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Is The Traxxas Link Worth It?

The Traxxas Link Wireless Module is just the thing you need to open your TQi radio system up to its full potential. It is included in select Traxxas cars and with the Traxxas Link App, the Wireless Module can connect the TQi transmitter to your mobile device.

It comes with powerful tuning tools, an inclinometer, LED lighting controls, and real-time telemetry data, which use Traxxas Link’s intuitive high-definition graphical interface. 

The Traxxas Link and TQi come with top-notch capability and power that resembles the kind of performance and speed you can always expect from a Traxxas vehicle and hence, lets you have a whole new level of fun. With all the features and excellent connectivity that the Traxxas Link offers, it is safe to say that it is worth it for most people. 

However, just because it is worth it to some people doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone. For example many people have purchase an aftermarket one (found here)  to attach to their Traxxas vehicle only to realize that many of the features don’t work because their Traxxas model doesn’t have enough sensors built in to function properly. 

Whether the Traxxas Link is worth spending the money on is really a personal choice but ultimately since it is so cheap the possible pros greatly outweigh any cons. Worst case scenario, if you buy an aftermarket one then you simply return it if you don’t like it. 

For most Traxxas users however they will be able to get more data while driving and also make adjustments to the steering or throttle easily which is worth the small price to most hobbyists. If nothing else having the ability to use training mode is worth the cost since you can let virtually anyone use your RC car with that mode enabled. 

In the rest of this article we will go into more detail about the Traxxas Link, what it does, how to install it, and more. 

You can also check out the video below for a complete review of the Traxxas Link. 

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What does the Traxxas Link do?

When deciding whether the Traxxas Link is worth adding to your RC car or not the first thing that is important to know is exactly what it does. Afterall, if you don’t know what it does then how can you decide if it’s worth it to you? 

The Traxxas Link is an app as well as a wireless device that can be added to your Traxxas RC car that shows you all kinds of data about your RC car while it’s running. It also allows you to adjust the steering, brakes, power, and more right from within the app and even while your RC car is moving!

Quite simply, the Traxxas Link allows you to take control of your RC car like never before so you can customize the controls and responses to your liking which in turn will allow you to have the best possible experience while using your RC car. 

If you are into customization for your Traxxas car then adding the Link wireless device and using the app will allow you the customizations that you want as well as all the data you would ever need right at your fingertips. 

How do you install the Traxxas Link wireless module?

When people first get the Link module the first thing that they often want to know is how to install it. Thankfully Traxxas has made it really easy. 

All you have to do to install the module is simply cut the sticker on the TQI transmitter, remove the screw on the “door”, put the wireless module in, and then screw it in place. You then just have to download the Traxxas Link app and pair it with the module and it is ready to use! 

Honestly it is a super simple process and doesn’t involve any wiring or technical know how at all. Removing a simple screw on the transmitter and cutting a sticker is really the hardest part of installing the module. 

How do you use the Traxxas Link App? 

Once you’ve installed the module into your transmitter you then have to download the Link app and then pair it with the module you have just installed. 

To pair the app with your transmitter all you have to do is turn on the transmitter and the Bluetooth on your mobile device then go into the garage button in the app. Once inside that click on the wireless module button. You will then push the button to the wireless module on your controller before pushing the button to search for modules. 

Now that your app and wireless module are paired… how do you use the app? 

The Link app can be used a variety of different ways depending on what you want to do with it. You can use it to just see the data about your model by clicking on the dashboard section, you can put it into training mode (half the speed and power as normal) by pushing that button,or you can go into the drive effect section and adjust the steering, throttle, braking, and TSM assistance. 

The app is incredibly useful for adjusting a variety of different things about your Traxxas model and even works great just to have your speed, acceleration, incline and more at your fingertips all of the time. 

However, the Traxxas Link doesn’t work with all models so if you can get yours to work it’s worthwhile to contact Traxxas and ask if it’s an issue with what you are doing or just an issue with the model not being compatible. 

Quick features of the Traxxas Link wireless module

  • It is compatible with Android 4.4 and up or Apple iOS 4.3 and later software.
  • You can use it with the powerful Traxxas Link app which you can easily download from the Google Play and the App Store
  • View real-time telemetry with optional sensors
  • Bluetooth low energy warning
  • Easy device pairing
  • It is powered by TQi transmitter
  • It is integrated into the body of the transmitter
  • It is very easy and quick to install. You only need a few seconds to install and a few minutes to connect it to the app.

Device requirements for the Traxxas Link App

The Traxxas Link App can be used with Android 4.4 phones and above. It can also be used with iOS 4.3 and later. 

The Traxxas Link works fine with Android devices, 5th generation, and later versions of the iPod touch, iPad mini, 3rd generation, and later versions of the iPad and 4S and later versions of the iPhone. To function fully and properly, the Traxxas Link app needs a Traxxas TQi transmitter with a Traxxas Link Wireless Module (found here) installed and a TQi receiver put in the model as well. 

Also, Traxxas telemetry sensors will need to be installed on your vehicle to enable full telemetry functions of the app and module. 

The Traxxas Link inclinometer feature

The new inclinometer feature is designed with the Rock Crawler and the TRX-4 models in mind. This feature ensures that you get real-time information as you drive your RC vehicle. 

One gauge displays the forward gradient while there’s another gauge included that displays the side angle. A digital readout in degrees delivers exact data to help you understand the tip-over point of your vehicle. Plus, you can now set the warning threshold to give you an alert when your vehicle comes close to its maximum angle and is in danger of tipping.

The alarm will help to make sure that your RC vehicle is safe from any danger. If the vehicle goes beyond 90 degrees, the gauges immediately turn red to let you know that there’s a problem. The inclinometer feature operates with most Traxxas vehicles that are equipped with a TQi transmitter, a #6533 receiver, and a #6511 Wireless Module.


The days of clunky controls and blocky monochrome graphics are now over. The radio systems of old offered that, but it’s no longer the case. This app and wireless module gives you total control over the tuning and operation of your Traxxas radio controlled vehicle with an innovative, spontaneous high-definition graphical interface to go with it.