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How to Do Tricks With RC Cars: An Interactive Guide

RC cars are one of the most popular toys on the market. Not only are they popular among younger crowds, but they have also become increasingly popular with the older crowd as well. Not only can RC cars be fun to test on different terrains, with some practice, you can also perform tricks.

How can you perform tricks with RC cars?

Some RC cars are better suited to performing tricks and stunts. Although some perform better, that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to learn how to do eight of the most popular tricks, such as flip variations and even wall grinds. The best way to determine what kind of tricks your RC vehicle can do is by practicing and learning the best way to perform them.

No matter the type of vehicle you are using, there are tricks that you can learn to enhance the time spent with your RC car as well as impress your friends. Let’s talk about some of the most popular tricks and a few tips on how you can perform them.

How To Do Tricks With RC Cars

The good thing about learning to do tricks with your RC cars is that you don’t need any fancy equipment. You can create your own ramps and jumps with stuff you have at home. If you are looking to do more with your RC car, some companies make legitimate tools for expanding what you can do with your RC car.

When it comes to the type of tricks, you can perform with your RC car, the amount or types of tricks really is endless.. You can practice jumping your vehicle, flipping, and even rotating in midair. Some of the tricks you are able to perform may be limited by space or materials, but some larger cities feature RC parks where you can take your RC car to its limits.

The type of tricks you are going to be able to do depends on the limits that your vehicle is able to do. Acceleration, weight, and mobility are all significant factors in precisely what your RC vehicle can do. Not all vehicles have the same engine, so if you are planning on performing tricks, make sure the engine is suitable.

What Type of RC Vehicles Are Best For Performing Tricks?

When it comes to choosing to perform tricks, the vehicle that you have can help you perform the tricks, or they can even keep you from performing them. The type of car you pick can be determined by your budget, location, and also how the vehicle is built.

  • RC Cars: These are great for beginners and can run on a variety of surfaces, including pavement, dirt, and grass. They are easy to learn how to use, and you can alter them to have better performance.
  • RC Trucks: Trucks are most often used for those who want to do quite a bit of off-roading. Although their acceleration may not be as quick as a car, they are great for performing tricks due to their suspension.
  • RC Buggies and Truggies: These are mostly a hybrid of trucks and cars. They also typically feature some sort of roll cage, which not only prevents damage from happening to your vehicle, but they also help keep your vehicle upright. If you are looking for the benefits of a truck with the speed of a car, this is a great option.
  • RC Monster Trucks: Although they are not the fastest option, monster trucks offer a wide variety of benefits for people who are looking for something that can go into some serious off-roading.
  • Rock Crawlers: These vehicles can run on a wide range of surfaces, including ice, sand, and even gravel. They have the ability to do many things that a monster truck can do, but you are getting suspension and power similar to a car or a buggy.

Most RC owners have multiple vehicles to use in different areas and for various reasons. If you are looking to perform tricks primarily, a car or a truck is not only the most affordable, but they are also the easiest to use. If performance and versatility are what you are looking for, a buggy serves the purpose of both a car and a truck without having to purchase two different vehicles.

RC vehicles also have different engines that serve different purposes. Some of the most popular types of motors include electric, fuel, and nitro. Each type of motor has some pros and cons but for most people an electric motor is the best choice for their purchase. 

What to Know About Performing Tricks with an RC Vehicle

The best thing about performing tricks with an RC vehicle is that you do not have to be a professional to start. It does not matter if you have had your RC car for ten years or ten days. With practice, tricks are easy to master! You should not be afraid of trying tricks in different areas. The way your vehicle will perform on a ramp built on your driveway versus a trail will vary greatly.

The size of the jump you are using to perform tricks should be relative to the trick you are trying to perform. Some tricks, such as combinations and double backflips, are going to require a higher arch to do the trick than a regular jump will be. Your vehicle’s suspension should be in good shape to ensure a safe landing.

Depending on the trick you are looking to perform, you are either going to be focusing on the throttle or the brakes. The middle of your vehicle is considered the center point for the mass of the vehicle. If you are making changes to your vehicle, the mass may be off. If your weight is primarily located in the back end of your vehicle, any sort of trick where the back needs to be lifted is going to be significantly more difficult.

On your remote, you will have a throttle and a brake option. If you are looking for the front of the car to come up, then you need to use the throttle. The accelerator will also make the back end of the car come down. The brakes work in the opposite way. A hard brake will cause the front of the car to come down, and the back of the car will come upward.

What Kind of Tricks Can RC Cars Perform?

While the type of vehicle you have really determines what kind of tricks you are able to perform, some of the most basic tricks can be done with any vehicle such as jumps or flips. Some tricks are harder than others based on the lack of throttle or weight of a vehicle, but changes can be made to vehicles to make them able to perform more tricks and stunts.


If you have never performed a wheelie, it is when the front of your RC vehicle lifts off the ground while the back wheels of the vehicle stay on the ground. A powerful motor is the best way to perform these on a variety of surfaces smoothly. The better your traction is, the more surfaces you can do a wheelie on. You also need to make sure that your vehicle does not have a low center of gravity, which can make it challenging to get the “pop” that you are looking for. If you struggle with a wheelie, try going backward for a brief time before hitting the throttle and going forward.


