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How Fast Are RC Boats?

If you are in the market for an RC boat or are simply curious about how fast they go then you are in the right place. In this article we will discuss how fast most RC boats will go as well as the fastest RC boats there are. 

The fastest RC boat in the world was clocked at over 200MPH but most RC boats will go from 20-30MPH out of the box. You can tune them or upgrade them to get higher speeds than that if you want. 

In general most RC boats will go 20-30MPH but there are plenty of RC boats that will go faster or slower than that. How fast an RC boat will go depends on the fuel type that it uses (nitro or battery powered) the size of the boat, as well as how powerful the engine is. 

Each of these variables will play a part in the top speeds that an RC boat can reach but ultimately you have to decide how fast a boat you need and then buy one with a top speed of around that. You will want to base the speed of the RC boat on how comfortable you are with the controls as well as how large the body of water is that you will be using it on. 

To see the fastest RC boat in the world in action check out the video below. 

RC boat speeds

The speed range of the water is different from the speed that an RC car can be driven on land. The faster speed depends on how fast you actually can control the RC boats on the water as there are much fewer obstacles so higher speeds are much easier to reach than on land. Usually, the speed range for RC boats varies from 15mph to 50+ mph depending on the quality of the boat and its motor.  

All the RC boat models have power restrictions. You may have a much shorter run time if you move the boat extremely fast on the water just like accelerating your car faster causes it to burn more fuel. If you prefer going a more moderate speed with your RC boat then you will have a longer period of time that you can use the boat before the battery will need to be recharged. 

The equation is simple, the faster you go the shorter period of time you can go that fast.

The ideal RC boat has a superior running time with a rapid charging battery so you can get back to the fun quicker. Always, try to allow the RC motor to become cool between the battery swaps as this will help your RC boat from getting overheated and causing other issues. 

Now that we know a little bit about the connection between the RC boat’s faster speed and lower run time let’s look at some of the different models that are currently available on the market and what top speeds they offer. 

Altair AA102 RC Boat

The top speed of the Altair AA102 RC boat is about 20mph (30+km/h), and the running time is 10 minutes. The Altair AA102 is easy to set up, and it is enjoyable for people of all ages including children.

The Altair is durable enough and is cheap enough that you won’t hesitate letting the kids have fun with it.The powerful 390 motor drives the motor to supply a 20mph top speed but the speed is not so fast so that beginners wouldn’t be able to handle it. 

You can race the Altair AA102 up to 328ft (100m) from the controller.

You can read some of the reviews for this model as well as learn more information about it by clicking here

Cheerwing RC Racing Boat

The Cheerwing RC boat offers decent running speeds while in the water but not quite as fast as the previous model.  It is enjoyable for adults and kids and the top speed is 15 mph (25 km/h.The speed range is fast enough for the kids to control it while racing without losing control but it does leave a little to be desired for older users. 

The battery takes only 90 minutes to get a quick charge. The running time is also a disappointment at only 6-8 minutes even with the lower top speed.It is perfect for general users for RC boat racing on the water but if you have used RC boats in the past you will probably want to spring for a faster, more expensive model. 

You can read the reviews for the Cheerwing RC boat here. 

Traxxas 57046-4 Catamaran Boat

The top speed of the Traxxas 57046-4 Catamaran RC Boat is 50mph+ with a powerful brushless motor. Obviously this is the fastest one that we have looked at by far in this article! 

The speed range of this RC boat provides fantastic stability among gentle waves and the smooth surface of the water. If you have the right batteries for this RC boat, the speed range can cross over 50mph. 

Though the Traxxas 57046-4 Catamaran Boat is speedy, it is easy to control as it includes TSM stability control. Because of its faster speeds, this RC boat is not suitable for beginners. 

This model also comes with a water-cooled, waterproof marine ESC with low voltage protection. The design is more than fantastic and bright in color so it is easy to find as it goes zipping across the water. 

You can learn more about this Traxxas boat by clicking here

Pro Boat Zelos 36 Twin Catamaran 

If you need any speedy RC boat, the Pro Boat Zelos 36 is the right choice for you. The top speed is incredible at over 60mph. The model comes with a brushless motor and a brushless water-cooled ESC. As it is much too fast, this boat is not suitable for beginners. This boat also needs to be controlled with more care, due to the higher top speed. The boat features a high-torque metal gear steering servo and hand-laid fiberglass designed for out-of-this-world speeds. 

The Pro Boat Zelos 36 is one of the most fun RC boats ever and you can learn more about it here

Why do you need to buy a faster RC boat?

In all honesty you don’t “need” to buy a fast RC boat but it definitely makes your time on the water much more fun! When you buy a faster boat you no longer feel like you are “putting” around the lake but instead feel like you are zooming! 

Of course not everything is sunshine with these faster models as they can also be far more dangerous. Since the last two mentioned above move at 50-60MPH then you have to make sure to avoid crashing them into other boats, people, or even flying up onto the bank. 

It is up to you to properly control your boat so don’t get one with a top speed that you can’t handle. 


As you can see from this article most budget priced boats will run you 20-30MPH for the top speed while you can also buy other boats that will run you much faster. It is always a good idea to take into account who will be using the RC boat as if it is older children or teens having a boat that can go 60MPH probably isn’t a good idea. 

It is likely more fun to watch the kids have a blast with a boat that goes 15-20MPH than it is to control a boat yourself that goes much faster so deciding how you will use the boat and who will use it will go a long ways in helping you determine which boat is for you.