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The Best RC Cars For Using At A Skatepark

If you have a skatepark near you and have seen people using their RC cars there then you probably have wondered which RC cars are the best ones to use at a skatepark. Afterall, you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on an RC car and then destroy it because it wasn’t designed to be used on ramps and such. 

There are quite a few different models that you can use at a skatepark (we will mention a few below) but there are also some things that you should consider about any specific model that you are looking at before you decide to buy it. 

Some things you should consider when buying an RC car for using at a skatepark are:

  • Top Speeds
  • Ground Clearance
  • Durability
  • Ease of repair

There are of course others besides these four things but these are the most important in our opinion and will help you decide which RC car you should buy for using at a skatepark. 

To see the most popular RC cars to use anywhere and everywhere just click here.

HYPER GO H16DR 1:16 Scale Ready to Run 4X4 Fast Remote Control Car, High Speed Big Jump RC Monster Truck, Off Road RC Cars, 4WD All Terrain RTR RC Truck with 2 LiPo Batteries for Boys and Adults

A good RC car doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This 1/16 scale model is 4WD and can reach a top speed of almost 30 MPH!

With speeds like that and 4WD you can take this RC car almost anywhere!

Top Speeds

Many skateparks will have a lot of wide open spaces where you can really get your RC car going. If your car has a super low top speed then these open spaces won’t be as fun as it will if you have a faster vehicle. 

We recommend finding an RC car that has a top speed of over 25mph to ensure that your car doesn’t feel sluggish when you are driving it across those flatter areas. 

If you are unsure how fast you want your RC car to be then head out to the skatepark and when you see someone using an RC that you like the speed of just ask them what their make and model is. You can then hop online and find out that model’s top speed and search for other cars in that speed range. 

Ground Clearance

This is something that you might not even consider if this is the first time that you have bought an RC car for jumping or doing tricks. You will want your Rc car to be set a good amount off the ground to ensure that the entire underside doesn’t get scraped up when you are jumping it or even landing. 

If you plan on jumping your RC car or doing other tricks with it at the skatepark then you will most likely want to get a vehicle with good suspension and a good amount of ground clearance to ensure that the car doesn’t get damaged by jumping it. 


This is probably the biggest thing to consider and also one of the hardest to find out. The only way to know how durable a specific model is is to take the time to read a lot of reviews. 

We prefer to read the reviews for the models on Amazon or other similar stores to ensure that they are written by real people and not someone who is trying to sell you something. 

Another way to learn about the durability of a car is to go to your local hobby shop and ask around. Normally the more expensive the car is the more durable it will be but that isn’t always the case. 

Some expensive cars are made to race incredibly fast but are not durable at all if you crash them or land them wrong. Take the time to do plenty of good research and read a bunch of reviews for each model that you are considering. 

Ease of Repair

Since you will be using your RC car to jump, do tricks, etc. you will likely damage the vehicle at some point. When you are using your RC car at a skatepark you will want to make sure that if you crash it and a part gets damaged that it is easy for you to repair. 

Many manufacturers will have interchangeable parts that you can use to fix your car no matter which of their models you have. Being able to get the parts for cheap is also a good thing but if you have to hire someone to repair the car every single time it gets damaged that can add up fast. 

Find a car model with tons of instructional videos on Youtube or even websites that give you instructions on how to repair it so that you can easily do so if needed. 

Which RC car should you buy?

Now to the part that you have been waiting for, where we will give you are specific recommendations on which RC cars we prefer for use at skateparks. Each of these models mentioned below meet all of the four criteria mentioned above so deciding between them is really up to your preferences and what you think of the current prices and reviews. 

We’re going to take a look at some of the rugged RC cars that you can run through a statepark and still come back in one piece.

Traxxas Stampede

The first RC car that we will mention if you’re looking to get a skatepark basher is the Traxxas Stampede. The Traxxas Stampede has the capacity to deal with a good amount of the abuse that a skatepark would put it through. 

Electric trucks are always a better option because nitro trucks would very likely have to deal with some expensive damages so the electric Stampede is a great choice. 

