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RC Crawler VS Monster Truck, Which Is Better And Why?

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Many people around the world love RC vehicles. Some love to use them in their house or backyard while others take them to race courses and try and be the best of the best. Of course one thing that makes the RC hobby difficult is the fact that there are so many different types of cars to choose from so we decided to write this article to help you out a little bit. 

RC crawlers and monster trucks are similar in many ways including how far off the ground they are as well as the sizes are normally similar as well. However one big difference between the two is speed! Most monster trucks will be able to run at much higher speeds while RC crawlers are designed to be slower but able to climb much better. 

Whether RC crawlers or monster trucks are better really comes down to how you plan on using them and personal preference. In our opinion the RC monster truck is better because of its style and higher top speeds. 

If you typically don’t try to go fast with your RC vehicles then you might feel like the slower speeds of the RC crawler is no big deal but again that comes down to personal preference. 

If you like to go fast but the terrain you typically drive on is very hilly or rocky or you simply enjoy driving on those terrains then you have a conundrum on your hands. For faster driving the monster truck is better but for climbing steep hills or rocks the crawler is better so the decision might be hard in this case. 

Ultimately you have to look at all the pros and cons of both of these types of vehicles and then decide which one suits your needs the best despite its pros and cons. No RC car is perfect for everyone which is why they make so many different types of vehicles so you should take the time to look at each one and then make the decision for yourself. 

To see a comparison of a rock crawler vs a monster truck you can check out the video below. Although this is only a small representation of both of these vehicles it might help you make a better decision. 

Now that you’ve seen them both in action let’s take a little closer look at each of these models so you can make a more informed decision about which one is best for you. 

What is an RC crawler?

Now that we have got some information about some of the pros and cons of both monster trucks and RC crawlers we need to take a better look at rock crawlers and what they are best used for. 

This is indeed an important step before you do any kind of comparison as to properly compare two items you really need to know all about each of them. 

As the name suggests, an RC crawler is basically those designed versions of cars which can easily climb up rocks and be driven through the roughest terrain. Over the years, the term “crawling” has expanded a lot and is not confined to rock piles only. Now, the term encompasses the trail digs, the rock racers and even the rock crawlers.

The term “rock crawling” mainly includes getting your vehicle over very difficult terrain and in order to facilitate this, you will likely require an RC vehicle that is specifically designed to handle the terrain without flipping or without having other issues while climbing. 

The term “Rock Racing” is considered to be one of the most popular full-scale racing sports and although there are several different styles of rock racing available the main gist is that an RC rock crawler combines features like off-road speed and capability of surpassing difficult obstacles like mud, noise etc with ease. For example, the trail rigs can easily climb over rocks just like a mountain goat but cannot function as a competitive machine. Therefore, these vehicles are usually driven in those places where RC cars normally never dare to go.

RC crawlers can handle terrain, mud, etc. that no other RC vehicle would be able to which is why they are still a popular choice for many people. 

What is an RC monster truck?

We all have probably seen monster truck shows on television or in person at a state fair or similar venue.  Not only this, but some of us even have the RC versions of monster trucks kept in the garage or ones that we use on a regular basis for racing or bashing. 

The full size monster trucks are usually highly-customized versions of vehicles which come pre-equipped with oversized tires. They are highly reputed for bringing about destruction and can do a lot of other jobs than crushing cars completely.

Basically, monster trucks are those types of vehicles which resemble pick-up trucks to a great extent. They come well-equipped with large, gigantic wheels and are usually owned by a team. In competitive shows, they can also be piloted by a group of professional drivers. Monster trucks usually consist of a heavy framework as well as having huge, oversized wheels which are capable of traversing rough terrain including the tops of normal sized cars! 

They may also include a tubular chassis along with a four-link suspension that provides at least four feet of ground clearance. 

They may also come pre-equipped with fiberglass bodies and these fiberglass bodies are in turn attached to the chassis separately. Also when they happen to get damaged, they can be easily replaced or removed. In monster trucks, the engines are generally installed behind the driver and they come supercharged which provides the required boost.

Of course RC monster trucks cannot squash full sized cars but since they are typically designed to scale and to look like real monster trucks virtually everything else is the same except size. RC monster trucks are designed to be used over rough terrain and while they can’t climb like a rock crawler they can easily handle large boulders or even muddy conditions very well because of their high ground clearance. 

Which are better RC crawlers or monster trucks and why?

In my opinion, the RC monster trucks are considerably better than the RC crawlers since the RC monster truck excels in terms of speed. Their huge, monstrous and gigantic tires are highly capable of driving the truck at high speeds and they can also handle terrain that is similar to what RC crawlers can. 

Although RC  crawlers can handle climbing up steep rocks much easier than a monster truck, that is really the only time where an RC crawler is better.

Also, in terms of strength, the monster truck again triumphs over the RC crawler. It showcases huge power and because of its large tires gets plenty of grip to put that power to the ground. 

If you want your monster truck to climb up rocky terrains, then it could be pretty difficult for it. It’s bulky and large size makes it incapable of climbing up a rocky hill if the rocks are too big or the hill is too steep. In this case, rock crawlers can definitely help. They are built with the best suspension and have a lightweight frame thereby, pushing them upwards while climbing up a hill.

Ultimately only you can decide which RC vehicle is best for how you will most often use it but for most people the RC monster truck will work far better in more situations.