Donuts are one of the most natural tricks to perform if you are new to using an RC car. You are merely going around in circles at high speed. If you have never performed one, you can angle your wheels at 20 degrees and begin turning very slowly. You can slowly start to go faster and keep turning the wheels. You can quickly lose control of this trick if you try to go too fast. You should also try this trick on a slick floor if you need practice.


If you are new to the RC car hobby, then this is the easiest way for you to start. You can use any size ramp to start with, and it is a great way to learn what your vehicle can do. A jump can let you know what kind of throttle your vehicle has, and how easy or difficult it may be to land.

In order to perform a jump with an RC vehicle, it is best to start gathering speed before your vehicle hits the ramp. The angle of the ramp needs to be elevated quite a bit in order for the vehicle to catch air. Once the vehicle reaches the end of the ramp, let go of the throttle and focus on landing the RC vehicle to reduce the risk of damage. This is a combination of knowing when to brake as well as learning how much you should be accelerating at the start.

Reverse Jump

If you are bored with a regular jump, then you should try to master a reverse jump with your RC car. It is pretty easy to understand that instead of the front of your car leading the jump, the back of your car is going to lead. Although you may have perfected the regular jump, this is a little more difficult.

In a reverse jump, the controls that you are going to be using are reversed. If your vehicle is 4WD, then it is going to be much easier than having to rely on either a front or rear-drive vehicle. You are going to have to learn how to adjust the throttle while reversing.


When it comes to doing a backflip with your RC car, it is best performed by cars that are 4WD, and torque is a great asset to have for this trick. RC cars that have fast engines will help to perform the stunt as well. A backflip is essentially a full rotation where the car flips backward while still going forward.

To do a backflip, you want to build the speed before you hit the ramp so that you are not distracted when it is time to start making the jump. Once your vehicle is close to the top of the ramp, you’ll want to fully accelerate in order to get the vehicle to begin to flip. Once the car straightens out, ease off on the gas and use the brake if needed to prevent over-rotation and land without damaging your vehicle.

Double Backflips

When it comes to doing a double backflip, you are not only going to need more acceleration, but you are also going to need more altitude. Both of these are essential to make sure that you have enough speed to complete two rotations fully, and that you will have enough room for the vehicle to perform the trick.

This can be performed in the same manner as a traditional backflip. The only difference is that your speed prior to your wheels clearing the top of the ramp needs to be much higher. The first backflip should be finished before the highest peak of the arch of the jump. The longer you keep pressing the throttle, the more you will rotate the vehicle. You can push the break to level your vehicle to prepare for landing.

Front Flips

Backflips are a little bit easier than front flips, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to master this one! Since this is more difficult, you really need a good understanding of your vehicle. This is another trick that benefits the most from a 4WD vehicle. Front flips require you to focus on the brake as opposed to backflip, which mainly focuses on the throttle. Brakes will move the inertia to the chassis, which helps to start the front flip.

As with all flips, if you go into it too fast or rough, then you are more likely to crash and damage your RC vehicle. When your vehicle leaves the top of the ramp, you should fully apply your brakes. The brakes help the vehicle begin to flip. Maintain the brakes until you are ready to land, and use the throttle to level out your vehicle.


Once you have mastered all of the tricks listed above, it is time to try and put all of those together in one move. A combination can involve your car performing a backflip but ending in a front flip. A combination of tricks is challenging to perform, and it may take quite a bit of practice. Since you are going to be using quite a few functions on the remote and car, this can drain your battery much faster.

The easiest way to perform a combination is to have a backflip turn into a front flip. Lean on the throttle to begin the backflip once your car is at the top of the ramp. Once the front end of your car is facing the ground, it is time to apply the brakes. The vehicle should then be rotating the opposite way to perform the front flip.

Tree Flips

While often called a tree flip, this can be performed on a variety of objects, including fences and walls. Instead of using a ramp to initiate the flip, this is performed by simply driving into a vertical surface. With the right speed, you will be able to flip your RC vehicle. To make sure that you are able to perform this trick, try to find a vertical surface that has a slight angle to the ground, you use to approach it. You can then use the throttle to initiate the flip.

Watch Other People

One of the best ways to know what tricks your RC car is capable of performing is to watch some other people do tricks! Not only is it enjoyable to see what they can do but you might also get some ideas for your next trick. 

The video below shows some pretty awesome tricks being done at a local skate park. Which tricks do you like?

What is the Key to Performing Tricks With an RC Vehicle?

It ultimately boils down to how much you are willing to practice with your vehicle. Knowing your vehicle is a great way to understand what tricks you are able to do, and you can also use that knowledge to make adjustments to the vehicle to allow it to do more tricks. Any changes you make are going to enhance your skills in some way.

You should also have a basic understanding of how to perform the trick you are looking to master. Knowing how to perform a particular trick can help you decide what RC vehicle you should be using. Understanding how the tricks are performed can also act as a guideline for any changes that you are considering making.

Before you attempt any of the tricks mentioned, you need to be sure that the environment you are in is suitable for those tricks. Tricks such as backflips and combinations are going to need a lot more room than a wheelie or a backflip. If you are in a compact space, there may be a limit to what you can do.

Finally, the real key is just to practice! You can read tips online for days, but until you get your vehicle out to a ramp or trail, you are not going to be able to really understand how those instructions apply to your vehicle.