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Is Traxxas Made In The USA?

If you are into the RC hobby at all you have likely heard of Traxxas. They currently are one of the leaders in the RC car and truck manufacturing space and will likely be there for many years to come. 

There has been some arguments on forums and social media about whether Traxxas RC cars are actually made in the United States or not. We are writing this article to put that to rest. 

Traxxas is located in McKinney, Texas. The components of the Traxxas RC cars are made in a special factory in Taiwan and then shipped back to the United States where they are assembled. 

So although Traxxas RC cars are assembled in the USA they are not actually considered to be made in the USA since the parts are made elsewhere. 

The History of Traxxas 

The Traxxas brand was founded in 1986 and by 1987, Traxxas had started selling a wide range of buggy models and electric-powered stadium trucks. The first Traxxas radio-controlled boat called the Villan IV was released in 1989. In 1992, the Nitro Hawk which is Traxxas’ first RTR nitro model was released after which the Nitro Vee, a RTR nitro boat was released. It was four years before the Nitro Vee was released.

In 1999, the T-Maxx, Traxxas’ first full-sized monster truck model was released. By 2015, a bigger monster truck, the X-Maxx, was released as well. Traxxas also released a first-time self-righting system which allowed flipped RC vehicles to adjust themselves back into an upright position just with a push of the button! 

In November of 2012, Traxxas inaugurated the ready-to-fly DR-1 Helicopter and QR-1 Quadcopter which are Traxxas’ first aircraft vehicles.

Since then Traxxas has produced a variety of new RC car models but they have completely stopped making drones, boats etc. and have concentrated solely on the RC car/truck market. 

Traxxas Produced Vehicles 

Here are some vehicles that have been manufactured by the Traxxas brand:

Traxxas Rustler 4X4 VXL Brushless RTR 1/10 4WD Stadium Truck 

The Rustler 4X4 VXL is one of Traxxas’ neatest inventions featuring Talon EXT wheels and delivering extreme Velineon brushless power. The EXT wheels and tires ensure versatility and control on any landscape. 

The Rustler 4X4 VXL overrides convention as it sets the standard for 4×4 stadium trucks when it comes to performance and fun. It comes with a low-CG chassis which places the weight just low enough for better handling. The 20mm wheelbase ensures that you get an excellent blend of stability and quick response while the brushless Velineon power streams through a bigger Revo-Spec slipper clutch and very heavy-duty driveshaft to allow for strength and performance. 

What’s more? 

The Rustler 4X4 VXL uses the Traxxas’ patented Self-Righting system to preserve your fun even if you get too engrossed with the wheelies or find yourself upside down. Pressing a button on the TQi transmitter is often all you need to do to get the Rustler 4X4 VXL right back on its wheels and set to run again. 

Also, the Rustler 4X4 VXL ensures that you can securely mount your RC body and very easily install and remove it with a clipless body latching system. It features an aerodynamic body that comes with a rigid internal structure as well as external rollover protection to ensure that your Traxxas car is durable and stays long with you.

You can learn more about the Traxxas Rustler by clicking here

Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer UDR 6S RTR 4WD Race Truck 

This Unlimited Desert Electric Race Truck comes with TQi 2.4GHz Radio & LED Lights and 4 wheel drive making just the perfect desert race truck. It has a 4-link solid rear axle design that delivers large suspension movement alongside authentic driving dynamics. 

This RC car perfectly reproduces a real unlimited desert racer resembling it both in function and in form. The cantilever sway bars to the 8 GTR shocks are just the things that make it the perfect desert racer. Apparently, perfect attention is paid to detail, reproducing both the look and function of Trophy Trucks and Unlimited Trick Trucks charging, at full speed, across the desert.  

This versatile race truck offers top-notch performance complemented by a very brilliant light from the rigid waterproof LED lighting system. There’s a high-voltage amplifier included to power 204 distinct LEDs to produce bright light and at the same time, offering perfect regulation to the voltage in order to get rid of dimming and twinkling. 

The light bar at the back of the vehicle features class lights and bright brake lights that immediately get to work when brakes are applied in any of the two directions.

If you are interested in reading the reviews for this model you can find recent ones by clicking here

Traxxas XO-1 1/7 RTR Electric 4WD On-Road Sedan 

This super Traxxas XO-1 1/7 Scale RTR Electric 4WD On-Road Sedan comes with a 2.4GHz TQi Radio System, the all-important TSM (Traxxas Stability Management), Traxxas Link Wireless Module and a sleek black colored body. All of Traxxas’ innovation and expertise has been drilled into this electric vehicle which offers the fastest RC speed you can imagine, 0-60 in 2.3 seconds, 0-100 in 4.92 seconds, a top speed of over 100mph! 

 The XO-1 is easily the fastest Ready-To-Race RC car in the world. 

This car comes with the Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) which ensures that you get to experience superpower, superb acceleration, and top speeds. These benefits drilled into your XO-1 make it a lot easier for you to have enough control when you’re on slippery surfaces like dusty asphalt, ice or snow, and even smooth concrete. 

The TSM makes sure that you’re right on track all the time as it senses the direction of the vehicle, making steering corrections to keep you straight in line with full-throttle acceleration, no fishtailing, no spinouts, and no loss of control. Even when you’re cornering, TSM makes spontaneous corrections to retain your line, and it lets you hit the throttle quicker in the turn to give faster take-off speeds. 

With TSM, you’re also going to get much better braking.

But, the extreme power that this model offers is best suited for expert drivers. It’s important that you have prior experience with high-power RCs before you ever take out this speed demon! This model offers incredible  top speeds and acceleration which only expert drivers can handle. 

To learn more about the XO-1 or to read the reviews you can simply click here


Traxxas RC cars, although assembled in the USA are not actually made in the USA. However despite this they have remained the fastest models in the world of RC car racing and the quality of their RC cars is often unmatched. 

Even though they’re located in Texas and create their components all the way in Taiwan, they have maintained high quality and stayed on top of the list in the RC car market. 

In the over twenty-five years of their existence, Traxxas has showcased superiority in innovation, typically producing cars that offer both high performance and amazing speeds. Their passion for speed has been evident throughout their existence as a brand, in the vehicles they produce ranging from cars to boats and even planes (at times past). 

Their avant-garde technology, unbeatable designs, and cutting-edge features have successfully kept them standing out on the RC market.