and you can post questions and get answers as well as share information on the site’s forum without having to pay for any of it.

RC Universe

RC Universe is another website where you can get detailed information on almost everything you should know as an RC racer. All you need to do is get on the website and search their database by country, type, and keyword and you can find nice locations to race your RC car, helicopter, plane, boat, or truck. 

Something else you’re really going to love about this website is the fact that if you want to buy or sell any RC vehicles, the site gives you the opportunity to do just that. Plus, you can also read reviews on certain models of RC vehicles and also join the forums as well as even take classes in RC racing and operation. 

That’s definitely a huge attraction.

In addition, RC Universe also has its own YouTube channel featuring more than 2,000 videos that provide information on almost every facet of the RC world and all you need to know about RC racing.

Product 145

Product 145 is basically a product review site for racers who play in the competitive team shooting game, Airsoft. This site also has a directory of RC tracks all around the United States and, therefore, gives you the opportunity to find and pick your preferred RC track. 

What’s more, owners of RC vehicles can read reviews of the latest models on this site, and you can also read articles on how to carry out basic maintenance on your RC car as well as how to carry out simple repairs when the need arises.


Racing your RC car in the sand can be a lot of fun but it can also cost you a lot of time and money in maintenance after you are done using your RC car in the sand. For most people the fun that racing in the sand brings is worth the extra maintenance needed. 

Ultimately you have to decide if the maintenance is worth it to use your RC car in the sand or if you should stay on tracks or in parks instead. 

Only you can decide what is best for you but you can certainly drive your RC car in the sand if you want to!