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What Is A Virtual RC Car?

As we know there has been a massive wave of technology that has taken over our society especially in recent years. Among all the other fields that have clearly seen a massive development due to technology, gaming has also experienced a lot of changes. In the earlier days, gaming was restricted to video games in giant cabinets, however, now with the advancements of technology and with the creativity of video game creators, virtual gaming and real time gaming has become all the rage among today’s generation.

One such advancement that has taken place because of the technology and love for gaming is virtual RC racing but what exactly is it and how does it work? 

Virtual RC cars allow the user to virtually sit behind the wheel of an RC car and race it around the house, park, etc. Often the players will even sit inside of a miniature go kart like vehicle to make the experience as real as possible. 

The main difference between virtual RC games and virtual racing games is that in the virtual RC world you will be playing as a small vehicle driving around a house or other locations vs a regular virtual racing game you will be seen as “normal sized”. 

In the rest of this article we will talk more about virtual RC cars and RC racing. However, before we get into that specific topic, it’s important that you first understand what an RC is. 

RC stands for remote control and as the name suggests it means that the device can be controlled remotely with the help of a controller. Virtual RC is just the virtual version of the RC car hobby which means that you can control your gadget virtually. If you are a person who as a combined love for RC cars and virtual games then this is definitely for you.

What Is A Virtual RC Car?

Basically a Virtual RC car provides you with an immersive experience by putting you in the driver’s seat of an RC vehicle. In mainstream racing, you still control your car with the help of a remote control but with Virtual RC cars you really get to be IN the game. 

How does a virtual RC car do that? 

Virtual RC cars are usually equipped with a Vision Tracking System or VTS which is attached to the dashboard of the RC car. The footage that this camera records is broadcasted on a pair of LCD goggles giving you a first person view of the road that your RC car is driving on. 

The Best Audio System

The best part of virtual RC cars is that they come equipped with a highly functional stereo system which enables you to get a 360 degree feel of actual RC racing. Mainstream racing may stimulate you visually but with virtual RC racing you are stimulated not only with great visual effects but also with real time audio.

RC Gaming In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Speaking of the advantages of virtual RC gaming, we should consider another important point as well. Operating a mainstream RC would require you to get outside and control your car. While that might have its own advantages, with virtual RC cars you can enjoy gaming all from the comfort of your own home. 

While both may have limited frequencies, virtual RC cars usually have greater bandwidth due to more advanced features.

Different yet Similar To Mainstream RC Gaming

If you are sceptical of purchasing a virtual RC car set because you are used to the usual ways of RC gaming using a gyro, you need not worry anymore. With your virtual RC car, you will still be using gyros. However, their functionalities may differ depending upon their advanced features.

Hence as we can see RC virtual gaming is indeed quite different from mainstream gaming. This is perfect for a lazy day with friends when you just don’t feel like going outside and using your RC vehicle in the park or street. 

Now that we have talked about the benefits of virtual RC cars, let us get into the things you should remember before you purchase a virtual RC car set.

  1. Price Range: Virtual RC cars are usually a bit more expensive than the usual RC car sets due to the various advanced features that they have. However, it is a major misconception that only the priciest virtual RC cars will give you the highest satisfaction. Thanks to technology and the amazing creativity of RC car creators, the market is bursting with great quality, affordable virtual RC cars. However you should make sure you do proper research before you set out to purchase your virtual reality car set and be sure to carefully assess all of your options.
  1. Brand: For obvious reasons, you should always put quality before everything else. Buying your virtual reality RC car set from a well-established brand will assure you that the quality of your purchase is not compromised. Also the best brands provide a great guarantee policy which is an extremely important point to consider especially if you are a beginner at virtual RC gaming. This way even if you damage your virtual RC car you will still get the best value for your money.
  2. Type: Like mainstream RC cars, virtual RC car also come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and varieties. All have different specifications you can select from. Make sure you do your research and carefully select a virtual RC car that is perfect for you after considering things like difficulty level, controls etc.
  1. Terrain: Many people do not consider this an important point even though it vastly affects the longitivity and durability of your RC car. Even though you will be operating your virtual RC car from your home, your car will still be on the ground. If the roads where you live in are rugged and uneven, you might want to consider buying a virtual RC car with a long guarantee period.
  1. Maintenance: For obvious reasons, maintaining a virtual RC set takes more hard work when compared to mainstream RC cars. This is because maintenance of a virtual RC car would require you to take care of all parts of the set which includes the goggles, the cameras and the car. In addition to this, all parts may require frequent battery charging depending upon the frequency of their use. It is due to this reason that purchasing a virtual RC set may not be cost effective for many. The maintenance cost may be a heavy burden to bear.


We can say with certainty that virtual RC cars are indeed the rage these days considering the increasing interest of people with virtual gaming. Virtual gaming is not only more fun and comfortable, but also has its own benefits too. 

According to recent research, virtual gaming helps in enhancing cognitive function and also increases hand-eye coordination as well. Playing virtual games with your family is a great way to bond and improve your relationships as well. 

These are only a few of the many benefits of virtual gaming. If you are indeed the RC car fanatic you claim to be, and also have a knack for virtual gaming, get your virtual RC car today.