The 5 Best RC Helicopters With Long Battery Life

The 5 Best RC Helicopters With Long Battery Life

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On a general note, RC Helicopters rarely have long battery life. At most, many RC helicopters deliver 15-20 minutes of runtime, and then it’s done. Regardless, RC Helicopters are an incredibly fun hobby for anyone who wants to fly without even getting in the air. 

There are many different types of RC helicopters available on the market for you to choose from. While we’ve established that RC helicopters rarely have a super long battery life, we’re going to review some of the best helicopters available, and that offer a decent level of battery life while still not breaking the bank. 

Blade 230 S V2

Whether you’re an advanced pilot or just a beginner, the Blade 230 S V2comes with just the perfect features for you to have an exciting time flying. With three different progressive flight modes, beginners can easily pick this model up, and advanced pilots can fine-tune their skills.

The Stability mode works perfectly for beginners, and it comes with self-leveling and a bank angle limit to prevent crashing and destroying your helicopter. The Agility mode is for mid-level pilots, and it provides full control over the helicopter. The 3D model, which is included for advanced users, offers you the opportunity to barrel roll and even do some crazy maneuvers. Plus, you can use the panic button to level out and prevent crashing.

The composite frame of the Blade 230 S ensures that it is very strong and can withstand a crash if that happens as you learn the controls. The tail and blades are made of the same material, so there’s no worry about snapping them or breaking an integral piece.

All in all, the Blade 230 S V2 will give you good value for your money as it also delivers a good runtime but since the battery is sold separately your exact runtime will vary based on which battery you choose. Whether you’re a beginner, or an advanced pilot really doesn’t matter, there’s definitely something for you here. What’s best is that you don’t have to worry about crashing since it comes with a panic button to prevent that.

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If it does actually crash, trust the durable body to protect your flying buddy.

To learn more about this model as well as read the reviews on Amazon simply click here

Cheerwing S107

Many people who are on a budget may find it difficult to purchase an RC helicopter because of the high prices of most of them. But, the Cheerwing S107 steps out of that line and delivers very good value for a very affordable price. 

Now, you don’t have to break the bank to own a good RC helicopter. Designed with a metal, durable frame, this helicopter is set to take many crashes and still survive. For this reason, it is great for beginners who are just learning the ropes of flying or for a child to get them used to flying an RC helicopter. 

While this helicopter is designed for indoor flying, you can also fly it outside as long as you have a clear, windless day. At night, you can fly this helicopter with the LED lights that help keep track of it.

Despite being incredibly affordable, this RC helicopter offers up to 6 minutes of runtime and will make such a great option for beginners, especially those who want to be adventurous.  

You can see the current price for this model on Amazon here

Blade E-flite mCX2

This one comes ready-to-fly right out of the box, and this one thing makes it even an excellent gift option. There’s no need to assemble pieces or even charge the unit as these have already been done for you. The Blade E-flite mCX2 also comes in a small, versatile design and offers high speed as well as ease of use.

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Everything you need to successfully fly this helicopter is right there in the box; the charger, your controller batteries, and, definitely, the helicopter itself. This RC helicopter weighs a little less than an ounce and comes with settings that make it easy for the user to either move faster or slower, depending on what they want and how skilled they are. 

Because it is very light, this helicopter is best used indoors, and this is obvious if you also consider that its light body cannot survive falls. But, on a not-windy day, flying it outside might not be such a bad thing. 

The flight time on this model varies a bit based on various conditions and how you fly  but most people report it at 7-10 minutes. 

You can get more specifics about this model by clicking here. 

Blade Scout CX

Here’s another indoor helicopter that weighs just half an ounce. It is zippy, easy to operate, and comes with excellent controls making it a great option for pilots who have been flying for only a short while and who do not have a lot of room.

The Blade Scout CX also comes ready to fly right out of the box, and this makes it a great gift option and an excellent option for beginners too. It comes with very precise controls that make it easy to dodge obstacles when flying, and also easy for beginners and kids to use. 

Because of its lightweight and small size, however, it is not very sturdy, and it is not super durable.

Again this model has a flight time of 5-7 minutes but that can vary based on how you fly it. Learn more about this model on Amazon here

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Syma S109G

Here is a realistic RC helicopter also designed to fly indoors. Its and steady controls ensure that it is a great option for kids and beginners too. It also comes designed with a durable frame to make sure that it will survive quite a number of falls and do just fine.

The Syma S109G charges with the use of a USB cord, while the remote control makes use of 6 AA batteries. The downside of this helicopter is that while it offers about 10-15 minutes of flying time, it does take up to a whole hour to charge fully. Now, while this helicopter is designed for indoor flying, if it’s a perfectly still day outside, you might want to try flying it outdoors too.

You can learn more about this RC helicopter on Amazon by clicking here. 


All the helicopters on this list come with excellent features to excite any fun-loving pilot. While they each have their downsides as is the case with almost all RC helicopters, these ones definitely offer good value for your money. Very importantly, they all come with good batteries, which can provide you with a decent amount of flying time to maximize your fun.

Obviously having only 10-15 minutes or shorter of flight time seems pretty short especially compared to drones or RC cars use time but there is much more concentration required with flying an RC helicopter so most of the time after concentrating hard for 10-15 minutes you will be ready for a break too. 

While we have already noted that these helicopters, just like many others on the market, cannot offer super long flying times, they actually still offer decent lengths of time for you to have fun in the air. 

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