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Is The Traxxas E Revo 2.0 Worth It?

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Have you been looking for a new rc car to try out but you are not sure which one you should go with? Maybe you heard about the Traxxas E Revo 2.0 but you were not sure if it was worth all the hype it has received. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about it, and if it is worth buying. 

So is the Traxxas E Revo 2.0 worth it?

Although there are some people that do no like Traxxas in general, the E Revo 2.0 is an amazing car that everyone loves! If you can own one of these, it is totally worth it! 

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If you want to know more about the Traxxas E Revo 2.0 you will want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video to watch the unboxing of this beautiful machine! 

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Traxxas Revo

Before, the Traxxas Revo was a nitro-powered monster truck that set new standards for faster performance. Later, the brushless was taking over others, and the E-Revo was introduced. The performance and the electronic form of Revo were extreme, faster, and jump even higher. When the Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 was announced, it created a massive buzz over the bashing community.

After the announcement of Traxxas e Revo 2.0, many questions also arose. Many people wanted to know how it was different, how much better it was, and if it was worth the extra money. 

Features of the Traxxas E Revo 2.0

  • Model Specifications

RTR or Kit: RTR

 Age: 14 plus people

 2wd or 4wd 

 Shaft or Belt: Shaft is used

 Electric or Gas: Electric not gas-powered

 Waterproof: Yes, it is waterproof.

 Scale: 1/10 (it is big for a 1/10th scale)

 Length: 23.05 inches

 Width: 18.32 inches

 Wheelbase: 14.94 inches

 Weight: 11.2lb or 5kgs.

 Motor: Brushless, no-sensored and 2200kV

 Speed Controller: You can control with Velineon VXL-6s brushless

 Low Voltage: Yes

 Radio: Traxxas TQi and 2.4GHz

 Differential: Sealed and 4 gear

 Driveshafts: Huge metal CVD designed shafts at the part of the wheel.

 Shocks: Aluminum bodies & oil filled

 Servo Saver: On steering rack

 Screws: Metric & hex

 Spur/Pinion Pitch: Mod 1

 Bearings: Yes, it has the best ones.

 Tires: Traxxas Talon EXT tires

 Battery: It would be best if you bought a better one separately.

 Part Number: #86086-4

 Warranty: 30 days on electronics parts.

  • Bashing Specifications

Front-wheel travel: 3.2 inches

 Rear-wheel travel: 3.2 inches

 Stability Control: Yes, 

 Sound Module: Not present

 Self-Righting: Yes, it is present

 FPV: No

 Top speed (calculated by BSRC, stock gearing, 6S LiPo): 70 mph

 Runtime (calculated by BSRC on 6S 5000 LiPo): 18 mins

 Price: around $600

Competition of the Traxxas E Revo 2.0

  • Primary Competitor

Like the other  monster trucks such as ARRMA Kraton  and Tekno MT410, the Traxxas e Revo 2.0 holds a significant position in the competitive level.

  • Parts:

Like the other renowned models, it includes 4 AA batteries for the transmitter, the pair of Lipo batteries for the truck, and a battery charger.

  • Building quality:

If we go through the quality of the Traxxas E-Revo 2.0, we don’t find any issues. The wheels are tight, and the shocks are made good, and have no leaks. 

  • Test drivers:

Like the other models, Robbie A-Is-For-Airtime, Iron Mikeee, Sam The Noob and T-Mohr are used as test drivers. These drivers know how to race and drive these cars like they stole them. They put them through rigorous testing to make sure that they work and that every single part of them will hold up to wear and tear. 

  • Test venue:

The company uses three local parks for testing. All of the parks provide plenty of pavement, grass, mud, and the sand to drive on. They needed a wide open area to do all of the testing in, and they were able to use these parks which cannot be disclosed. 

  • Set up notes:

The company placed 4 Interstate AA batteries into the TQi and preferred a pair of Traxxas 3S 5000mAh LiPo batteries to power the-Revo 2.0 truck. Yes, the charging can be taken care of by a Traxxas EZ peak live. This is very convenient for a lot of people. 

  • Radio:

The TQi worked great in testing. The users never experience any glitch, and the speed range was higher than the standard driving car. This machine topped out over 70MPH.

  • The Driving:

The new Revo 2.0 can beat a lot of old units. The 2.0 is set up for smooth surfaces and has an outstanding job of finding the traction where nothing seems to be available. It has traction roll when it has the gripping option available (pavement, higher grips dirt).

Another item that people like is the steering. The 2.0 has multiple steering options, which are a great thing to have on a truck. Sure, on higher grip surfaces, you can keep the corners speeds down to prevent rolling over, but if you don’t have to, why would you?

The jumping option is much better in the Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 than its competitors. Because of its center diff, it can jump more like a non-center diffed truck. This is why it is susceptible to trigger input. Also, it loves to pull off tricks while airborne. If you need the crazy power and speed, the Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 is the top of your list. Also, it is a ton of fun. You can run your car so fast,  and even race your friends in a real car!

Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 Trucks, Parts, and Batteries

  • The Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 is a monster truck for both beginners and experts. The E-Revo 2.0 is fully assembled and ready to hit the pavement or off-road terrain. The creation is fantastic and loved by so many people!
  • Each Traxxas E-Revo comes with a TQ 2.4GHz radio system to assist with all of the navigation. You can have all of the Traxxas stability management systems so that you can control the vehicle even on the slippery surfaces. This means that you never have to lose speed when you are racing.
  • The electronics are waterproof. This means, you can drive in any weather condition and brave the muddiest terrains. You can control the Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 from your android also. After connecting with the android and other smart devices, you can control the speed, battery voltage, RPM, ESC temp like a real truck.


Now that you know all of the information about the vehicle, it is pretty easy to see why so many people love it and say that it is worth it! The Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 is easily worth the money because of the outstanding features and users’ facilities. If you check the online reviews about the Traxxas E-Revo 2.0, you can see the users’ satisfaction with the product.

Undoubtedly, it is the best monster truck of the Traxxas brand with the highest speed that they have ever made. There is just something about unboxing this beast and being able to pull it up at a red light and beat any car off the line! Once you purchase this, you will immediately fall in love, and never regret your decision.