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How To Retrieve An RC Boat With A Tennis Ball

Have you ever wondered about retrieving an RC boat with a tennis ball? Maybe you have just purchased your first RC boat, and wanted to try and retrieve it with a tennis ball. Well, in this article, we will go over everything you need to know about RC boats and if you can retrieve it with a tennis ball or not. 

So how do you retrieve an RC boat with a tennis ball?

If your boat is out of range, and you want to get it back with a tennis ball, all you need to do is attach a tennis ball to a fishing pole. Once you do this you can simply cast the fishing pole out and the line or tennis ball will catch your boat. Once you catch your boat, you simply reel it in. 

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How to retrieve RC boat with a tennis ball

Although you can retrieve the RC boat with the tennis ball, it does not mean that you can recover every single RC boat the same way. You can normally get any boat with the tennis ball on a fishing pole, but not all the time. 

The standard method to retrieve an RC boat with a tennis ball on the fishing pole is to simply cast out and get the string caught on the boat. The common drawback of the method is that you have to be accurate with your cast. This becomes a problem if you do not fish, or when the boat is quite a distance from you. If this is the case, you may need to make dozens of casts to get back the boat. Although you can just continue to cast, some people actually prefer to simply throw the tennis ball that is attached to a fishing line rather than actually casting towards the boat. 

Another method for retrieving the RC boat is to use an electric boat to drive out to the RC boat. These boats are specifically designed to go out and get the RC boat and bring it back to shore. It does this by either hooking the boat, or sometimes it will have pieces similar to arms that will go on either side of the RC boat and guide it back to shore. If you are looking for this, you can watch the following video to learn how to make one. 

This process is interesting for saving the dead boat with the electric boat. The biggest problem with battery boats, is that the battery does not have a good life. It can easily be a long process to get back the dead boat If the electric boat’s battery comes with a shorter life. This is why many people use the tennis ball to retrieve their boat no matter if it is battery or fuel. 

Tips for hooking the boat with the tennis ball

If you like to recover the RC boat with the tennis ball, you should add a hook at the back of the RC boat to clip on the fishing line. You can use a rubber ball or the tennis ball hooked to the fishing line when the stalled boat is only a short distance from the shore. It is normally quite easy to cast the fishing line with the tennis ball to catch the RC boat in several rapid tosses. Once you hook the boat, all you need to do is to simply reel in to pull the dead boat back to you. 

This tennis ball system is tested, and it works well to retrieve the RC boat with the tennis ball. You can use this procedure to retrieve the boat; even if it is stuck on the shore of the lake. In some other cases, it may be harder to retrieve the RC boat with the tennis ball. This could be because the boat is quite a ways away from you in the water, and you have to cast a long way out so you can retrieve the boat. If the boat is dead in the water and the hull is sticking out of the water, you can still retrieve the boat, but it may be tricky. 

Some people like to use a thick fishing line because when you are casting to catch the boat, there is a chance that you will cut the fishing line by the sharp rudders and propellers. Other people like to use a steel leader or fish flying line at the tip to make the line durable enough to not be cut. 

More suggestions for retrieving an RC boat with a tennis ball

  • You should have the proper plan to recover the RC boat. The tennis ball method is secure and reliable.
  • Never swim to retrieve your RC boat. Many people have actually been injured by swimming out to get the boat. This has happened by either rocks, or just the waves crashing into them. The best method is to apply the tennis ball to a fishing line and cast it out to retrieve your RC boat.
  • You can also get back your RC boat from the water by using another boat. This is why some people always keep a second boat with them to rescue theirs. If you do not have another rescue boat, you can easily retrieve the RC boat with the tennis ball. There is no risk of using another boat to retrieve the dead boat if you have it though.

What should you remember for using a rescue boat?

  • Don’t pick a tiny rescue boat that is smaller than the stalled boat. If your rescue boat is smaller, you will want to use a rope or hook to get back the stalled boat.
  • If you love to fish, you can get back your RC boat by simply attaching a tennis ball with the fishing line. You can attach the tennis ball with the fishing line and throw it to the boat, or use a pole to cast it. Once it is attached with the boat or inside the hull all you need to do is reel it in.


Now that you know the quickest and safest method to recover the stalled boat is with the fishing lines attaching to the tennis ball you can wow all of your friends and save their boats the next time you are out. Many people use the tennis ball method to not only save their own boat, but also the boats of other people on the lake, that they may not even know. This is the safest method to retrieve your RC boat, as well as the best way to make sure that there is not any damage to your boat by pushing it with another. 

If you own more than one RC boat, you may use the bigger boat to push the stalled boat back to you, but you will always want to make sure you do not damage either of the boats doing this.