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How To Hang An RC Plane From The Ceiling?

If you have a collection of RC planes then you will probably find the need to hang up an RC plane. Hanging RC planes from the ceiling will take a much smaller amount of space, you can store many RC planes, and it is also much safer for your planes. 

There are many different ways to hang your RC planes from the ceiling. You can use metal coat hangers, command hooks, rope, chains, and even build a special container that they can easily slide in and out of. 

Some of these methods will be better for some situations than others so ultimately you have to find what works best for your RC planes and location when hanging your planes. 

For coat hangers you will need to use the metal ones not the hard plastic hangers. Coat hangers are great because you can fold them easily and they are very strong also. 2 coat hangers for one RC plane will normally work just fine. 

The nice thing about coat hangers is it has a nice little hook so you can easily unhook or rebook it when you are taking your plane down or putting it back up. 

Another method that is really easy and this method can apply can kind of RC planes is you can use command hooks to hold the planes on the ceiling. For a bigger plane, you can use multiple of them and then just use a couple for the smaller planes. 

One downside to command hooks is they tend to wear out and give way over time so if you don’t catch it in time your place could easily end up on the floor. Obviously that isn’t a good option so many people use hooks actually screwed into the beams so as not to take a chance on the plane falling. 

If you prefer to use the rope or chain method you will want to choose a soft and durable rope or a covered chain (like those used for bike locks) to hang your plane. You should be especially careful if your plane is made with foam. 

You should make a round circle with the rope and then connect it to the command hook or normal hook that is screwed into the rafters. 

The last main way to hang planes from the ceiling is to build your own storage solution. Just like there are many ways to hand storage tubs from the ceiling in a garage you can also build something that is specifically designed to slide your planes into. 

Going this route will certainly take more time as you have to build the supports and storage by hand but once it is finished it should last a very long time. 

To see exactly how someone hung their own plane you can check out the video below. To see the most popular RC planes just click here.

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This RC plane is easy to use and comes with 2 rechargable batteries as well as a couple of extra propellers.

Many people think that a decent RC plane will be super expensive but that doesn’t have to be the case.

This model is affordable and is tons of fun to use.

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Can command hooks really hold an RC plane? 

This is a very common question when you talk about using command hooks to hang RC planes from the ceiling. A command hook can hold up to 4 pounds per set. 

Once you know that then the question becomes how much does the RC plane weigh?

The average weight of RC planes is about 2-3 pounds including batteries. If you don’t store your RC planes with batteries attached then the weight will obviously go down. There are many RC planes that are more than 2-3lbs so if yours is larger or heavier you would either need to use additional hooks or not use this method. 

How to use the command hook method?

To apply the command hook to the ceiling first separate the adhesive strips, peel the red printed liner off and apply the strip to the plate on the back of the hook. Then peel off the black printed liner and press the hook firmly against the ceiling for 30 seconds. 

You should wait at least one hour before using the hook for your plane. 

To remove slide the hook gently upwards to reveal the backplate and removal tab. Holding the base with one hand gently pull the removal tab straight down parallel to the ceiling. Stretching the strip until the backplate releases.

Command hooks come off cleanly leaving no surface damage and that’s one of the reasons why many people try to use them. 

Once the hook is attached to the ceiling I would recommend testing it with holding something about your plane’s weight overnight to ensure that it won’t come off. If using multiple hooks you can use a rope and net to hold the items to get to the proper weight.

You can get by without testing it but I would hate for it to fail and damage the RC so that is why testing it for a few hours overnight is a good idea. 

Are coat hangers harmful to RC planes? 

Many people recommend using command hooks to store your RC planes so you might be wondering if coat hangers are harmful? No, that is not an issue. 

There are many methods to store RC planes but the command hook method gives many people better results because of the design of the hook. The hooks design is completely suitable to store the RC plane without any problem and it’s easier too.

Using coat hangers is slightly more difficult than command hooks. Coat hangers are often made with steel while modern RC planes are made with a variety of materials including paper, foam board, depron, balsa wood, coroplast sheets, or composite materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber. 

If you use steel to store foam materials then there is a chance it can harm your RC plane.  If your RC plane is not made with foam then you can use coat hangers without any problem but if your plane is made with foam or paper then coat hangers are not a good option for you. 

Storing RC planes in the cold. Is it harmful?

Many people prefer to store their RC planes in the garage or shed to save space inside their house. However in most areas of the USA (and many other countries) the winter gets quite cold and so do those spaces. 

Does storing Rc planes in the cold hurt them in any way? 

Thankfully none of the materials that are used to make RC planes will get damaged because of the cold. The cold can make some materials a little more bitty owl but if you are storing it in the cold it shouldn’t harm it. 

One caveat to this though is the battery for the RC plane. Batteries should never be stored where it is too hot or too cold so you should always remove the battery from your RC plane before storing it over the winter if your storage gets cold. 

Extreme cold will cause the oils and grease in differentials, shocks and other lubricated points to become thicker but if you aren’t using the RC plane until the spring it should thin out as the weather warms up as well. 

So RC planes can be stored in cold weather without any issues.

What happens if you store RC planes with their batteries?

Often the easiest thing to do is not what is best and storing your RC batteries in the plane is certainly the easiest but you will likely end up damaging the battery and having to replace it prematurely. 

RC planes typically use LiPo batteries and LiPo batteries have some very specific ways that you should store them and even specific battery percentages. LiPo batteries should never be left in an RC plane that you don’t plan on using in the next couple of days so in almost every case you should not store your RC plane with their batteries. 

Maintaining Your batteries

It is hard but true that if you don’t maintain your batteries properly then in all likelihood it will not last as long between charges and before needing to be replaced. That is why maintaining it properly is so incredibly important.

Storing your battery properly  is also a very important part of maintaining it. Every time you store your battery it should be  in a cool and dry place. If you are using LiPo batteries in your vehicle, once the Low-Voltage Detection is activated, your batteries will be nearing their low-voltage threshold and you should immediately land the plane. 

If you plan to reuse your plane immediately or within one or two days then recharging them soon after using them is fine but if you plan to store the batteries for one month or more then you should  use the storage mode of your charger to get the batteries to the proper storage charge. 

Always use a LiPo specified charger when you charge or store your LiPO batteries. Using a specific charger will provide optimal performance and long battery life as well as keep you and your battery safe. 


There are a variety of different ways that you can use to hang your RC plane from the ceiling. All of them will work in some situations so you have to determine which one will be the best for you. 

For most people going the simple route of either command hooks or metal coat hangers will work just fine and they also won’t break the bank.