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How To Waterproof An RC Boat Hull (4 Easy Steps)

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Many people enjoy RC boat racing, but there are a few things you need to apply to waterproof the RC boat hull. If you are new to this and you noticed that your boat hull is leaking water, then this article is perfect for you. We will answer all of your questions and go over everything you need to know about waterproofing your boat hull. 

In order to waterproof your RC boat hull, you will want to seal the electronics with tape, use an antenna tube to keep your antenna upright on the boat, and lastly you will want to use a polyester resin and apply it to your entire boat hull. Doing this will keep the water out and your RC boat waterproof for many races to come! 

Noone wants an RC boat to get out on the water and immediately begin to take on water. Following the steps above and reading the rest of this article will help you make sure your RC boats stay dry for all of you races, and anytime your boat is out on the water. 

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Steps to waterproof your RC boat. 

After buying the RC boat, you should prepare the boats with electronics, drive system, battery, and hull so that you won’t face any problem running the boat on the water surface. Thus, it is mandatory to waterproof the RC boat hull. 

  • Fix the electronics settings

The RC boat’s electronics need to be installed, before placing it into the water. After the installation of the electronic parts, you need only a few tips to protect the electronics. Periodically, the ESC, switch, or receivers which are added may come off of the inside of the hull, because the stock servo tape can’t hold while shipping. In this case, you should re-adhere to the receiver and ESC inside of the hull to keep protection from getting bounced around the hull. 

If you can’t protect the hull, you won’t make it waterproof. The Parma’s Pro Servo Tape is perfect for holding the shipping. I recommend using the Parma’s Pro Servo Tape, as it nicely holds the shipping.

Make sure the electronic parts are secured enough and follow some steps to keep them protected inside the hull. Now, the manufacturers use the highly water-resistant ESCs and receivers in the boat. You can make it safer by sealing off the electronics to have a longer time of safety by making the RC boat hull waterproof.

In such a case, you can use Pro tapes to seal inside the radio boxes. Also, you can apply this pro tape to seal the joints between the canopy and hull to keep your RC boat super sealed off to the water.

  • Protect the drive system

The motor transfers power to the propeller via drive or a flex shaft. The drive shaft includes several sorts of tubes that can make an exit to the hull and attach to the propeller mount. Also, the drive shaft is the source of friction. You can take this tube with you as a backup inside the hull.

Before you drive the boat, you need to follow the user manual guidelines for removing the flex or driveshaft and tube of the driveshaft and grease them all. You can do this with several types of marine grease.

The pro boat offers super marine grease solutions for helping to take care of the driveshaft and ensure a fantastic waterproofing feature. The marine grease offers a superb seat between the driver shaft tube and the driver shaft itself inside the hull. 

  • Make the RC boat hull waterproof by protecting the radio system:

The water includes some unique efforts on the RF signals revived by the RC transmitter. If you correctly set up the radio system, you can see the massive difference in your boat performance. Try to use a 75Mhz, 27Mhz, or 2.4GHz system and make sure you use an antenna tube to keep your antenna as high as possible. 

The higher antenna signals can send stable signals to the receiver. If you use two antennas like Futaba’s FAAST or Spektrum’s marine receivers and secondary antenna. You will need to make sure the secondary antenna is vertical to the primary antenna inside the hull. When you plan to do it, you need to mount the second antenna in the hull overhead the waterline. Always try to use freshwater in RC boat racing.

  • Mix polyester resin to make your RC boats’ hull waterproof:

Undoubtedly, the polyester resin is a significant sealer and includes extra strength to the overall structure. Without the polyester resin sealings, the boats lead to disassemble during crashing on or after passing several days on the water surface. This is why you need to apply the polyester resin to the RC boat’s hull to make it durable enough and waterproof.

Mix the polyester resin with two catalyst drops in a can and then pour it inside the boat and cover and the all hull surfaces and joints from it. By following this step, your RC boat’s hull becomes waterproof. The water can’t damper the enjoyment of your RC racing when the hull is waterproof.

Here are a few more things to remember and do to make your RC boat hull waterproof:

If you are an RC boat enthusiast, you must know how to waterproof your RCboat hull. In this case, you can follow some more recommendations above to waterproof the RC hull. If you follow the steps given above, you will have a fully waterproof RC boat hull in no time.

If you like to build your RC boat on your own, you will need to make sure you have taken the right plan for making the RC boat’s hull waterproof. You will need to use the perfect materials and components to make the RC boat hull waterproof. You will also need to take the proper measurements and dimensions of the hardware for making a perfect waterproof boat hull.

Never forget to properly settle down the hull bottom and hull sides to make them water-resistant. Make sure that you don’t forget to add polyester resin to spread over the surfaces and the joints of the hull, as the polyester resin makes your RC boat strong and waterproof. Lastly, you will need to make sure that you close the hull setting correctly and seal the holes permanently to make the hull water-tight.


If you follow the above information, while making the RC boat hull, your boats will remain waterproof in the racing.Everyone likes to enjoy the RC boat racing with fun, and excitement, but no one likes downtime. 

If you like to have fun in RC boat racing, you must waterproof the RC boat hull. Also, you need to care for the electronic, drive setting, and radio system inside the hull so that they won’t create any problem while running the RC boat into the water surface. If you make the electronics water-resistant by wrapping with tape, you do not need to worry about making the boat’s hull waterproof.

Also, you need to waterproof the drive and radio system to enhance the working efficiency of the hull power while racing. Don’t forget to add polyester resin to cover the hull surface for extra strength and additional waterproofing.