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Is Traxxas OBA Worth It?

The Traxxas Oba is the edition of the Traxxas Slash that comes with an exclusive On-Board Audio. THis audio produces very realistic engine sounds. Many people have heard about this, but they want to know if it is worth buying or not? Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about the Traxxas with on board audio, and if it is worth it or not. 

So is the Traxxas OBA worth it?

If you are looking to purchase an RC car, the Traxxas OBA is such a great RC car and is 100% worth purchasing! This RC car has amazing realistic sound without all the hassle of a nitro engine! These RC cars are amazing and are far better than anything else on the market today? 

If you are looking to purchase the Traxxas OBA, you can find one by clicking here

If you want to know more about the Traxxas OBA, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video to watch the Traxxas OBA in action! 

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Is on board audio worth it?

Many people have said that the Slash edition is as rugged as the Slash itself with its On-Board Audio System that roars to life the moment you grab the throttle! The actual sounds of the engine are projected from a 900+ horsepower Pro 4X4 short course truck. With the on board audio system, you can experience all the beats of a piston stroke, feel the gear shift under acceleration, and hear the horsepower as the RPMs yell through the power band. There’s no holding back with the on board audio system as it comes with all the top features you want from an RC car.

Just like any other Traxxas vehicle, the on board audio system is a unique innovation that showcases creativity and quality engineering with its exciting top-notch performance.

Designed ready-to-race, the on board audio system comes with a transmitter, a battery, a charger as well as a perfectly painted and decaled body. Its 7-cell, 8.4-volt battery pack ensures that you get top speed and acceleration. The Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries included in it deliver two times the strength of standard batteries, and its 4-amp fast charger can have the battery fully charged in 45 minutes or less. It also comes with patented sealed electronics to ensure that your RC works no matters the kind of weather or what you drive it through!

Features of the Traxxas Slash on board audio system 

  • Power System 

Titan 12T motor and XL-5 electronic speed control

The power and torque of the Titan 12-turn 550 motors give you all the ability and speed to race across your track and climb over roots and curbs.

Also, the Traxxas’ exclusive patented Training Mode makes it easy for anybody, even a beginner, to use this car. It only takes the press of a button, and you can reduce full-throttle power to 50% to make it easy for new drivers to safely hone their control skills. Even if you have never raced an RC, the training mode of the Slashes on board audio system will make it easy for you.

  • Radio System 

Precision TQ 2.4GHz control

The Slash with the on board audio system comes with the TQ 2.4GHz 3-channel radio making it easy to use and comfortable to ride. Just switch it on and drive since there are no channels or frequencies to manage. It includes an internal damage-resistant antenna that helps it get better sleek lines.

  • Battery and Charger 

4-Amp DC peak detecting fast charger

The Slash with the on board audio system comes with a 4-amp DC fast charger that minimizes down-time and maximizes run-time making sure you can have a fast, easy, and stress-free charging. Its NiMH charger makes use of a 12-Volt DC power outlet to make sure of high-output charging. There’s an accessory AC to DC converter available separately to support universal, easy charging both at home and on the road.

Traxxas power cell iD NiMH battery (8.4V, 3000mAh)

The Traxxas Slash with the on board audio system comes with optimized iD Power Cell Battery Packs to support the free-flow of power as well as maximum punch with its high quality, low-resistance cells; flexible, silicone-jacketed 12-gauge wire; heavy-duty welded tabs; and patented Traxxas High-Current Connectors.


  • On board audio 

The on board audio system of the Traxxas’ Slash uses sound sampled from the Traxxas team short course trucks. The on/off button and the volume controls make it possible for you to adjust the settings of the system from stealth mode to wide-open. It offers intuitive sounds that provide a response to throttle input from the transmitter. Even though the engine automatically shuts off if you’re on a halt for over 10 seconds, tapping the throttle is all you need to get it back on.

  • ID (Auto Battery Identification)

The Traxxas’ exclusive iD technology removes all the complications from charger programming by providing optimization and configuration automatically to the charging settings for Traxxas iD batteries. Getting a faster charge definitely means you’re going to have more fun. Just plug your iD battery right in and hit start.

Chassis and Driveline 

  • Long wheelbase chassis

From the ground all the way up, the Traxxas Slash with the on board audio system chassis features a 13.2″ wheelbase and offers a ground clearance of up to 3.5 inches. The chassis includes drain holes and a battery tray channel that helps to route servo wires to the receiver.

  • Magnum 272 Transmission (Brushless-Ready)

The Slash with the on board audio system comes with the magnum 272 transmissions and is assembled with new all-metal gear internals riding on very smooth and sealed ball bearings. With the smooth 48-pitch gears, it noiselessly delivers power to the telescoping U-joint driveshafts. It includes a sealed gearbox to protect the transmission’s from dirt and rocks.

  • Ball Bearings (Rubber Sealed Ball Bearings)

The Slash with the on board audio system features precision rubber-sealed bearings to provide the ultimate super low-friction performance and adequate protection in dusty environments. The bearings are included in all of the truck’s exposed locations and do not require any maintenance.

Steering and Suspension 

  • Oil-filled ultra shocks

Rugged and responsive shocks that can survive abuse are necessary for high-speed off-road action, and this is what the Slash with the on board audio system gives you. The Traxxas Ultra Shocks are tested as tough as stock equipment on Traxxas trucks, and they have the capacity to survive the abuse of the roads. The high-volume body of the Slash also produces large oil capacity, and it includes a silicone bladder that serves to separate oil from the air in the shock so as to constantly provide damping action even if you spend all day on off-road races.

  • High-torque waterproof steering

A powerful steering servo is essential to every race truck to provide responsive performance. The Slash with the on board audio system waterproof steering servo uses O-ring seals to give you uninterrupted fun even with wet weather. The Traxxas digital high-torque servo, which the Slash comes with, provides precise steering control and speed for wheel-to-wheel racing anywhere.

If you think the Traxxas Slash is great, the Traxxas Slash with the on board audio system is something you’ll love. With all its top-notch features and impressive technology and engineering, this is just another proof of the famous innovation of Traxxas.


Now that you know all about the Slash with the on board audio system you can see why so many people are talking about it, and why it is so popular! Not only is it a Traxxas, which is amazing, but the on board audio system just makes it that much better and totally worth buying!