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Is Traxxas Worth The Money?

Traxxas RC cars are generally known to be more expensive than other RC cars on the market. The prices of many of their products has actually had a lot of people wonder what’s the point in spending so much money on an RC car. The simple reason why Traxxas RC cars are so much more expensive than some of the generics is that Traxxas offers products of considerably higher quality. 

With Traxxas, you can be sure that your RC car will run and operate properly straight out of the box and will continue running great for years to come.  Traxxas produces premium ready-to-run RC cars that can be comfortably used by both beginners and advanced racers alike.

With that being said though does that make Traxxas vehicles worth their considerably higher cost? Is a Traxxas car worth it or should you get a cheaper generic. 

If you plan on being in the RC hobby for years to come then paying extra now to get a quality Traxxas vehicle is well worth the money. However if you are unsure if you will still be using RC cars a year from now then starting with a cheaper generic and moving up to a Traxxas once you are sure if you like the hobby is a good option. 

You certainly wouldn’t want to buy an expensive Traxxas model only to end up using it a couple of times before you get bored with the hobby in general so buying a generic cheap car for your first vehicle can be a great alternative.  If you are unsure about how much you like RC racing there is certainly no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on an RC car. 

In general Traxxas RC cars are certainly worth the money as you will spend much less on replacements, upkeep, etc. over time when compared to a cheaper model. 

To see a real review from someone who purchased a Traxxas RC car you can check out the video below. The specific model that is mentioned in the video can be found on Amazon by clicking here

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Why should you buy a Traxxas model?

Traxxas offers top-notch engineering, great performance, and excellent speed. Plus, they produce lots of cars that are powerful and rugged enough to withstand even the most difficult terrains. The thing is, Traxxas offers a lot more performance, durability, power, and speed than any other RC brand. So, yes, for the quality they offer, Traxxas is worth the money. Whether you want to race, bash, or simply just take your RC car in a park or woods, Traxxas always makes an excellent choice.

All Traxxas vehicles typically come ready-to-run and packed in a box, and all the user has to do is insert the batteries and get to racing! Traxxas also offers diversified products, opening the door for many possible customizations, although the RTR (ready to race) vehicles have very basic settings out of the box. 

Because of the quality that Traxxas offers, the brand has stayed a big and undefeated name in the world of RC car racing. Plus, the fact that their vehicles can be upgraded is another thing that many users love. Every part of a Traxxas car from the body kit to the electric components and the batteries can be upgraded to get the fullest potential out of the vehicle and allow you the freedom to change what you want. 

Traxxas produces some of the most durable RC cars on the market, saving users from having to replace their RC vehicle every other month. If you look at it, it’s better to make a one-time payment for a more expensive car than to replace a cheap one every few months. 

If you want to have all the fun while still having tons of durability, Traxxas gives you that.

Seeing as Traxxas produces really high-quality vehicles, it is clear why their prices are significantly higher than the prices of other brands. The thing is, Traxxas gives you many options, and with each one, you get good value for your money.

Reasons Why Traxxas Is Worth the Money 

For many years, Traxxas has stood tall among other RC car brands, and there’s a reason for this. Regardless of how their products are more expensive than other brands, Traxxas has still retained a plethora of loyal customers. Some of the reasons why people keep coming back to Traxxas and why they are worth the money are:

They offer top speed 

This is undoubtedly one of the most important things a racer wants in an RC car. 

Speed is a major part of the fun of RC racing, and Traxxas knows this. Unlike a lot of other RC cars, Traxxas cars offer very high speeds to make your fun complete. Not all vehicles on the RC car market provide as much speed as a racer would want but Traxxas makes sure that you are never short on speed! (check out this model with top speeds of over 100MPH!).

The motor of an RC car and its gears are two factors that may impact the speed of the car. Many Traxxas cars use high-quality brushless motors and that helps to make sure that you get the top speed you want. Brushless motors generally deliver the best speed on an RC car and Traxxas offers a wide range of brushless motor cars to choose from. Plus, they are such powerful cars that not even  tough terrain can slow them down. Also, seeing as the cars let you make adjustments to what you want, you can easily adjust the gears to suit your needs.

In addition, with Traxxas offering a variety of sizes, picking which one gives you your preferred speed is an easy thing. Smaller cars generally deliver more speed than bigger and heavier cars, and there are many small Traxxas options to choose from.

Their cars are durable 

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a car that is only going to be with you for a brief period of time before needing to be replaced. Traxxas is very much on top of its game when it comes to this. They produce some of the most durable RC cars available on the market. 

Traxxas has, over the years, been able to ensure that their customers have been satisfied with the durability of their RC products. When you’re using a Traxxas, it doesn’t matter what kind of beating it takes on rough terrain; it’s likely going to survive. 

Both beginners and advanced racers are comfortable using these cars because whether you’re bashing or racing, your Traxxas will survive to run another day and Traxxas cars are made to survive even the toughest terrains. 

Are you a beginner who just wants to bash and learn how the whole RC thing works? Traxxas will work for you. Are you an advanced racer who wants to get in a competition? Traxxas will still work for you too!

They deliver top performance

In the world of RC car racing, performance is everything. Having an RC car that does not deliver good performance is the same as not having an RC car at all, it’s just disappointing!  

Traxxas RC cars come with adjustable toe angles, chambers, adjustable ride heights, tunable suspensions, adjustable rear wings, and multiple shock locations to let you easily tweak the vehicle so as to get better performance. Traxxas makes sure that you’re not just stuck with the settings out of the box. You can adjust for better performance if you don’t like what you’re already getting.  

They offer good control

When you’re racing your RC car, it is important that you have sufficient control to safely steer the car in the right direction. You don’t want to lose control of your RC vehicle easily, or for it to go in a direction you did not intend for it to go. Control is a very important factor when it comes to RC racing, and every racer wants a car that provides that. If you want to have an RC car that gives you good control, Traxxas is a brand to trust.


Over the years, Traxxas has produced many top-notch RC cars that barely any other brand has been able to compete with. While they may be expensive, their products give you good value for your money when you realize that their cars are built to last, have great speed, performance, and also control.