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What Is A Brushless RC Boat?

If you are in the market for an RC boat then you have probably come across those that say that they are brushed or brushless. Unfortunately finding information about what exactly that means is difficult so that is why I am writing this article! 

By the end of this article not only should you know what a brushless RC boat is but also what the difference is between brushed and brushless motors when used on an RC boat.

Brushless RC boats are simply RC boats that have brushless motors. A brushless motor is of better quality than a brushed one and will also provide more power for a longer period of time. 

Because brushless motors are better quality and provide better power and acceleration they will also normally cost you more than a brushed motor will. That in turn will mean that an RC boat with a brushless motor will normally be more expensive than one with a brushed motor as well. 

Brushless motors can also last a very long time with no needed maintenance which is another huge plus for them vs brushed ones. 

To learn more about brushed vs brushless motors for RC boats and vehicles check out the video below. 

How do you choose a brushless motor for your RC boat?

If you have an old RC boat or you are wanting to change from a brushed to a brushless motor then knowing how to choose a good motor is vitally important. 

There are many different brushless RC boat motors that you can choose from but you will want one that is the same size and will work with the batteries and other components that you already have. 

Imagine if you will, that you have a little moped bike that you ride around town and you want to upgrade the motor to go a little faster. You wouldn’t want to put a 5.7L V8 into your moped as it would probably end up killing it or you! 

The same type of thing is true with your RC boat. Obviously it wouldn’t kill you if you put the wrong size motor in it but it won’t work right with the other components of the RC boat and you will likely end up destroying something. 

You will want to find a brushless motor that is not only one from a good brand and with good reviews but you will also want one that is compatible with your batteries, boat, etc. 

It is also important to remember that sometimes it is cheaper to simply go out and buy a new RC boat with a brushless motor than it is to replace the motor that you currently have on your model. This is especially true if the brushed motor you have is still working as you can sell your current RC boat and then put that money towards a new one. 

A popular brushless motor for RC boats can be found on Amazon here

Best brushless motor for RC boat

As mentioned earlier there are a lot of different options when it comes to brushless motors for your RC boat so determining which one is the best is actually quite difficult. 

The best brushless motor that you can get for your RC boat is one that will actually work! You can buy the best brand and the best quality motor but if it doesn’t work with the rest of your boat it is a waste. 

If you check the manual for your RC boat it should give you the specifics of the different parts of your boat including the current motor. When replacing the motor you will want to make sure that the new one that you buy is compatible with the boat that you own. 

I could buy the best quality motor that is designed to last a lifetime but if it won’t actually work with my RC boat then it won’t do any good! Check out the specs that are required to be compatible with your boat and only buy a motor that will work with it. 

If you are unsure or can’t find your manual then your best option is to take your RC boat into a local hobby shop and ask them what options they have for upgrading or replacing the motor with a brushless one. You will normally pay a little more when buying from a local hobby shop but it is well worth it in saving you the headache of ordering the wrong thing over and over again if you don’t know what motor you need. 

What is an RC boat ESC?

Now that we have covered a little bit about what a brushless RC boat is as well as covered some information about brushless motors lets take a quick look at what an ESC is on an RC boat. 

On an RC boat ESC stands for Electronic Speed Control. This piece of technology controls the power of the batteries that is sent to the motor which in turn controls how fast or slow your RC boat is going. 

Since the ESC essentially tells the motor how fast or slow to run the ESC is a vital part of your RC boat as without it your motors would not get power at all or the proper power from the batteries. 

Most of the time the ESC is waterproof on RC boats but sometimes it is just splash proof because it is far enough away from the waterline. With all electronics you will want to be careful to not submerge them in water even if they are waterproof as often that waterproofing will only last a certain period of time before allowing water in. 

Can you use RC boats in saltwater?

If you happen to live near the ocean you might be wanting to learn about RC boats because you are interested in using one on the ocean, but can you? Can you use an RC boat in saltwater or will it damage it? 

You can use your RC boat in saltwater but you will need to clean it thoroughly after each use with warm soapy water to prevent the salt from eating away at your boat. 

If you have a freshwater pond or lake that you can use your RC boat on instead then that is a better option as that will keep your RC boat from possibly being eaten away by the salt. 

If you have ever lived in a place with cold and icy winters you will see older cars that are rusting away. That damage has been caused by salt on the roads getting on the cars and “eating” them! The same thing will happen to your RC boat if you do not carefully and thoroughly clean it after every use in saltwater. 


I hope that this article has been helpful to you in answering some of your questions about RC boat motors and RC boats in general. Using an RC boat can be tons of fun especially if you get a brushless model that is more powerful and faster than those with brushed motors. 

Ultimately only you can decide whether spending the extra money on a brushless motor is worthwhile or not but for most people the fact that it produces more power and acceleration while requiring less maintenance and lasting longer makes the extra money up front worth it.