Is Traxxas Rustler Waterproof?

Is Traxxas Rustler Waterproof?

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Traxxas makes some pretty awesome remote control (or RC) vehicles. Their cars are on every RC racer’s wishlist because of their durability and speed. 

They are built to withstand all kinds of elements for fast racing fun. The Traxxas Rustler offers an upgrade from the RCs of old being faster and more stable than ever. If this is true, does that mean the Rustler is waterproof?

The Traxxas Rustler is not waterproof (meaning it cannot be submerged) but it is water resistant. Since it is water resistant it can be used in rain, snow, ice, or to run through puddles. 

Traxxas’ website says that the Traxxas Rustler is water resistant to allow running it through water, mud, and even snow. The worst terrain has nothing on this aerodynamic, rugged vehicle. 

It also looks really cool!

Even though this RC car is water resistant you want to stay away from completely submerging it in water. Submerging the Rustler in a lake or other body of water will destroy it. 

You will also want to let it dry out first before putting it away to avoid rust. It is also a good idea to use some WD 40 on parts that can rust.

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How Do I Clean My Traxxas Car?

If you are an adventure seeking RC racer, you probably put your vehicle through some tough stuff. Mud, grass, water, and dirt can all find its way all over and into your RC car but thankfully cleaning it is pretty easy to do.

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Cleaning your Traxxas car should be done after every run. It is easy and quick to get your RC car back into tip top racing shape.

To clean your Traxxas RC car you will just need to give it a good wipe down, use compressed air to remove any stubborn or hard to reach dust and dirt, and then dry it completely. 

After every use, you should clean the vehicle to keep it in good condition. Remove any batteries and blow off the loose dirt with compressed air or by using a brush (a clean paintbrush works great). Sometimes rocks can get caught between the gears which will interfere with operation. 

If your run was on pavement, grass, or dirt this is all that is probably required to clean your vehicle.

If you have run the car in more harsh conditions such as snow, mud, or water, then extra cleaning is required. 

You don’t want rust to build up on your expensive RC vehicle so the proper cleaning is vital. 

After removing any debris, if it is water resistant , spray it down with a general all-purpose cleaner. A build up of mud and/or grass will need some brushing or more cleaner to let it soak to get it off. 

If you need to clean the wheels take them off and clean them along with the steering and suspension.

Now you can use a low pressure hose to wash off the chassis and the wheels making sure to cover the breather hole in the wheels so you don’t get water in them. 

Next you will want to use compressed air to blow off the water and wipe any remaining liquid off with a rag. Once it has dried, spray some WD-40 on all the parts that can rust. 

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You can then put the vehicle away to await the next racing day. 

A video on how to clean your Traxxas car is found below

What Is The Fastest Traxxas RC Car?

Are you curious which of the Traxxas cars are the fastest? While they all have some amazing features one stands out from them all.

The fastest remote control (or RC) car that Traxxas makes is the Traxxas XO-1. With its sporty design and speed of 100 mph in 2.3 seconds, this toy car is more than just fast! 

This RC, all wheel drive toy car is simply amazing but of course it has the price to match coming in at over $1,000! 

Some other of the fastest toy cars are for adults only and include the Traxxas Stampede RC Monster Truck,  Tornado EPX PRO, HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 Flux RTR Ford GT LM Heritage Edition. 

When you are in possession of one of these amazing vehicles you will most definitely be the coolest “big kid” on the block. 

More Traxxas RC cars with speed and stability are the X-Maxx, Maxx, HOss4x4 VXL, Unlimited Desert Racer,Rustler 4×4 VXL, Bandit VXL, Slash 4×4 Ultimate, Tec 2.0 VXL, and the Revo 3.3.

For more adult worthy RC cars just click here. 

What Is The Most Expensive Traxxas Car?  

Since we are talking about Traxxas RC cars, you may be curious as to what the most expensive one is. You don’t have to have the most expensive toy car to have fun, but let’s take a look at which one it is anyway. 

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Some Traxxas cars are more than just a toy. They are expertly designed and  a lot of work goes into making them. 

The most expensive Traxxas RC car currently is the Traxxas Maxx 1:8 4WD TQi RTR RnR which costs $1,467.33.

The most expensive RC car of all time is the Freefly Tero which costs $5500. This RC car is used to film chase scenes in movies so it isn’t your traditional RC car that you would use in your backyard. 

The Freefly Tero holds a camera to capture action scenes that would be risky for a human to be involved in. It can be controlled from afar and is perfect for those crazy car chases. 

Since it is so craftily made, you can understand why it is the most expensive.

The XB Hornet Black buggy, the Losi 5Ive-T 2.0, the Kraken Vekta.5, the Traxxas XO-1, and the  AUTOart 1/18 Mad Max2 – The Road Warrior Interceptor are among the other most expensive RC cars out there. 

Their creator went all out in order to make these the speediest racing machines. That is why they cost so much.

Lets not forget about the good old fashioned diecast cars. Some can get really pricey too, especially one made with gold! 

The most expensive diecast toy car, The Lamborghini Aventador Gold, is worth $7.5 million dollars. More of the most expensive diecast cars can be found here

Traxxas has been making RC cars for over thirty years and pride themselves on making the best. The Traxxas Rustler is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about water damage while running it unless you accidentally drive it into a lake. 

You can enjoy racing the vehicle over snow and water for hours of outdoor RC fun. 

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