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How To Tell If Your Traxxas Motor Is Bad (Plus 5 Important Tips)

If you have ever owned a Traxxas RC car before then you know that there are many different kinds of RC cars that people claim are better than Traxxas. Although many people make these claims Traxxas is still the number one RC car brand for any RC car enthusiast.

If you own a Traxxas RC car, there have been reports of the motor going bad on them. If you were like me and all the other RC car enthusiasts out there then you will definitely want to know how to tell if your Traxxas motor is bad or not. 

If you are racing your Traxxas RC car and the motor stops working, you will want to open it up and see if the magnet for the engine is still intact. Most of the time due to either heat or a manufacturing defect the magnet in the motor will break into multiple pieces and render the Traxxas RC car useless. If this happens so you may simply contact Traxxas and they will be happy to replace the part for you. 

If you need to replace the motor, but you are not sure how, you can follow this instructional video to learn how to change the motor as it is not that hard. 

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Do Traxxas RC motors always break?

If you own Traxxas RC cars for very long you know how dependable they normally are so for a Traxxas motor to have a defect in it is extremely rare. Although these defects can happen, they do not have them very often and Traxxas is very good about helping out their customers who have defective motors. 

If this is your first time purchasing a Traxxas RC car then you might be skeptical about purchasing a replacement part instead of just returning your entire RC car and getting a different brand. Traxxas takes this into consideration when they replace the part for you and most of the time will replace the part for completely free especially if it is a defect. Traxxas is one of the best companies to deal with when you are replacing a part of their RC cars, or if you need any customer service. 

Traxxas RC cars are one of the best built RC cars today and they are loved by so many people all around the world. This is not simply because they are a large RC car brand, but because they have quality products at fair prices. Although there are cheaper RC cars available they are not made with the same quality that Traxxas RC cars are. Most of the time when you purchase a Traxxas RC car you will never have any issues with the motor or any parts breaking that are used properly. This is because the RC cars are built with quality products and are made to last. 

How do you test a brushed motor?

If you want to track this RC car that has a brushed motor and it is not working properly you may want to test your motor to find out if it is working or not. The easiest way to do that is to apply direct voltage to the +/- motor terminals.

You will need to unplug the red and black motor leads from the speed control and touch them directly to a battery’s red and black wires. This direct voltage will rotate the motor at a high rpm if it is working properly. 

You may also examine the motor itself and if you see any black marks on the coil on the inside of the motor the new know that it is burned up and no longer useful. 

How do you test a brushless motor?

Because most Traxxas RC cars have a brushless motor now, you will need to know how to test one of these motors if you think your motor is bad. Because a brushless motor is different from a brushed motor you will need to test it in a different way. 

The first way to test brushless motors is to simply spin the motor and make sure there are no sounds coming from the motor itself. 

The second way is to use another brushless motor and connect the wires from one to another and to spin the second brushless motor. When the second brushless motor is attached to your original first one and you spin the motor your first motor should spin as well. 

You can use either one of these methods to test the brushless motor to see if it is working properly or not. 

Will Traxxas replace my motor for free?

If your Traxxas RC car motor goes bad due to a defect, Traxxas will normally replace the motor for free for you. If you are within the warranty period for your Traxxas RC car, it will also be replaced for free no matter if it is a defect or not. 

Traxxas also has a lifetime electronic warranty where you may simply call a repair service and they will be able to give you an exact rate of how much it will cost for your RC car part and then they only charge five dollar shipping and handling on top of that. Traxxas does this as they do not want to make money off of these individual parts but simply want to give you the best user experience for their products. 

If your Traxxas RC car is not in warranty and you need to replace the motor on your RC car, you can find a new Traxxas motor for your car at a good price by clicking here. 

What do I do if my Traxxas motor is just extremely dirty?

If your Traxxas RC car motor is extremely dirty you will want to clean it. The problem is many people are not sure what they can use on their motor to clean it without damaging it. No one wants to damage their motor on their Traxxas RC car as they are one of the most expensive components of the car. 

The best Way to clean out your motor on your Traxxas RC car that is dirty is to simply connect an air sprayer to an air compressor and use the compressed air to clean out any dust or debris that is in your motor. You can also use the cans of compressed air but make sure you do not hold the cans upside down as this will freeze the motor and damage it. 

Once you have the body off of the Traxxas RC car so you can clean the motor you will probably realize that the rest of your car is extremely dirty as well and you can use the same air sprayer to clean any debris and dust off of your car. 


Now that you know how to tell if your Traxxas motor is bad or not working you can easily test your Traxxas RC car to make sure that your motor is working properly. This is something that you should test often especially if you are planning on going to an important race as you do not want to get to the race only for your motor to stop working. 

Keeping your car clean is also important as dust and debris in your motor can cause damage to the motor as well as make it not last as long. If you do happen to have a Traxxas RC car though that has a bad motor you can always contact Traxxas and have them replace your RC car motor if it is a defect or if you are under the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Traxxas wants to keep you as a customer and they stand behind their products as they are quality products made with quality parts.