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Can You Drive RC Cars In The Sand?

Have you ever thought about driving an RC car in the sand but weren’t sure if you could? maybe you are getting ready to purchase your first RC car but before you do that you want to make sure you can drive it anywhere including sandy areas. In this article we will go over everything you need to know about if you can drive your RC car in the sand or not. 

So can you drive RC cars in the sand? 

All RC cars will work just fine in the sand but there are some that will work better than others. If you have a cheap RC car with low ground clearance then it won’t handle the sand as well as one with higher clearance and that is higher powered. 

There are some RC cars though that are specifically designed to work in the sand over other terrain so if you will be using your RC car mainly in the sand then you will want a vehicle that handles the sand the best rather than just having one that can barely climb through it. 

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You can also learn more about RC cars and driving them in the sand if you keep reading this article. 

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What RC cars can you drive in the sand? 

Although some people do not think about driving their RC cars in the sand, the sand is actually quite fun to drive them on. There are many people that actually prefer to drive their RC cars on sand, as well as even race on the sand. The sand not only is different than pavement, but some vehicles actually work better in the sand. This is because some vehicles are specifically designed to race and get grip in the sand. If you are looking for a great RC car to race in the sand, you can find one here

Can you drive an RC car in the snow? 

Although some people do not like to drive their RC cars in the snow because they can get wet, most RC cars can be driven in the snow. Not only is it possible for them to be driven in the snow, but many people have a blast doing so! Many people also race their RC cars in the snow and love watching the tires throw the snow as they rip through the course. 

There have been many times where people will create a course out of the snow including hills and bumps. The snow makes creating a course extremely easy and fun. Many people will also use the snow as a great way to practice taking corners and driving their cars in the snow. Racing on your own designed course is so much fun, and something that everyone can do with a little bit of ingenuity and some snow. 

How fast do RC cars go?

Although cheaper RC cars normally only go a few miles per hour, new RC cars have the ability to go over 70mph! Some RC cars have even been recorded traveling at speeds over 100mph! These types of RC cars have been heavily modified, to reach speeds this fast. There are some RC cars though that can reach over 70mph straight out of the box. One of these machines can be found here

The Traxxas 4×4 VXL is an amazing RC car, and is loved by everyone who owns it! They are great vehicles and the best part is they come fully assembled right out of the box. This is a huge bonus for anyone who wants to have an amazing RC car that is ready to go right out of the box! 

Can you drive your RC car on a beach? 

Although you can technically drive your RC car on a beach, it is not recommended that you drive it on any sand that is wet. This is because the salt water from the beach will be on the wet sand and the salt water mold kit into the vehicle and begin to corrode the metal. This will make your RC car not last as long as well as make your parts wear faster. Noone wants to replace the parts on their RC car sooner than they should have to. 

Even though driving your RC car on the beach can be extremely fun, you will want to make sure you do not go on any wet sand, or in the water. Doing this will cost you in the long run, even though you may not see any problems immediately.  If you do decide to race your RC car on the beach, you will want to make sure that you do not disturb other people on the beach, and that your specific state does not have any rules or regulations against driving your RC car on the beach. The last thing you want is to get in trouble with the police, or break any laws. 

Can you drive RC cars on water?

Although there are some RC cars that can drive on the water, most RC cars are not amphibious. This means that they cannot float or drive on water, but are only designed to go through puddles and small standing water. If you are looking for an RC car that can go on water or on land, you can find one here. Although these RC cars are not extremely fast like some RC cars are, they are unique in the fact that they will float on the water, and their tires also double as paddles. 

 These types of RC cars are super fun, and most of the time fairly inexpensive. This is why even though they don’t go super fast, they are fun to buy and mess around with in the water. You can even get a couple of them and race and mess around with them in the water. Some people even use them as bumper cars, and hit each other until one sinks. There are so many different things you can do with RC cars, and these amphibious RC cars are no different. 


Now that you know that you can drive your RC car on the sand, you can see why so many people love to do it, and even will make full courses. There is so much that you can do with an RC car when you are on the sand. The one thing that you need to be careful of though, is that if you are near the ocean, the salt water will damage your car faster if it gets wet. 

This is not a problem if you are at a beach that has fresh water though. If your beach has fresh water, you can easily race your RC car on the beach and not worry about it being wet or dry, This allows you to drive in the water, or even at the edge of the waves during your race, and never have to worry about damaging your RC car. 

Noone wants to worry about their RC car having salt on it and making the parts wear faster than they should. This is why some people just simply stay away from beaches in general just to stay safe. They do not want to risk their RC car getting damaged, or possibly sand getting in small spaces in the RC car and then having to clean it out. No matter if you like to race on the beach or on the pavement, there is an RC car that is perfect for whatever race or terrain you love to be on.