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Is The Traxxas Summit Discontinued?

The Traxxas Summit is a strong, ground-based, 4WD RC crawling monster truck that offers top notch performance and power. Now, RC vehicles are many times listed as discontinued for various reasons which include getting dropped from the manufacturer’s lineup as well as revisions to the radio or ESC. 

There has been much speculation about whether the Traxxas Summit has been discontinued or will be discontinued in the future so hopefully we can clear up some of those things in this article. 

As of now the Traxxas Summit has not yet been discontinued. It is available for purchase through a variety of hobby shops as well as online retailers including Amazon. Whether Traxxas will choose to discontinue the Summit or not in the future is certainly anyone’s guess but as for now you can still purchase them! 

Many people love the Traxxas Summit because of its ability to take on tough terrain as well as give you high performance in the process. The Traxxas Summit has a couple of different scale sizes available and the different models and their reviews can be found on Amazon by clicking here

Before reading all the specifics for the Summit you will probably want to see it in action! Check out this video below to see some it in action and some of the awesome features that it comes with! 

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About Traxxas Summit

The Traxxas Summit is an RC vehicle that is designed to go anywhere and do just about anything that you would expect from an RC vehicle. This truck is loaded with durability, innovation, and great performance and is designed to expertly handle any kind of terrain. Its transmitter offers good control for the remote locking differentials as well as the high-low transmission. 

What’s more, it comes with huge tires that can get a good grip anywhere, and its ultra suspension ensures that the tires are well planted every time. Also, the monster crawling torque and power the Titan 775 gives and the electronic speed control of the EVX-2 make sure the Summit can, very easily, go over obstacles. 

Power System 

Titan 775 and EVX-2 electronic speed control

The huge Titan 775 motor of the Traxxas Summit comes with a fan-cooled armature to support nonstop off-road racing as well as an additional steel wrap around the can for top magnetic field strength, meaning more torque to handle any trail and climb anywhere. The Traxxas EVX-2 electronic speed control is a heavy-duty powerhouse that has the capacity to handle up to 16.8 volts for super-high torque to conquer any trail.

The Traxxas’ exclusive patented Training Mode makes it easy for everyone, even beginners, to use this truck. Simply pressing a button can help you reduce full-throttle power to 50%, and this works great for new racers or for letting your kids use it without giving them too much power. With training mode, you could even hand the transmitter over to a friend who is very new to racing and RCs and not have to worry about them destroying your car. 

Radio System 

TQi 2.4GHz 4-channel radio system

The Traxxas TQi radio system comes with a full range of tuning features; 2.4GHz signal, high-output, long-range, and tested dependability. An optional Traxxas Link wireless module (found here) can be included in the TQi to turn your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android into a tuning tool for this Traxxas truck.

Chassis and Driveline 

Futuristic chassis design

The molded chassis of this truck blazes a whole new trail for the performance and looks of electric monster trucks. Providing both function and art, this chassis provides an integrated, light, and precise platform that helps you get the best of the truck’s strength. 

Different battery configurations can be used in the scalable battery compartments to get the full power of the Summit. Combining the battery compartments with the chassis allows the battery packs to sit low and close to the truck’s tires, plus, chassis surface is very importantly freed up to contain the electronics in order to get a cleaner layout. This ensures that the center of gravity is as low as possible, enabling steeper climb angles, greater side-hill stability, and responsive handling at higher speeds. 

High-tech GTR shocks

The Summit comes with the best shocks around to go with hard-anodized, PTFE-coated GTR dampers. The threaded bodies of the Summit, as well as its oversized spring collars, make preload setting easy. Also, its long-wearing, low-friction titanium-nitride shafts make slick shock action available for superior suspension response and dependability.

Geode wheels and Canyon AT tires

Nothing beats the essence of the tires in an off-road vehicle, and the Summit comes with the Canyon AT tires, which are the biggest and gnarliest Traxxas tire around. The multi-terrain tread comes with powerful, angular lugs that dig in on grass, dirt, and rocks to get the Summit over anything you want to race through. 

There are geode rims to hold tight the tires in the Beadlock style. Removable rings are also included to protect the rim edges and sidewalls of the tire from rock rash. They also provide additional support to the joints of the tire and rim glue.

Unique Features of the Traxxas Summit

Heavy-duty high-low transmission

Apart from being the first truck to offer remote locking differentials, the Summit is also the only truck that has a remote-shifting high-low transmission. When it’s in low gear, the 70:1 final-drive ratio of the Summit turns the rpm into pure torque so as to power up the Summit and get it over any obstacle that may be in the way. You can also upshift to high to get a 25:1 ratio as well as all the speed you need to be able to handle jumps and quickly get through off road tracks.

Unprecedented versatility with T-Lock differentials and high-low transmission

Summit provides the possibility of locking the differentials and shifting from low gear to high gear from the transmitter. You don’t need to take a break from the action to swap gears or install locking parts. To get dirt-slinging speed, get on the trail in high range with a 25:1 ratio. If the terrain becomes technical, go into low range for a 70:1 ratio and a climbing torque that’s out of this world. 

To get the best in climbing traction, flip the T-Lock switch and lock the front differential. And if you want to get an even better grip, activate the rear T-Lock differential for fully-packed 4WD power regardless of what tire is slipping or gripping.

The most suspension travel

The Summit comes with an ultra-long travel suspension modeled after the award-winning E-Revo. This ensures that the Summit has more articulation than any other truck. The independent suspension and tall Canyon AT tires it comes with will help you get very steep approach angles and the incredible ground clearance that’s second to no other truck.

10-LED lighting system

Now, you don’t even need the garage when the sun goes down. The integrated LED illumination system of the Summit is set to light up the night. It comes with four bright white LEDs to keep your tracks well lighted, and six red LEDs let you see where Summit’s been.


The Traxxas Summit is one amazing RC car and something that you should seriously consider buying if you are looking for some offroad fun. As of now the Summit is still available at a variety of retailers but of course that could change in the future. 

Because of the popularity of the Summit RC car many people believe that if Traxxas does discontinue it in the future that they will replace it with a similar upgraded model to satisfy the raving Summit fans.