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How To Fix A Quadcopter That Does Not Take Off?

If you are like me and you first got your quad copter you were super excited when you started to inbox it. The problem was as you began to inbox it you realized that you may be in a little over your head but you figured that you would just figure it out. 

We were able to get everything assembled and the quad copter to work properly and connect it to the remote control. Everything was going great until you tried to take off. The quad copter would spin but for some reason it would never leave the ground. Well we found the answer and are gonna share it with you in this article. 

If you start your quadcopter and the propellers are spinning, but it’s not taking off, you will want to check the amount of time the aircraft needs to warm up, or check the compass for issues. These are the most common problems and in the rest of this article we will show you how to fix them. 

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There are two kinds of problems with quadcopters.

The two problems with quadcopters is that it will not turn on, or it will turn on, but will not take off. We will go into detail about how to fix both of these problems.  

Your quadcopter doesn’t turn on

If your quadcopter doesn’t turn on, there are no indicator lights or transmissions. When you experience this situation, you will want to charge your battery. When you first take the batteries out of the box, they are entirely not charged or slightly charged. This is why you will need to make sure if you just bought your quadcopter and it’s not functioning, that you charge your batteries. After they are fully charged, you can then put them in and see if it works. If that fails to work, your battery could be inserted wrong or damaged, so you might want to check out and see if there’s any damage or not connected. 

Sometimes batteries lose all of their charges and are not able to charge, which can cause a problem with voltage. So for you to be able to fly, you need to get a brand new battery.

If your quadcopter has any damage like the internal component, for instance, if they got wet, smashed, or damaged in any way, that’s a big issue. It would help if you visited a professional who deals with quadcopter’s repair and maintenance. If it’s a manufacturing defect, you need to take it back to the supplier. Depending on how big the problem is, the supplier can choose to repair or replace it.

Your quadcopter does turn on but won’t take off

If your quadcopter turns on and everything else is working, but it can’t take off, then there are more technical reasons as to why your drone might not fly.

There are a couple of things that you can do to fix this problem:

  • Aircraft warming up issue

If you are in a cold environment, you will need to give your quadcopter a few minutes for it to warm up. It’s kind of weird, but you have to do it so that it can be able to fly.

  • Compass problems

Compass problems could be one of the possible reasons why your quadcopter can’t take off. If you have a smart drone and you know the compass is not calibrated, make sure to calibrate the compass and then check and see if your drone will work after that.

  • Physical damage

Your quadcopter might be having physical damage, such as your propellers are not in the right way. That’s a big issue because propellers have a specific pattern that they need to go on. If your propellers are spinning but you can’t go up even if you give it full throttle. You may want to switch around your propellers because there are A and B propellers, and they go in diagonal. If you have props on the wrong way, you turn them around, and your drone will probably take off.

A new drone that has the smart technology feature where they can send you information to your phone, they will give you a message on what the problem is.

Drone won’t take off, and is going sideways

If your quadcopter has a problem of going sideways instead of the straight way, here are three things you can do to fix the issue. Kindly follow these three steps, and your drone will take off.

  • Calibrate gypos
    You will need to make sure internal gyros are calibrated for flying level. With your quadcopter on the ground level and after binding the remote to the quadcopter, drop bulk sticks to the bottom right. If the light on the drone blinks for a moment and then goes solid again, you will know the calibration is complete.
  • Propeller match
    The first thing you need to do is to match up propellers. That is A with A motors and B with B motors. The other thing is matching up two propellers to the proper engines. Every propeller has an A or B indication. You need to ensure they are paired with corresponding A or B motors.
  • Calibrate the controller
    It would be best if you zeroed out any calibration offsets on the controller. On the controller, four indicators show calibration offset. If you realize that any one of them is off-center, then already know you need to zero it out for standard level light.

DJI drones won’t take off

If you put your drone on, and the motors start spinning, and there is no error or warning message, the GPS is green, the status is ready to fly, take-off mode is on, but if you try to take off your drone is not responding, you may have an issue with your location. DJI does not allow the drone to take off, if you are in a No-Fly Zone. This is one of the safety features of the DJI drones. Another safety feature is that the drone will automatically stop its propellers from spinning after a crash.

If your drone had a rough landing, and your propeller(s) can’t stop turning as long as the battery is corked in, the drone will automatically shut down the engine. 


Now that you have read this article you should know exactly how to fix your quadcopter that will not takeoff. You also know the two major issues that cause problems for takeoff as well as how to fix those issues. Once I found out what the issue was with my quadcopter taken off I was able to fix the issue and fly my quadcopter on the same day. 

Flying around my drone for the first time was extremely fun and even though it was a little discouraging at the beginning once I got the hang of it and was able to get off the ground, it was so much more than I had imagined it to be. Hopefully this article was able to help you get your quadcopter off the ground so that way you can fly your drone and have fun like I was able to.