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How To Know What Scale Your RC Car Is?

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When you go to purchase an RC car you Will probably want to know exactly what scale your car is. This is because different RC cars have different scales. 

If you are purchasing online this is especially important to know exactly how big your RC car will be that you are purchasing. Depending upon the scale of the RC car will change the size of the car. 

The last thing you want to do is think you are purchasing an RC car that can fit in the palm of your hand when you end up with one that weighs almost 40 pounds and is 2 feet long. The scale of the RC car will also be reflected in the price of the car. 

The scale of your RC car is normally in the description or listing title. For instance, a one tenth scale will be 1:10 and a one sixteenth scale will be 1:16. It will also normally be on the box of the RC car if you are purchasing from the store. 

If you are purchasing an RC car from someone on Facebook or craigslist you can normally simply ask them what scale the size of the car is. They will normally know the scale from when they purchased the car originally. 

If you are unsure what scale your RC car is, on the car itself will be a model number that you can look up online to find the exact specifications of the car. Knowing how big your car is is very important if you are entering it into races, as each race has its own RC car scale limits. 

This is to make sure that the race is fair and you are not racing a 1/10 scale RC car against a 1/16 scale car. Obviously if you are racing a car that is considerably bigger than the 1/16 scale you will have a big advantage. 

If you want to find the most popular RC cars currently on the market no matter what scale size they are just click here. 

If you want to know more about RC cars and the different scale sizes, but you do not like to read, you can simply watch this short video. 

HYPER GO H16DR 1:16 Scale Ready to Run 4X4 Fast Remote Control Car, High Speed Big Jump RC Monster Truck, Off Road RC Cars, 4WD All Terrain RTR RC Truck with 2 LiPo Batteries for Boys and Adults

A good RC car doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This 1/16 scale model is 4WD and can reach a top speed of almost 30 MPH!

With speeds like that and 4WD you can take this RC car almost anywhere!

How big is a 1/10 scale RC car?

When you do to purchase an RC car, knowing exactly how big a 1/10 scale RC car is can be very important. Although most of the time it will be written on the box you may not be able to find it. 

Some RC car brands may have it in smaller print. This means you may be looking for an average size of 1/10 scale rc cars to know which one to buy. 

The average size of a 1/10 scale RC car is 17 to 20 inches long and 7 to 14 inches wide. These numbers vary based upon the size of the actual vehicle.

Obviously a monster truck 1/10 scale RC car will be on the larger end of these numbers compared to a regular sports car. Because these are just average numbers every RC car will be different in size and not necessarily these exact numbers. 

What is the biggest RC car scale size?

Because everybody knows that bigger is always better you may want to know what the biggest RC car scale size is. After all, if you were going to spend the money on an RC car why not get the biggest one possible. 

There are many different RC car scale sizes that you can purchase in store as well as online. But the real question is which of these is the biggest. 

The biggest RC car scale size is the 1/5 scale. These RC cars can weigh up to 80 pounds with the biggest being the Raminator Monster Truck. 

There are many other RC cars that you can purchase that are 1/5 scale size that do not weigh anywhere near 80 pounds though. This is good as most people would find it difficult to carry that RC car with them when they went to use it for fun.  

You can even get an RC car buggy that is 4 Wheel Drive and is 1/5 scale that only weighs 20 pounds. If you’re interested in this car you can find it by clicking here

If you really want to purchase the biggest RC car you may want to start to save your money now. This massive monster truck not only is extremely heavy and large in size but it’s price matches it’s size. 

This RC car monster truck will set anyone who wants to purchase it back over $3,000! This massive RC car has a length of 39 inches and stands 2 feet tall! 

If you have the money to spend on this RC car it is definitely one you will want to purchase. It has a large 1200cc fuel tank that will allow you to use this RC car for hours on end without interruption. 

If you want to blow all of your friends out of the water and have the biggest RC car around this is definitely the one for you! When you receive this RC car you will be blown away by its sheer size and strength, as well as it’s crazy power. 

What is the toughest RC truck?

If you’re in the market for an RC truck you probably want to know which one is the toughest and actually going to last you the longest. After all, you do not want to spend your money on an item that is not going to last you or work very well. 

This is where many people find themselves spending hours doing research so they can make sure they get an RC car that fits their specific needs. RC car manufacturers are always saying that their vehicles are the best but the real question is what do the users think. 

The toughest RC truck that is currently available is made by Traxxas, and is built to last no matter how it is used. There’s not just one Traxxas RC truck though that is tough it is every single Traxxas RC car that they produce. If you’re looking to purchase the toughest Traxxas RC car or truck you can find them by clicking here.

Traxxas delivers maximum performance as well as innovative engineering that make sure the RC vehicles are built with high quality products, and made to last. This is one thing that has kept Traxxas one step ahead of other RC car manufacturers. 

Even though many people think that their RC cars are better than Traxxas, no one can top the reliability or build quality that Traxxas puts into its RC cars. 


Now that you know how to find the scale for your RC car you will have to decide which scale you want to purchase to use. While some people prefer the larger 1/10 scale models, other people prefer the 1/16 or smaller. 

Now that you know about the different scale sizes and the largest RC car, you can clearly see why owning one of these giant monster trucks is such an accomplishment. Not only is it a 1/5 scale monster truck but at 80 pounds and over 2 feet tall this RC car is bigger than most dogs. 

If you cannot afford the largest RC car truck though you may want to purchase the toughest RC truck or car to play and bash with. The Traxxas RC vehicles will not disappoint you with their durability or their build quality. 

So go ahead and buy the RC vehicle that makes you happy and get whatever size you want. After all, you only live once and this is a once in a lifetime purchase.