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Do Traxxas RC Cars Ever Go On Sale?

Compared to many other brands available, Traxxas cars are certainly quite expensive. However, seeing as they produce very high-quality RC vehicles, a lot of people still choose the Traxxas brand over other cheaper alternatives. But, many of these customers would surely love to find Traxxas RC cars on sale, and many of them may wonder if Traxxas ever goes on sale.

Unfortunately, Traxxas doesn’t offer discounts or sales on their vehicles. The only way to find a Traxxas RC car for cheaper is to either buy a used model or find a Traxxas vehicle at a store that is closing or running some sort of holiday discount. You can sometimes find deals on Traxxas RC cars around Black Friday but these are rare and normally involve you getting a gift card to the store rather than a discounted price. 

You may be able to get deals if your local retailer is going out of business or having to clear out inventory for some other reason. Traxxas does sometimes offer Black Friday deals that you can take advantage of but those are often not very high discounts and will normally be a sale on a bundle or in the form of a gift card or something that is thrown in with the purchase.

Tips for Getting an Affordable Traxxas RC Car

As we have already noted, an RC brand like Traxxas does not go on sale very often if at all, and Traxxas RC cars can be quite expensive just as almost all other hobby grade RC cars are. But, there are special seasons that you can take advantage of to get better deals for RC cars. If you’re on a budget and still want to get some of your favorite Traxxas models, here are some things to keep in mind:

Choose a used model

One of the best ways to get a good deal on an RC car is to choose a used one instead of a brand new model. Choosing a brand new car will definitely put you under a lot more financial burden so purchasing a used car will not only save you some money but it might save you some stress from worrying about how much you spent on it. 

If the car is still in quite good condition and does not have any faults, then you have nothing to worry about. You can count on it to do a good job and also count on it to last you a long time. Plus, if you’re a beginner, getting a used RC is not a bad idea at all. You don’t want to get your new RC all beaten up and abused while you are learning how to drive it. 

Joining online forums where you can connect to other RC enthusiasts will help you easily be able to find something that works for you. You can also keep an eye on local for sale groups as people pick up the RC car hobby quite often and then either don’t have time for it or their children outgrow it. 

You can often pick up good used Traxxas RC cars for a fraction of what they would cost brand new. 

Take advantage of the holiday season 

As a normal practice, businesses offer discounts on their products and services during the holidays, and that also applies to sellers of RC cars. The period between Black Friday and Christmas is the best time to be on the lookout for discounts that might work for you. When you buy your RC car around the holiday season, you can be sure that you will get it at the best possible price, so if you’re on a budget and do not have a lot of money to spend on an RC car, you can take advantage of the holiday shopping season. 

No need to wait for a going out of business sale or trying to buy used. 

Pick a brushed electric motor over a brushless one

An RC car with a brushed motor will help you to save a good amount of money. Brushless motors are typically found in higher-priced RC cars, so if you are looking for a cheaper option, this may not be your best bet. Brushed motors are simpler and cost a lot less than the brushless options. 

Even though brushless motors actually offer more speed, if you are looking to get something good at an affordable rate, you want to want to pick the brushed option. For the price, brushed motors are worth it to many people and they aren’t a horrible option. They actually offer good performance and decent speeds. 

It is important to know that a brushed motor will not work as well or last as long as a brushless one will so if you have the money buying a car with a brushless motor is certainly the best option. 

What Do RC Cars Really Cost?

Even if you are able to find a Traxxas RC car on sale somewhere it is important to remember that just like a normal car the purchase price of the vehicle is just the beginning of the amount that you will spend on it. There are quite a few other expenses that you will incur when you own and use your RC car. 

If you don’t plan for these extra expenses you might be surprised when you start to use your RC car at how much it actually costs you. 

Generally, RC cars will have three main areas where you will spend money when you own them. Those three main areas are:  

The initial cost of the vehicle

When someone gets into the world of RC cars this is often the only thing that they think about, the initial price. However, just because a car is cheaper to purchase does not mean that it will be the cheapest option over the entire time that you own the vehicle. 

RC vehicles come at varying prices depending on the brand and the model of the vehicle. Most of the time the more expensive brands are also going to be of a higher quality which will save you money in the other areas mentioned below. 

Of course the purchase price is something that you need to consider when trying to determine the total cost of owning an RC car.

Cost of repair, maintenance, and replacements

On a general note, toy RC vehicles are less expensive than the hobby grade RC cars, so if you’re looking to get something very affordable, you might want to pick a toy option. But, of course, many racers would want to go for the hobby-grade options as they are going to be much faster and allow many more customizations than a toy grade RC would. 

When a hobby-grade RC vehicle develops any faults or if you damage it in some way you will have to spend money to repair the vehicle. Depending on the model and the degree of the damage the cost for repairing or replacing parts could be small or quite expensive.  

With toy RC vehicles when they get damaged you will normally not have the option to repair them and will simply have to buy a new one. If you crash your car regularly or run it hard and fast you might find yourself having to replace a toy grade RC car quite often which will add up quickly. 

Whether a toy grade or hobby grade car is cheaper depends on how hard you run them but in general repairing a hobby grade RC car will be cheaper than buying a toy grade car over and over again. Even if you need to replace a motor for a Traxxas RC car you can find them for quite a cheap price on Amazon

Maintenance is a very normal part of being an RC car owner. It is a huge part of ensuring that your RC car always stays in the best possible condition, and so, you would have to carry out periodic maintenance and repairs. 

Carrying out maintenance on your RC car would include activities like regulating the suspension, aligning the chassis, adjusting the motor, retouching the paintwork, oiling the gears, cleaning it after use, and more. When dents and cracks happen, you would also need to fix those. 

For some basic maintenance tips you can check out the video below. 

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Every RC car owner knows that owning an RC car requires a significant amount of time. Carrying out maintenance on your car and doing things such as assembling or repairing your car will consume a good amount of your time. But, if you’re an enthusiastic racer who can’t give up on your RC hobby, this is simply a price that you will have to pay. 

Many RC enthusiasts don’t even see this as being a cost as they enjoy working on their vehicles on the weekend by themselves or even as a way to spend time with friends or family.  


The one thing all RC enthusiasts know is that RC racing can be quite an expensive hobby. Many good quality RC cars like the Traxxas models actually come at decently high prices. In the face of how expensive the hobby can be, many racers would definitely love a sale. However, the Traxxas brand typically does not go on sale. Regardless, there are periods you can take advantage of to get yourself the best possible deals. 

Plus, even though a lot of Traxxas models are actually expensive, there are many different Traxxas models available, and their prices vary. You can always choose which one best suits your needs and budget. A few of the different options can be found below. 

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