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Is Traxxas Any Good?

Whether you are just getting into the RC car hobby or if you have been in it a long time you likely have heard about Traxxas RC cars. Often when people hear about a specific brand they wonder whether that brand is actually any good. That question brings us to this article. 

Traxxas RC cars are quite good in regards to durability, ease of use, and customer service. They make good quality RC cars for a reasonable price and are a great choice for any RC hobbyist. 

That isn’t to say that Traxxas is perfect or that the vehicles that they make are either. All RC manufacturers will have some issues at one point or another but this is where Traxxas’ customer support really shines through. 

Not only do they have multiple ways to contact them but the support is also very knowledgeable and willing to work with customers to fix any issues that arise with their RC cars. That in and of itself really makes Traxxas a good company! 

There are certainly many good things about Traxxas. Traxxas is one of the best RC car brands that have managed to conquer the market and have been selling RC cars for over three decades. Their wide selection of product models fulfills the needs of hobbyists as well as kids so no matter where you are at you can likely find a Traxxas model for you.  They also do a good job fulfilling customer’s needs by providing the best looking and quality RC cars.

To see some of the best Traxxas RC cars on the market just click here.  

Another good thing about Traxxas is the battery life of their vehicles. Traxxas batteries are good enough to provide a 30-40 min run time on most vehicles (depending on how you drive them) which is much longer than the cheaper lower quality vehicles. 

If you are new to the RC world only have 30-40 minutes of runtime before having to charge or change your batteries might seem like a short amount of time but it actually is quite long in the RC world. 

Another thing about the battery is it doesn’t require a ton of time to fully recharge it either. The standard 3000mAh 8.4V battery takes about 45 minutes to charge fully which is not bad considering the run time you will get out of that battery. 

Of course not all batteries charge that fast but even the more powerful ones that charge slower will only typically take a couple of hours to charge at the most. 

One of the best things about Traxxas is it has waterproof electronics on virtually all of its models that will allow you to use it to drive in virtually any weather or terrain conditions. As long as you don’t drive the RC vehicle into a pond or other body of water it will keep running just fine in rain, ice, snow, and anything else you can throw at it. 

Which Traxxas vehicle is the best?

Traxxas is an RC car company and it has become well known over the years for its RC cars and trucks. One of the best vehicles that people suggest often when looking for a Traxxas vehicle is the Traxxas Slash (found here). 

There are of course many other Traxxas models that are great for speed (the XO-1) or simply good for bashing (the Stampede) but the Slash really incorporates all the good about Traxxas into one RC truck. 

Let’s start with some of the pros and cons of this specific model. 

One of the best things about this RC car is it has simple controls and a programmable training mode as well which makes this RC car an incredibly accessible hobby-grade vehicle. One downside to this model (especially for beginners) is that it has a high center of gravity which makes handling a little more difficult on the racetrack. It is also not the most budget friendly option which can be a turn off for many people. 

Features of the Traxxas Slash 

  • Available in Race Replica versions
  • 3000 mAh NiMH battery 8.4V
  • Traxxas 4-amp DC Peak Detecting Fast Charger
  • XL-5 waterproof electronic speed control
  • Adjustable steel turnbuckles with captured rod ends

The Slash 2WD is a powerful off-road RC truck and is suitable for virtually any kind of terrain. It’s designed to play anywhere and at any time and is a new category of remote control cars. Its repairability, durability and incredibly fun design make the Traxxas Slash a great all around remote-controlled car.

No additional assembly is needed to run the Slash either. All you have to do is just unpack the car from the box and charge its battery for 45 min or 1 hour before running it the first time. After that, you are ready to hit the track or dirt right away. 

How is Traxxas’ build quality?

Most of the Traxxas vehicles are made for off-road fun. So build quality is very important for off-road vehicles. Most of the people who have used Traxxas products for a couple of years will give good reviews about Traxxas’ build quality.

Of course no RC manufacturer is perfect so sometimes there might be issues with some models not being built as well or not holding up to certain tests but most Traxxas vehicles can not only withstand normal everyday use but they can also withstand harsh conditions and being stress tested and pass with flying colors. 

Check out the video below to see how durable Traxxas models actually are!!

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Are RC cars fun?

Yes, remote control cars can be tons of fun for adults and children alike. I remember when I was a child my dream was buying an RC car and as technology has advanced so has the technology in RC vehicles which in turn means they are now bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before. For most people this extra power and speed increases the amount of fun that they can have with RC cars so the cars of today are even more fun than they used to be. 

You can expect a well-made standard hobby RC car to reach speeds of up to 50-60 miles per hour, whereas a modified or drag RC has the potential to reach speeds of over 100 miles per hour at its max. The fastest standard RC car is the Traxxas XO-1 that can reach speeds of over 100mph right out of the box! 

With these amazing top speeds it’s hard not to have fun when racing an RC car! 

Do Traxxas cars come with batteries? 

Whether a specific Traxxas model comes with batteries really varies from model to model. The easiest way to know is to simply look on the box of the box or read the product page if purchasing online. Typically RC manufacturers will have it right at the top of the page what is and is not included so check there. Also check if the model says it is RTR (ready to run). If it is then it should be ready to go right out of the box with nothing additional required. 


Ultimately there are many good RC car manufacturers on the market today and Traxxas is certainly a good one to choose. They make great cars that are designed well and will last you many years to come. 

One major downside to Traxxas is that these vehicles certainly aren’t cheap but they are comparable in price to other hobby grade vehicles that are on the market.