The Stampede (pictured above) is a 2WD model but you can also choose from other Traxxas Stampede models with 4WD or better engines or stats if you want to spend a little bit of extra money. This RC car has some excellent reviews on Amazon and is made by Traxxas which is one of the best manufacturers of RC cars currently on the market. 

You can check out the reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

You can also watch a video review of the Stampede below. 

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HPI Racing Jumpshot

The HPI Racing Jumpshot has a twin aluminum plate chassis. This truck comes with a 2.4GHz Radio System and is RTR (ready to race). When it comes to strength and durability, this truck is legendary and comes loaded with exciting features. Its power, ingenious design, and incomparable performance makes it a great choice for use in skateparks.

It is fully equipped with a better radio, better handling and it looks even nicer. When tender racing parts can’t do it, or the landscape is simply too dreadful for pure-bred race vehicles, the HPI Jumpshot steps right in. You can trust the HPI Jumpshot to give you the best fun moments when you head out to race in a skatepark. 

It’s designed to handle the most brutal environments ever and seeing as it’s designed to be durable, it can deal with these tough terrains without breaking at all. The wheels of this truck come with fat, bulky treads to handle any type of landscape; wet or dry, mud or asphalt. 

With the power of this truck, the HPI Jumpshot’s jumping ability is second to none.  If you’ve been looking for an RC car that can take the heat of a skate park, you probably just found one.

There aren’t as many reviews for this truck as for the Traxxas mentioned above so it would be a good idea to read those reviews and then watch a few videos or check at your local hobby shop to see what they think of the model. 

You can read all about this model on Amazon here

You can see a video review of the Jumpshot below. 

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Traxxas Slash 4×4 

The Traxxas Slash 4×4 is another RC car that sets the pace for power and durability. Its innovative features like the modular chassis design, the Traxxas Stability management, and the ultra-efficient shaft drive ensure that this RC car is easily one of your very best options. 

Designed to powerfully take tough beatings, the Traxxas Slash should be one of your first thoughts when you’re considering skatepark racing. It comes with the Velineon brushless power system, and its 3500 brushless motor, as well as its VXL-3s electronic speed control, come together to give you top-notch torque and power to go with its ability to pump out dirt chewing. 

The Traxxas Stability Management it includes is just the thing you need to keep your control at very high levels, especially on difficult terrains like those of a skatepark. Even if you’re a new driver, this RC is designed to let you develop your control skills and get good before unlocking the full power of your Traxxas model. 

All you need to do is press a button, and you can limit full-throttle power to about 50%. Plus, with the training mode included, you can easily hand the transmitter over to your friend even if they’ve never driven an RC car.

Be warned, this RC car has top speeds of 60mph+ so you have to be careful not to go too fast up the ramps or you might crash your new RC car! 

This car has tons of great reviews that you can find on Amazon here.

You can also watch a video of it in action below. 

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Hosim 1/10 Scale RC Truck

This model is the least expensive one that we have on here and it is made by a brand that you might not have heard of before. However, it has a great price and awesome reviews and is a good choice for someone who isn’t looking to pay the price for the better Traxxas models. 

This RC car comes with everything pictured above and has a top speed of almost 30mph which is plenty fast for skatepark usage. 

This model comes with oil filled metal shocks and has 2 motors and 2 batteries to help achieve some pretty decent performance. 

Reliability and durability is an issue with this model but since it is so much cheaper than the other top of the line models we wanted to mention it to give you a little bit more budget friendly option. 

 This truck is great for off-roading as well so you can use it for just about anything whether at the skatepark or just driving around a normal park. 

Some of the reviews on Amazon have videos of the truck in use so be sure and check those out as well to see if this model will work for you. You can find the item by clicking here

You can also watch a full video review below. 

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Hopefully this article has answered your questions about which RC cars are the best for using at a skatepark. All of the above models are great and there are tons of generics on the market that can work just fine too as long as you keep the four things mentioned at the beginning of the article in mind when purchasing them. 

Happy Racing!