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What Age Are Remote Control Cars Best For?

Are you looking for a remote control car but not sure what kind to get or what age range they are good for? Maybe you have been looking at remote control cars for a while but notice that they all have different age ranges on them and you’re not sure what age they are the best for? Well in this article we will go over everything we need to know about remote control cars and what age they are the best for. 

So what age are remote control cars best for?

Although there are different remote control cars that are for different age ranges, the best age for a remote control car is anyone that is 5+. There is also no age limit on remote control cars as even adults love them! 

If you want to see the best remote control cars for every age group, you can look at them by clicking here

If you want to know more about remote control cars and the appropriate ages, you want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video to learn about the top 5 fastest and best remote control cars that are for sale.

HYPER GO H16DR 1:16 Scale Ready to Run 4X4 Fast Remote Control Car, High Speed Big Jump RC Monster Truck, Off Road RC Cars, 4WD All Terrain RTR RC Truck with 2 LiPo Batteries for Boys and Adults

A good RC car doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This 1/16 scale model is 4WD and can reach a top speed of almost 30 MPH!

With speeds like that and 4WD you can take this RC car almost anywhere!

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Remote control cars

When you go to purchase a remote control car you may have quite a few questions about them. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that there are different sizes of remote control cars and different varieties. You will also notice that there are different age ranges on certain remote control cars as well as more expensive ones and cheaper ones. Because there are so many options this is where many people get confused and will normally just close your eyes and pick one or decide not to buy one. 

If you’re looking for a remote control car you’ll want to do careful research to know which ones are going to last and which ones are cheaply made and going to break after just a few uses. You will also want to know if your remote control car should be faster or if it should have more torque. Both of these are questions that depend upon where the remote control car will be used. 

Most remote control cars today are all-terrain vehicles which can be used on concrete as well as dirt and grass and rocks. There are some remote controlled vehicles that are specifically designed to climb rocks or go up steep hills while other remote control cars are specifically designed for racing on concrete. 

Once you know where the item will be used you can decide what remote control car is best to purchase. Most of the time kids and teenagers will use the remote control cars in their backyards or on the road in front of their house. This is why most people normally just get a vehicle that works good in the grass as well as on the concrete. This is one of the best remote control cars that does good on grass as well as on the concrete. The coolest thing about this car is the fact that it is 4×4 and can go 30MPH! 

What is the age range for remote control cars?

Remote control cars are always fun to play with and are good for almost any age. Obviously giving a remote control car to a baby or someone that does not understand the idea of them will not do any good. By the time a child is normally four or five years old though they normally have an understanding of remote control cars and can play with them on their own. If you are purchasing a remote control car for someone that is just starting out with them you will want to buy an easy to understand car like this one

Best remote control car for age 3-5

Although not many people will buy their 3 to 5-year-olds remote control cars, there are a few that are available that are fun for them to play with that are also inexpensive. Obviously they will not move very fast as they are only designed for kids that are 3 to 5 years old. These remote control cars are fun for them and will make them light up when they unwrap them. If you want to get the best remote control car for someone that is 3-5, you can find them here! 

Best remote control car for age 6-8

If you were getting a remote control car for someone in this age range you will probably want to look at a car that does flips and tricks as this is a lot of fun! These cars have come out in the last couple of years and unlike normal RC cars when they flipped upside down they are still able to drive in function as though they are right side up. They will work on all sorts of terrain, and or even fun to be played inside as they can do flips and tricks in the middle of the floor. This is the best remote control car for anyone ages 6 to 8. 

Best remote control car for age 9-12

When kids begin to get older their wants and needs begin to change. That is why the remote control car for kids this age is a lot bigger and better than previous ones. These cars not only were good indoors but are specifically designed for outdoors to be raised and played with on a grassy area or on the sidewalk or road. Top speed for these vehicles are normally around 15 miles an hour and they are four-wheel-drive! If you are looking for the best car for kids in this age group, you can find it here

Best remote control car for age 13 and up

When you are looking for an RC car for a teenager he will want something that is fast and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. You want it to be fast as well as have great control while they are driving. There are many different remote control cars available that are fast, but this is the best one for the best price! It can go 30MPH and creates 20,000 revs per minute! 

Best remote control car for adults. 

If you are like me, then you know many people that are adults but still love to play with remote control cars. They are a lot of fun and make great gifts for those that are a kid at heart! Well the remote control car that can go 30 miles an hour is fun for a teenager and adult wants something that is bigger and better. This car can do 50MPH without any problem and will blow your mind when you are driving it. If you want pure speed though and money is not an option, you will want to buy this holy grail of remote controlled cars. This car can do 0-60 in 2.3 seconds, and can travel over 100MPH! 


Now that you know all the different remote control cars and which ones are the best for what ages you can clearly see that picking a remote control car is not that hard. You also now know that they make different remote control cars for children of all ages but the normal remote control cars that they sell at the store are best for anyone the age of five and older. Now that you know all this information you can just simply purchase your remote control car and wait for the smile on the kids or adults face when they open the package!