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Is Traxxas A Good Brand?

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Traxxas is a super innovative RC vehicle brand that has, for many years, stood tall in the world of RC car racing. Over the years, Traxxas has dominated the RC car market and has produced high-quality ready-to-run RC cars for both beginners and advanced racers alike.

The trucks and cars which the company produces have stayed in top-ranking positions for many years and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

They have a wide range of models, so there’s definitely something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner, advanced racer, or even a child getting their first RC car. 

When people go to buy a new RC vehicle and see many different models available for Traxxas they often ask whether Traxxas is a good brand to purchase or not which is why I wrote this article, to answer that common question. 

Traxxas is absolutely a good RC car brand and is one of the best is not the best manufacturers currently in the market. That isn’t to say everything that Traxxas makes is amazing but most of their models are made with quality materials and are built to last. 

Since the brand’s inception in 1986, they have created unique and well-structured vehicles that have left a plethora of users and racers satisfied. As a matter of fact, Traxxas is the pioneer producer of ready-to-run RC vehicles, which are perfect for beginners or even kids. 

Their vehicles typically come ready and packed in a box requiring the user to only put in the batteries before they are ready to drive. Traxxas has also found a comfortable way to diversify its products, paving the way for customization even though the RTR vehicles have very basic settings.

For these reasons, the Traxxas brand has remained an authority in the world of RC vehicles, with many advanced users particularly loving the fact that they can always upgrade their vehicles by changing or upgrading parts as they wear out. 

All of the parts, electric components, body kit, and batteries can be switched to better or more powerful options which can increase the acceleration, top speed, handling, and more. 

Very importantly, Traxxas has remained one of the most loved (if not the most loved) RC vehicle brands because they produce only high-quality vehicles. In addition, they produce very durable vehicles that you do not have to replace or repair after every race or crash. 

If you want something that will be very durable even as you have all the fun you want, a Traxxas is an excellent choice. You can bash it all you want and race it through the most difficult terrains there are and still trust your Traxxas vehicle to survive the harsh conditions.

With the high-quality vehicles that Traxxas produces, it’s hard for them to not be a user’s favorite. Traxxas offers lots of options to choose from and great quality to go with each one.

Why is Traxxas So Loved? 

Traxxas has been a household name among RC car racers for many years, and it’s not for nothing. There are many reasons why the Traxxas brand is one that a lot of people have been willing to stick with all these years. Here are some of these reasons:


This is about the first thing anyone who’s purchasing an RC vehicle would look for. Speed is a big part of the fun, and no one wants to miss out on that aspect of RC cars. 

Really, what’s an RC vehicle without maximum speed? 

Not all vehicles on the RC car market provide as much speed as a racer would want. Factors that could lead to an RC vehicle having really low speed may include the kind of motor used or even the gears. Traxxas cars come with just the right components, including motors and gears, to ensure that you get the maximum speed you need to have the most fun. 

Generally, brushless motors offer the best racing speed, and there are lots of Traxxas models designed with brushless motors for you to pick from. Not to mention that the vehicles are tough enough to handle the repercussions that may come with extremely high speed. Plus, you can also easily modify your gears to get the results you want.

What’s more? The size of an RC car generally has an immediate effect on its speed. For starters, the size of the car has a direct impact on the acceleration of the car. Big and heavy cars typically slow down acceleration, and the bigger the car, the slower the acceleration. The same thing applies to the car’s speed. Bigger and heavier cars slow down an RC car’s speed while smaller cars allow for maximum speed. 

However Traxxas has many models including the X-Maxx that are quite larger and still offer top speeds of 50+mph! 

Not many RC brands can say that! 


Performance is king in RC car racing. What’s the point of owning an RC car if it does not offer top performance? 

A lot of Traxxas’ RC cars come with adjustable toe angle, adjustable camber, adjustable ride height, tunable suspension, adjustable rear wing as well as multiple shock locations to make it very easy for you if you want to tweak the vehicle in order to get even better performance. 

With a Traxxas RC car, you do not just get stuck. If you don’t like the performance that you’re getting, you can easily just change it by making those adjustments or changing out parts as well. 


No one wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a product that’s only going to last for a short time before they have to replace it. Surely, not even you want that, and this is one thing Traxxas has capitalized on to stay on top of their game all these years. 

The Traxxas brand has sufficiently met the needs of customers in terms of durability over and over again. 

Traxxas produces very durable RC vehicles that can take beatings from the toughest racing terrains and still survive. There have even been multiple cases of people intentionally running their Traxxas vehicles into walls or down giant hills and they still run and work fine with little to no damage. 

All of Traxxas’ RC vehicles, both those for beginners and those for advanced racers, are sturdy and rugged enough to handle tough races and tough landscapes. Whether you are a beginner who just wants to bash your RC car and see how this whole thing works or you’re the advanced racer who’s not willing to compromise on the fun, Traxxas has your back, count on it.


In the world of RC car racing, nothing beats having absolute control over your car as you race. You don’t want your car slipping out of your control and going in the wrong direction, possibly ramming into a wall or getting in an accident you didn’t see coming. 

Control is of absolute importance in RC car racing, and Traxxas makes sure that you have just that when you’re racing their vehicles as well. 

With the powerful Traxxas remote and even now having technology that allows you to control aspects of your RC car from an app you will never have to worry about not having the control you want ever again. 


Hopefully this article has been helpful in answering your question about whether Traxxas is a good brand or not. 

There are many good brands on the market today that you can choose from and Traxxas is without a doubt one of the best brands of RC cars available.