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Is Losi A Good RC Brand?

Losi is one of the biggest RC car companies anywhere in the world. Committed to designing, engineering and building the most innovative, advanced and capable radio control vehicles for enthusiasts across the globe, Losi is certainly a popular brand. 

Their goal is not just making great performing RC vehicles but also they make vehicles that are manufactured using the highest quality materials and workmanship to allow them to last a long time as well. 

In October 2019, Losi became the first RC manufacturer to complete a lap on the Mint400 race course with the 5IVE-T 2.0, it was the ultimate endurance test and was 40 years of innovation in the making.

Whether Losi is a good brand or not is easy to see when you look at the quality of their vehicles as well as how long they have been around. Losi is a GREAT brand and most anyone would be happy to purchase an RC car from them. 

Whether Losi or another RC manufacturer is the “best” is a constant debate in the Rc world but there is no debating the fact that they are a good brand that makes good RC cars. If you have a deep connection or you love to play with RC cars then you will love it if you buy a Losi car. 

Losi makes monster trucks, rock crawlers, rock racers, short course buggies, buggies, desert trucks, short course trucks, and truggies but Losi is most popular for their buggies, desert trucks, and short course trucks.

Top Losi RC vehicles

There are a lot of well-known Losi cars and other vehicles available from the company but there is always something that gets the mark of being the “best”from a brand.. Losi also has some RC vehicles that people like so much that they are considered the “best” of their line. 

There are a few things to consider when looking for the best RC models.

  • Build quality and materials
  • Battery life and charging time
  • Control range
  • Reliability

I will mention 3 Losi models that have these qualities and more and are generally considered to be the best Losi models currently available. 

8IGHT Off-Road Racing Car

This off road car made by Losi is manufactured using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Let’s see the features of the 8IGHT.

  • The 8IGHT features an 1800KV brushless motor that provides super speeds and competition-grade accelerations.
  • It comes with a 4S battery pack and a built-in cooling fan provides additional cooling for the vehicle and its parts.
  • Using AVC you’ll be able to make the most of the 8IGHT-E brushless power system and impressive 4WD capabilities.
  • All the electronics of the 8IGHT RC car are waterproof. It’s awesome and you can drive your car without worry about bad weather or splashing a few puddles (although you shouldn’t submerge it). 

You can learn more about this model as well as see what it is currently selling for by clicking here.

DBXL-E Losi RC car

The original DBXL-E is one of the best selling RC cars because of its durability and top speed. The DBXL-E set the world on fire as the go-to vehicle for large scale bashers and enthusiasts alike.

  • The DBXL-E 2.0 comes with a 4 pole 780KV Brushless motor. The Brushless motor provides power with the use of an 8S LiPO battery.
  • The ESC is waterproof and completely programmable.
  • The ESC will work with most sensorless brushless motors and is Li-Po and Ni-MH compatible.

You can learn more about this model as well as read some reviews about it on Amazon here.

3XL-E Monster Truck

This off-road monster truck is very well known for its extreme durability and power as well. Let’s see the configurations and some of its features.

  • A 4 pole 2200KV Dynamite Fuze Brushless Motor is used to run this RC model and an integrated cooler is used to mitigate this giant’s heat.
  • The ESC is waterproof along with Servo and receiver.
  • The 150A ESC and Fuze 1/8 Brushless 2200Kv Motor run on 4S or 6S power, providing speeds of up to 50+ MPH! 

You can check out some recent reviews for this model by clicking here

Which Brand is better? Traxxas VS Losi

Maybe you are thinking Traxxas is a giant company and Losi is no comparison with Traxxas. Yes, it’s true, Traxxas is a giant company in the RC industry but Losi is also doing quite good. All of their RC models are very durable, speedy and built with quality materials. 

Traxxas Tends To Be The Better Choice For Bashing: When it comes to backyard bashing, Traxxas is a better choice. It is well known for its 1/10 trucks and also one of the first manufacturers in the RC industry.

Traxxas has so many best-selling cars and Stampede is one of those. When it comes to RC trucks then people’s top choice is typically a Traxxas model. This is often because people think Losi is still not on the same level.

Losi is good for racing: As already mentioned there are some Losi RC car models that have amazing features and honestly all of them are really good. 

People often choose Losi when it comes to racing RC cars. There a lot of reasons for this but the most important one is Losi uses powerful motors on their vehicles and they also integrate the cooling system in a large number of their latest models.

Losi normally uses Brushless motors and Brushless motors offer significantly more performance plus they tend to last much longer than their brushed counterparts. 

Also, Losi is the first manufacturer that started making mini RC cars.

Traxxas is Beginner friendly: Traxxas manufactures some of the best entry-level cars and its one of the major reasons Traxxas is popular then Losi. On the other hand, Losi is excellent value for the money. 

Honestly there really isn’t a “best” RC car manufacturer just like there isn’t a single normal car manufacturer that everyone would say is the best. Some people prefer Traxxas while other prefer Losi and that’s ok. 

Both are great RC car manufacturers. 

History of Team Losi

Losi started in 1980 in Southern California and it actually started off by making parts for other RC cars. Losi was one of the first companies to mass-produce RC vehicles. 

Team Losi got its start by making spur gears, pinions, and nerf bars for other brands like Tamiya. Many of these parts were handmade when the company was first founded. 

Losi also makes parts for Yokomo and Team Associated RC car kits. RC10 and RC10L were designed in part by the Losi team. RC10 and RC10L were first Team Associated kits.

Losi was successful until their manufacturer left them in the dust. After some time from this event, Team Losi came with its own RC cars in 1988. Their first RC model was the JRX2. At that time the demand for RC cars was very high and Losi got a good number of sales which then caused them to start to release more models. Soon they release the XX and the XXX models.

The XXX-SCT evolved from the original XXX buggy and is one of Losi’s most popular RC trucks today. Losi was a major player in the RC industry and they continued producing the JRX2, XX, and XXX well into the late 1990s.

In 2002 Losi made its permanent home in Ontario, California. Losi released their own off-road racing car 8IGHT buggy in 2006 and joined the 1/8 scale off-road racing competition. This car led them to win many major championships all over the world.


Is Losi a good RC brand? If you don’t get the answer from this entire article then let me make sure you get it here.

Yes, Losi is a good RC brand. 

Of course, a brand can’t fulfill all the demands of customers because everything has pros and cons. As I mentioned earlier Losi provides the best quality parts but that also means their vehicles are often not super affordable for the masses. 

Another thing to remember about Losi is their RC car model’s motors are more powerful and durable when compared to Traxxas. Experts say if you are looking for a powerful racing car then go for Losi. Losi has problems too but in general they are certainly a good brand to buy from.