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Is DJI Mini 2 Waterproof Or Water Resistant? (Can You Fly It In The Rain?)

Flying a drone is a fun experience. You can take pictures from high in the sky and discover new perspectives. Drones are similar to flying robots with an attached camera to take pictures. 

Some of these drone aircraft are waterproof. If this is the case, is the small Mini 2 a waterproof drone?

The DJI Mini 2 is not a waterproof drone. It is not made to be flown in rain or land in or on water.

This is a major weakness for a consumer drone as they aren’t designed to handle any inclement weather like a professional or commercial drone will be.

The company DJI (the manufacturer of the Mini 2) does not recommend flying the drone in the rain or in extreme conditions. This is because you can easily get condensation inside of the drone’s motor and cause the internal electronics to get damaged.

However, they do sell wet suits for it if you do end up getting rained on during a flight your drone will be a bit resistant to rainwater.

If you get your drone wet and it stops functioning your warranty will become void so you can no longer get it fixed by DJI under warranty either.

Out of all the drones made by DJI, the Mini 2 seems like it could possibly fly in the rain since it has little to no opening for the water to get in. If water enters the aircraft it will short circuit and ruin it so it is best to avoid flying the Mini 2 in the rain.

You shouldn’t fly the Mini 2 in the rain because it is lightweight and could have trouble flying in bad weather. This drone also could not handle the strong winds accompanied by rain. 

Sometimes a storm may sneak up on you or the drone may land in some water. Since the Mini 2 is not waterproof, DJI thought ahead and sells a wetsuit for the drone. With this covering, you can protect the drone from damage if it is accidentally flown in some rainy weather.

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Can The DJI Mini Get Wet?

You were so excited about the new drone that you charged it up and took it outdoors for its first flight. While flying it and exploring its uses, you noticed some clouds in the distance. 

As time went by the dark clouds billowed above your head and then came sprinkles of water from them. It started raining as you desperately tried to fly your drone back to safety. 

Can the Mavic Mini drone get wet?

Mavic Mini drones designed by DJI are not meant to get wet. Although many people have flown their MIni’s in the rain and claim that it didn’t hurt them, it still is not recommended.

The Mavic Mini is not meant to get wet and you should be careful when flying it in rainy conditions. If water gets inside your drone you will have a problem and possibly ruin the device. It is best not to ruin your expensive drone and not fly out in bad weather. 

If you want a protective covering for the drone just in case it may get wet, buy the Mavic Mini wetsuit which costs around $85 to $110. This water-resistant covering will protect your drone from any damage that could be caused by water. 

You can purchase this handy wetsuit here

When the weather looks cloudy like it may rain, consider flying the device on a different day. 

Say, the Mavic Mini does end up getting wet. Well, there are some steps you can take to help dry out the drone. If a drone gets wet it could short circuit or one of its electrical speed controllers could blow a fuse. 

If your Mavic Mini does get wet, shut the power off and remove the batteries. Rinse it with distilled water and place it in a tub of raw rice. 

Wait until it is dry and try to turn it back on again. If there are any short circuits or it won’t turn on, call the manufacturer to see what can be done.

Will DJI Repair Water Damage? 

We know that it isn’t recommended to fly a drone in any rain, snow, or bad weather. Strong winds may carry it far away and the water may get into it and one of its electrical speed controllers could blow a fuse.

But what if your drone does get damaged by water? Will DJI repair it? 

DJI will repair drones that are water damaged if you have purchased the DJI extended warranty. Under their DJI Care Refresh, they can fix/replace your drone that has been ruined by water as well as in collisions however there is a charge to replace it. 

The DJI Care Refresh Plan costs between $49 and $319 depending on which DJI drone you are insuring and which plan you get.  You can purchase 1 or 2-year plans (obviously the longer it is the more expensive) but it must be purchased within 48 hours of activating your drone. 

You also do have to pay a fee for each drone replacement on top of the original fee for the DJI Care Refresh. 

If your Mavic Mini 2 drone accidentally came crashing down into the water or got caught in the pouring rain, don’t worry! Give DJI a call and they will be able to help you out and have it repaired. 

They have this because accidents happen especially when flying a drone. For more info about the DJI Care Refresh click here. 

Can You Fix A Drone That Fell In Water? 

You were out flying your drone, enjoying the beautiful weather when you accidentally hit a tree and there it went plummeting down from the sky. You watched as it fell into the lake. 

Worried, you retrieve the device and quickly return home wondering if you now have to buy a new one. The good news is that there are some tips you can try to dry out the drone so it may be usable once again.

If your drone has landed in some water, follow these simple steps to hopefully bring your drone back into working conditions again.

First of all, you will want to turn off all the power of the device and remove the batteries.  After the power is shut off, decide if it landed in salt water. If so, rinse the drone with distilled water. 

Then you will want to place it in a tub of either raw rice or silica beans for several days and hope for the best. Once the drone is dry, carefully check the power and if there are any short circuits or if it isn’t turning on, call the manufacturer to see what they can do to repair it.

The reason you flush the drone after it has landed in salt water is that it doesn’t mix well with metal and may cause corrosion. You should leave the drone to dry for a few days to make sure all the water is absorbed out of the device. 

If you act fast you have a good chance of saving the drone. If the water has damaged the drone it will probably be noticeable immediately when you try to turn it back on. 

So, if it still doesn’t work, contact the manufacturer to see if they can help you further.

Can You Fly DJI Mini 2 In The Rain?

So I have already covered that the DJI Mini 2 is not waterproof. But despite that can you still fly it in the rain?

Although you “can” fly a DJI Mini 2 in the rain you shouldn’t. By flying it in the rain you risk damaging the internal electronics and motor and in turn, can completely ruin your drone.

There is a pretty big difference between being able to do something and it being a good idea. So although you can fly your DJI Mini 2 in the rain it is not a good idea.

Matter of fact if it is snowing, foggy, misting, etc. it is a good idea not to fly your drone as the moisture in the air could damage your drone’s components. If in doubt it is better to keep your drone on the ground than to risk damaging or destroying it.

What Happens If A Drone Gets Wet?

If you live in a part of the country that gets fast-moving thunderstorms in the summer you have likely been caught in one before. Certainly getting caught in the rain is no fun but what if that happens when you are flying your drone?

What happens if your drone gets wet?

If your drone gets wet it can severely damage the fragile electronics that are inside. If you accidentally fly your drone in the rain you will want to get it inside, dry it off, remove the battery, and let it dry off completely.

The most important thing to do when a drone gets wet is to keep the water from damaging the electronics. This is best done by shutting the power off, removing the battery, and then letting it dry out entirely.

Ideally, you will want to give it a day or two to dry before you try and start your drone back up again (so it is dried completely). Then put the battery back in and turn it back on.

If the water is dried completely and none of the internal electronics corroded then your drone should still work fine. If any corrosion of the electronics took place then you might have to clean up that corrosion before your drone will work and fly properly again.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, remember that you can fly your drone over water but be sure it doesn’t fall in. Be aware of the weather when flying your drone so it doesn’t get caught in the rain. 

If you own a DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone and are curious if it is waterproof, the answer is no, it is not. But by purchasing a wetsuit for it you can make sure it is protected with a water-resistant cover just in case it happens to end up in water somehow. 

Enjoy flying your drone and viewing the world from new heights.