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What Are The Best RC Cars For Asphalt?

RC cars are quite popular, especially with those who grew up playing with them and want to share the same fun with their children. Whether you are an adult or a child, the love for these RC cars never seems to go away. 

One of the main issues with RC cars is that there are quite simply so many different types, brands, and styles to choose from. If you were to go to a hobby shop or go to an online website that sells RC cars you would find a virtually endless supply of different models. 

This can be especially difficult if you are looking for an RC car for a specific purpose or to use in a specific place such as on asphalt. In this article we will give you some specific information on what to look for when buying an RC car and when you are specifically looking for one to use on asphalt. 

The best RC car for use on asphalt is one that will go as fast as possible. Since there are no obstacles to go around or nothing to climb over the faster the RC car the better which is why we love the Traxxas XO-1 for asphalt use. 

The Traxxas XO-1 (found here) is not an RC car for beginners as it has a top speed of over 100mph! This RC car is also quite expensive and is honestly one of the most expensive RTR RC cars on the market. 

If you don’t feel like you need speeds that fast or aren’t looking to spend a ton of money then honestly you can use virtually any RC car on asphalt. Our personal preference is to use the faster models and avoid the slower buggy’s or other off road style vehicles since you won’t be climbing over obstacles. 

If you are planning on always using your RC car on asphalt then you will likely want me that is close to the ground and designed for better aerodynamics but for most people it isn’t as simple as that. Just because you are using your RC car on asphalt right now doesn’t mean that you won’t take it to the park in a couple of months! 

A perfect mix of both speed and being able to be used off road is the Traxxas Slash (found here). It has a top speed of 60mph (crazy huh) while still being perfect for off road use as it is 4wd and has plenty of ground clearance as well. 

These are quite cool and each one model has great features of their own which makes them unique. One thing that must not be ignored is that their performance may vary depending on the type of surface they are being used on. All RC cars (including the Traxxas Slash) will go much faster on pavement than on dirt or sand. 

If you are all about speed then staying on the asphalt is a good idea.

What to look for in an RC car when driving on asphalt

Before you buy any RC car whether for use on asphalt or any other surface you will want to make sure that you invest your money in the one which offers good value for the money. Following are some brands which are certainly worth the money and will last you a good long time. 

  • Traxxas
  • Redcat
  • Tamiya 
  • Losi

These are just some of the brands you should look at as they offer great quality cars that will last for years. There are many generics on the market (especially online at places like Amazon) but if you want an RC car that will last you a long time one of these brands will serve you well. 

When looking to buy the best RC car for use on asphalt there are a few features that you will want to make sure that any RC car you choose will have. 

Those features are:


Any RC car that you plan on using on asphalt must have a durable body. Durability is quite important as because of the hardness of the asphalt, the car may be more prone to damage if it jumps or bounces hard. 

You should only look at RC cars and brands which offer high durability. Also, you must check the car for any prior damages if you are buying used as a cracked body can easily break when it hits hard pavement.

With a durable body, not only will the life of the RC car increase but also the racing experience will be much better. 

Tough and Fast

Its body must be tough and have the ability to handle any kind of damage. Its speed is another important factor to look for as it is the one which will help you in winning. 

Since you will be on asphalt you will reach the top speeds of the RC car much more often than when you are driving through grass or other terrain. It is a good idea to try the RC car at least once before buying it to ensure it is fast enough and won’t make you lose the race. 

It must have a good motor and tons of power which will ensure that the car is a good one.

Ability to Climb

You will want to get an RC car that has enough torque where it can easily handle any hills that you might encounter while driving along. It must be able to climb the hill quickly and without getting stuck because of low power. You can ensure that an RC car is able to handle hills by checking its motor or by simply test driving one from a friend. 

Most RC cars made by reliable brands (such as those mentioned above) won’t have any issues getting you up hills but cheaper toy grade models might have issues. 

Why choose an RC car?

There are many benefits if you decide to get an RC car. Yes, you read that right. Getting a remote control car is quite beneficial for yourself, your children, and virtually anyone. 

We will take a quick look at some of the benefits of RC cars below. 

Improved hand eye coordination

This is one of the basic functions but a quite important one for sure. With an RC car, your child will learn how to coordinate between what they see and the muscles in their hands. He or she may take some time to develop this but it will likely help them with sports and even jobs in the future as well! 

Promotes outdoor activity

When your child goes out to play with his/her friends, it will promote physical activity. It may also make getting new friends a little easier for your child. With an RC car, they can also conduct races which can create healthy competition for them.

It won’t just help with outdoor activity for kids either. It can be great for adults. Many of us (myself included) don’t move a whole lot for work so spending the evening or weekend outside walking or running around chasing an RC car will be good for your health too. 

Better Bonding

Using an RC car will help in bringing out the child inside you. While teaching your child how to operate it, you can have a great time with your family. Sharing tricks will also turn out to be a great way of improving bonding with your friends and family. 

Factors to consider when buying an RC car

There are a few things that you must make sure are there in the RC car you are about to buy. Without these present, it likely won’t be worth the cost. You must go through these all carefully so that you make a more informed decision. This will also help in getting great value for your money.

Go for a Trusted Brand

As mentioned above there are many companies in the market that offer RC cars. It is important that you ensure the brand is trusted and popular. Although the cars by these better brands may be a little more expensive they will be worth the money as you won’t have to run again and again to get broken parts repaired. 

Quality will be ensured in the better brands. 

Model of Car

There are many different models of RC cars available in the market and each offer different features. Each of them is suitable for a different kind of environment and where you will use it at. It is important that you go through all the different scenarios where you might use your RC car before making a final decision. The car you go for must suit your requirements. 

Type of car

There are two main types of RC cars available. Those are the electric (battery powered) or nitro (nitro fuel powered). The main difference between these two types of RC cars is how they are powered. 

With nitro fueled vehicles you will get a much more authentic experience since it has an actual motor and fuel. It will sound a lot like a normal car but will also need more maintenance and upkeep. 

The battery powered car can go faster than a nitro model but you can only go for a short period of time before having to change batteries or recharge them. With nitro engines you simply have to refuel and you can get back to racing immediately whereas with battery powered cars you cannot. 

For most people it is better to start with a battery powered model as they are simpler and require much less maintenance. Once you have been in the hobby for a while then you can purchase a nitro fuel vehicle to see if you prefer it. 


As you can see from this article there are many different factors that go into whether an RC car is good in general and is good for use on asphalt. 

In our opinion if you plan on using your car regularly on asphalt it is better to buy a vehicle such as the Traxxas Slash (found here) that has a good top speed while also being able to be used off road if you choose.