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Is Traxxas The Best Brand?

If you have looked at RC cars at all you have likely heard of Traxxas and probably heard about them quite a bit too. Traxxas is one of the largest RC car brands around and they are quite popular with beginners and more advanced users as well. 

Often when people are looking to buy an RC car they will ask whether Traxxas is the best brand or not so in this article we will try to answer that question. 

Traxxas is a great RC brand but no brand has the best models for everyone. Traxxas sells more high end RC cars so if you aren’t sure whether the RC hobby is for you then you likely won’t want to start with an expensive car. 

It would be a shame to spend a few hundred dollars on an excellent Traxxas model to only use it a few times before realizing that you don’t really like RC racing! However if you are sure that you like using RC cars and you do it quite often then Traxxas is an excellent choice. 

Just because Traxxas is a great choice doesn’t mean it is the best however. Just like anything there will always be models from other brands that some people prefer over Traxxas. That doesn’t mean the other brand is “the best” either, it simply means that a particular person prefers that model or brand. 

Just like the age old debate between a PC and Mac or Apple or Android phones, there really isn’t a “best” with those and there really isn’t a single best RC car manufacturer either. 

Which Traxxas model is the best?

Now that we have discussed whether Traxxas is the best another common question that we hear is which Traxxas model is the best? 

Unfortunately the answer is… it depends. I personally love the Traxxas XO-1 for its top speeds of 100mph and the Traxxas Slash for its off road capabilities while still being fast but what you want or need out of an RC car is different than what other people might want. 

Just because I prefer the XO-1 (found here) and the Traxxas Slash (found here) doesn’t mean that they are the best for you. Each Traxxas model is different and depending on your needs, wants, and budget you might not like either of those options. 

On top of picking a model you will also have to choose what options you want on it. For example the Traxxas Slash comes with a 4wd and 2wd option while also offering brushed or brushless motors. It is important for you to know exactly what you will be using your Traxxas RC car for and then you can choose the model and options much more easily. 

What is the best brand of remote control cars?

When people are looking to purchase a new RC car they will often wonder which brand is the best. Is it Traxxas, Losi, Redcat, Arrma, or HPI? Is it one of the many generic brands that you can find on the market? 

There is no single best brand for remote control cars as every brand has its pros and cons and each person is different in what they need from an RC car. 

The brands that you have heard of such as the ones mentioned above are certainly better quality than the generics that you will find on Amazon or even in some stores but you will also pay for that quality. If you are looking for an RC car as a gift for a younger child you likely won’t want to spend tons of money on the RC vehicle that will quickly get damaged or forgotten. 

However, if you are getting into the RC hobby and you are wanting a car that will last you many years that you can upgrade as your budget allows than any of the name brands mentioned above will likely serve you quite well. 

What is the cheapest Traxxas?

If you have decided that you want to get a Traxxas RC car but don’t have a ton of money to spend then you might be wondering which Traxxas RC car is the absolute cheapest one that they sell. 

The cheapest Traxxas RC car currently on the market is the 1/16 Traxxas Slash model. The larger Traxxas Slash vehicles will be slightly more expensive. 

The 1/16 Traxxas Slash model (found here) has an MSRP of 179.99 and can often be found even a little cheaper than that at many hobby shops. 

This model is an excellent choice for beginners or simply those not looking to spend a fortune but it is important to know that this 1/16 slash is about half the size of the 1/10 scale Slash. Obviously that isn’t the end of the world but it’s something that you should definitely know before you buy. 

Is Traxxas made in the USA?

Traxxas is a great company and makes some amazing RC cars but one thing that many people want to know is whether their RC cars are made in the USA. 

At this time Traxxas RC cars are assembled in the USA but the parts are made in various other countries. What this means is that Traxxas RC cars are not actually made in the USA. 

With that being said, Traxxas is as close as you can get in regards to made in the USA for any major RC car manufacturers. None of the other big brands even assemble their RC cars in the United States and all the work is done overseas. 

That isn’t to say that the quality on cars that are made overseas is bad as that certainly isn’t always the case but if you are interested in supporting only RC brands that are made in the USA you will have to go to small regional RC companies that only make a single model to find one that makes the parts and assembles them in the USA. 

What Is the fastest Traxxas RC car?

Another common question we hear from people is them wondering what the fastest Traxxas RC car is and how they can get one? 

The fastest stock Traxxas model is the XO-1 which out of the box has speeds of over 100mph! Those speeds are stock and can even be increased some by tuning and upgrading some parts! 

For most people that kind of speed is unheard of being reached in their normal cars let alone in a model car but the XO-1 can handle those speeds with ease. This is certainly not a car for beginners as this is by far the most expensive Traxxas model and is also one that is easiest to lose control over but just like a normal car as you get used to higher speeds you can upgrade to a super car without being so nervous. 

The XO-1 is absolutely amazing and you can see it in action in the video below. 

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I hope this article has been helpful in answering your questions about Traxxas RC cars and whether they are the best. 

Ultimately only you can decide which make and model of RC car is best for you and just because a certain model is best for someone else doesn’t mean that you will want to buy it either. If at all possible do some testing of different models that are owned by friends and family so you can make a better decision which one you like the best.