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Is The Traxxas Rustler Waterproof?

Traxxas makes some pretty awesome remote control (or RC) vehicles. Their cars are on every RC racer’s wishlist because of their durability and speed. 

They are built to withstand all kinds of elements for fast racing fun. The Traxxas Rustler offers an upgrade from the RCs of old being faster and more stable than ever. If this is true, does that mean the Rustler is waterproof?

The Traxxas Rustler is not waterproof (meaning it cannot be submerged) but it is water resistant. Since it is water resistant it can be used in rain, snow, and ice, or to run through puddles. 

Traxxas’ website says that the Traxxas Rustler is water resistant to allow running it through water, mud, and even snow. The worst terrain has nothing on this aerodynamic, rugged vehicle. 

It also looks really cool!

Even though this RC car is water resistant you want to stay away from completely submerging it in water. Submerging the Rustler in a lake or other body of water will destroy it. 

You will also want to let it dry out first before putting it away to avoid rust. It is also a good idea to use some WD 40 on parts that can rust after driving through snow, ice rain, or even wet grass.

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Is The Traxxas Rustler 2wd Waterproof?

The Rustler is an incredibly popular stadium truck from Traxxas that is RTR (ready-to-race) right out of the box. It comes with the needed batteries, charger, radio system, etc. so you are ready to use it. The Traxxas Rustler 2WD model has a top speed of 70+ MPH so it will go plenty fast as well.

But is the Traxxas Rustler 2WD waterproof so you can use it for all-weather fun?

The Traxxas Rustler 2WD is not waterproof in regards to being able to fully submerge it in water. However, the 2WD Rustler has waterproof electronics and a waterproof receiver box.

Because of Traxxas’ exclusive waterproof electronics, it can easily handle wet-running conditions or even shredding down the white powder-covered snowy hill. Using your Traxxas Rustler to shred snow from your rear tires is a new way to experience RC adventures and will give you a new love for the off-road action.

Driving your 2WD Rustler will increase your control skills since the power all comes from the rear wheels (and not the front tires). And even as you are learning you don’t have to worry too much as Traxxas’ legendary durability means your Rustler can easily handle a few mishaps in the rain or snow as well.

So although the 2WD Traxxas Rustler is not waterproof, its innovative watersealed design means that its electronics can easily handle giving you a whole new level of fun.

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Is The Rustler VXL Waterproof?

If you are in the mood for more than just on-road fun with your Rustler when you take it out of the box ready-to-race, you will want to check out the Rustler VXL. It is a 4WD powerhouse with a low-maintenance design which is a winning formula for many years of fun.

But if you want to push Traxxas’ hobby-grade durability to the max and drive your Rustler in the water can you do it? Is the Rustler VXL waterproof?

The Traxxas VXL has waterproof electronics but the vehicle itself is not waterproof. So although the Rustler VXL is dependable fun in the rain, snow, ice, and puddles it won’t handle being driving into the water very well.

If you drive your Traxxas Rustler VXL into the water it will likely cause issues with the oil-filled ultra shocks, brushless motor, and even the ball bearings. The sealed electronics and the waterproof XL-5 electronic speed control can handle the water without any issues, however.

Another issue with driving your Rustler into the water is the steering. Although the Rustler is a heavy-duty vehicle that doesn’t help you steer the vehicle when driving it in water.

The Rustler’s brushless power can handle dirt, mud, snow, ice, etc. because of today’s high-power batteries which means virtually maintenance-free operation however, the acceleration and precision steering becomes virtually impossible in or on water. So even if the Ruster was waterproof you wouldn’t have nearly as much driving fun as you will ruling the off-road roost.

Some important features for the Rustler VXL are:

  • Digital high-torque waterproof steering servo
  • Precision steel turnbuckles with heavy-duty rod ends
  • Steel transmission gears
  • Velineon 3500kV sensorless brushless motor
  • 11.62″ wheelbase
  • Electronic brake type
  • Two-stage thermal shutdown protection
  • Traxxas EZ-Set® one-button setup (for the ESC)

You can learn more about this model on Traxxas’ website.

Can You Run Traxxas In The Snow?

The Traxxas Rustler is capable of getting faster speeds than virtually all of the other RC muscle cars that are on the market. Combine that with a longer runtime and long-lasting performance and you will have more RC fun than you know what to do with.

But what about driving your Traxxas RC car in the snow? Will it be able to handle it?

Traxxas RC cars can handle driving in the snow without any issues. The Traxxas stability management (TSM) helps keep your vehicle right side up and allows you to experience a whole new world of adventure in the snow.

You likely won’t be able to use your Traxxas vehicle at full-throttle and new drivers might have difficulty controlling the RC car. However, Traxxas vehicles are certainly able to handle the snow.

One issue you might run into with driving in the snow is the cool air. Cooler air will typically reduce the battery life of your battery (especially if you have a NiMH battery) so that can have an effect on your RC experience. However, since Traxxas models give you easy access to the battery you can easily change it out for a new one after it dies.

The high-speed Traxxas models also won’t be able to go as fast in the snow. Despite their incredible power and their innovative technology, Traxxas RC vehicles can only do so much without traction. You can make an adjustment to your tires to get some better traction but unless you have a new set of tires on-hand that can be difficult.

Traxxas’ chassis, transmission, differentials, servo, transmitter, and motor life won’t be affected by the snow or cold. And as one of the leaders in the hobby industry, you don’t have to worry about the genuine Traxxas quality letting you down either.

Can You Drive Traxxas In The Rain?

Traxxas RC cars are modern marvels. With their amazing power and battery life, they are easily able to go the extra mile for you. Not only does Traxxas make amazing RC vehicles they also have unmatched parts support, and a staff of skilled representatives to help you when you need it, they can also be found at virtually all hobby stores.

This makes Getting your hands on a Traxxas model incredibly easy.

When talking about how much fun Traxxas vehicles are you might be wondering whether these Traxxas RC cars can handle being used in the rain.

Traxxas RC cars can not only be used in the rain but it is one of the best ways to have some extra fun with them. You can go running through the mud at 50-70MPH without having to worry about it slowing you down.

And with the Traxxas low voltage detection, you don’t have to worry about your RC car running out of battery when you aren’t expecting it. You can easily put connect your Traxxas battery to the charger via the patented Traxxas high-current connector so you are ready to race again in a flash.

All Traxxas models come with waterproof electronics so you don’t have to worry about running your RC car in the rain, snow, mud, etc. As long as you don’t completely submerge your Traxxas vehicle in water it will be able to handle it.

How Fast Can A Rustler 4×4 go?

The 4×4 Traxxas Rustler has a top speed of 65MPH with optional gearing. With the stock gearing, the 4×4 Rustler has a top speed of 40MPH when you equip it with a LiPo battery.

How Fast Is The Traxxas Rustler VXL Out Of The Box?

Out of the box, the Traxxas Rustle VXl has a top speed of 35mph. With the optional 28-tooth pinion gear it can reach speeds of 45MPH.

For the Rustler VXL to reach top speeds of 70+MPH it needs to have the optional 31-T/ 76-T gearing which must be purchased separately.

Can A Traxxas Drive On Water?

Out-of-the-box Traxxas RC cars cannot drive on water (such as a pond or lake). However, you can change the tires to paddle wheels or air-filled tires that will allow some Traxxas models to be able to drive across a body of water!